Hello there and Happy Tuesday!  I took a week off from blogging.  I think this is the first time I miss all 3 linkups (Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday).  My mind went blank for Tuesday and Friday’s linkups and then on Sunday I started to write my post but then was busy with my niece who is visiting from Mexico, so no post from me.  But here I am and hopefully will not miss many more linkups.

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How is it that we are already in July?  These past 6 months have gone by fast.  So many words to describe it along with many emotions to go with it.  Regardless, it was a good 6 months.  Let me tell you all about it.

Mileage:  Total is 503.03 miles. My goal to run this year is 1,200 miles.  I had a feeling I was not going to meet my goal and was thinking of changing it to 1000 miles.  However, I told myself that if by June 30th I’ve run at least 600, then I would leave it.  Someone told me that my mileage could increase during the Summer.  Well, time to change that goal.

Highest Mileage Month:  118.12 in June.  May was the 2nd highest with 111.79 miles.

Peloton: In November I paused my membership and renewed it in February.  I don’t know exactly how many classes I took since February, but I have reached a few milestones.

I was actually surprised that I made it to 5K minutes.  At the rate I am going then for sure I will get to 10K by then end of the year.

Current Challenge:  My running streak.  Today is day #312.  

Current Shoes:  Since January 1 I’ve run in the Launch 5 and Brooks Levitate 1.  

2021 Running Goal:  My new goal is to run 1,000 miles.  I am at 50 percent done with it with 503.03 miles.

Pain/aches/injury:  All was going well.  I had my usual aches/soreness but nothing painful.  On Friday during my run (I realize it was already July) I had some pain on my lower left leg.  I ran/walked the rest of the way home.  I knew I was in trouble.  Once home I made an appointment with a sports doctor for Friday.   I know better than to check Google but I did anyway.  Looks like it could be achilles tendonitis but I’ll know for sure on Friday.  I did a short run/walk (20 minutes) on Saturday and it wasn’t painful.  I did the same on Sunday and Monday (30 minutes) with hardly any pain.  I plan to continue doing this till Friday but might increase the time to 45 minutes.  

What am I looking forward to the next 6 months?  To run all of the miles!  Haha, JK.  Hopefully I get good news on Friday and can continue running.  I will be happy with at least running/walking.  Getting out in the morning is good for me.  I need it.

I also want to continue my run streak.  The stubborn runner in me does not want to stop.  I am so close to one year.  It will be one year in August.  Will I continue after?  Who knows?  I would like to train for a half marathon or maybe a marathon.  Also, I would like to incorporate cross training and strength classes to my schedule.  We’ll see.

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21 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My 2021 mid year review

  1. Congratulations on your run streak, Zenaida!
    I hope that you doctor’s visit on Friday will go well and that it won’t be Achilles tendonitis or similar.

    And it’s good to be flexible about annual goals – switching from 1’200 miles to 1’000 miles was a good idea!

    • Thanks, Catrina. It did go well and I will write about it in Sunday’s post. I am also glad I switched my goal to 1,000 miles. That number is more manageable.

  2. I definitely hope you get good news Friday, Zenaida! My Achilles is still an on & off thing, mostly off but then will randomly ache. Usually not while running.

    Your running streak has been amazing! I hope you make it to one year!

  3. Great job with the streak! I’ve been running a lot less due to the OCR training- it’s a lot more varied than any of my previous types of workouts, so I only run 2-3 days a week at the moment. The Peloton milestones are cool too- congrats! I miss my membership but I just don’t have time with all the other workouts I do each week.

  4. Taking some time off blogging at least once a year is always good. I find it always helps me to reset.

    Awesome job on miles for the year so far!

  5. Oh, I hope you’re able to continue your streak…so close to that anniversary!

  6. That’s an awesome streak and so close to ONE year, that is quite something! Really hoping your appointment with doc goes well! You’ve been so consistent with your blogging so a week off was well-deserved. Time off always helps me reset and come back stronger.

  7. Ugh, i know that feeling (too well.) When you said “I knew I was in trouble.” That moment when you realize the pain you’re feeling isn’t just a little niggle. BUT! I think it’s a really good sign that you’re able to run/walk without much pain. And you’re smart to go to the doctor right away- I always wait way too long with these things. Fingers crossed that everything is fine.
    Great job with your goals so far- adjusting to 1000 for the year was a good move. We all need to reassess and adjust sometimes!

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