This week went by fast.  Two nephews were in town visiting us which was fun.  I had not seen them in over 2 hours.  There was also a lot of driving done this week.  During the school year I drive 6 miles to work so about 12 mile each day.  One of my nephews stayed with my sister and mother so I went almost everyday to their condo to visit or to pick him up to go eat, etc.  By Saturday I was exhausted from the week’s activities.  

My runs went well.  However, my easy/recovery runs felt hard.  It could have been that I was tired from the previous day’s workout, the weather, or just plain tired.  I ran them slow and that was OK with me.

There are no hills close to me so my hill workout is to go up a ramp by the expressway.  I could drive to other locations for a real hill but for now this will do.  The ramp is .23 miles and it feels like an eternity.  I don’t know the exact elevation but it is quite a workout for me.  On Monday I ran up 3 times and was really tired by the last one.  Splits were 10:26, 10:27, and 10:07.  

On Saturday morning I took one of my nephews to the airport.  He had been out late the night before and I was also up late too so I could open the door for him.  By the time I dropped him off and was home, it was hot and I had no desire to run.  I stayed in bed pretty much all day.  I did get out around 5:45 but by then it was hot and humid (it had rained earlier).  It was awful.  I was supposed to run 7 miles but a short run is better than no run.

Sunday morning I slept in till 7 and it felt wonderful.  I drank coffee while checking email and waited for it to work its magic.  ๐Ÿ˜‰ By the time I got out it was almost 8 and it was already hot and sunny.  My 2 miles felt tough but I got it done.

We had some great food this week!  On Monday we had Home Run Inn Pizza and on Tuesday we had pozole.  On Thursday my nephews and I went to TzucoThe chef is from Guerrero, Mexico and that was mainly the reason we went there.  The place is nice and the food was good.  Even the bathrooms were nice!  They have this fancy hand soap, Aesop, and now I want to get a bottle.  We are planning to go again on Tuesday because another nephew will be visiting and wants to go there too.  Then on Friday we went to Little Village to eat gorditas at Aguascalientes.  << I forgot to take pictures.

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned how there was a nest in our balcony?  It was because of that reason that we could not go out there.  Well, the pigeons finally left.  I cleaned the area and bought some new chairs.  The cats were happy to finally be out there!

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28 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Busy week and lots of good food

  1. Glad you got to spend some time with your family this week! All that food looks delicious. I don’t think I could handle running late in the day this time of year. Its so hot even in the early mornings!

  2. That food looks amazing! Yum! Especially the dessert, of course.

    Nice job getting out there even when it’s tough. I have plenty of hills in my neighborhood for you . . . very clever to use the on ramp!

  3. Another great week of running for you, and I love that you were able to spend so much time with your nephews!

    I want to try Home Run Inn Pizza the next time I’m in Chicago.

    • We went again this week and ate a lot of food again. My mother went and she tried pretty much everything and liked it. She is very picky with food. Glad she was able to experience a few hours downtown.

  4. Guests are fun, but it can also be tiring! Nice job of fitting in all your runs. Sounds like you have another busy week and delicious food coming up- have fun!

  5. You are a running machine.

    Get job getting it done even when you are tired.

    Yum. That food!!

  6. What a lovely week with family! Also love the look of that food! Well done for keeping going even when tired, but adjusting accordingly.

  7. How fun to have nephews visiting and getting to play tour guide! I loved all of the food when we used to travel to Chicago regularly.

    Ugh, the heat and humidity is affecting all of our workouts!

  8. look at all your miles!! but I can imagine you also felt a little bit tired with all of the activity going on as well! Glad you got to spend time with family! your food photos make me hungry. and there’s one thing I crave a LOT still here in NL… pozole!! I’m planning on going to see my parents in October or November to Albuquerque and I will be stuffing myself with that, tamales, enchilada and sopapillas (with honey). Yum!

    • I had never heard of sopapillas and had to google it. Looks yummy! That is great that you’ll be visiting your parents in a few months to enjoy some delicious food as well.

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