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The last day of August is here.  Only 4 months to go till the end of the year.   I took it easy the month of August because I was feeling burned out and I wanted to finish my run streak.  Now I am working with a coach again to get back in running shape and possible train for a race.  August wasn’t that exciting but still let me review it.  😉

Mileage:  Total for this month is 68.67 miles which include a few walking miles.  It is my 3rd lowest month this year after February (34.26) and January (64.55 miles). 

Current Challenge:  None.  Anyone has a good one for me to do?

Current Book:  None but I am waiting for “

Current Song:  No specific song but I am still loving anything 80s.  

Current Shoes:  I started with the Brooks Ghost 12 and the Launch.  Then I saw the Run Hoppy pair and knew I had to get them.  These 3 pairs should last me till next year.  I hope Brooks do not come out with more cute pairs because I will be tempted to get them.

2021 Running Goal:  My goal this year is to run 1,000 miles (I changed it from 1,200).  I am 66% done with 664.68 miles.  I have 4 months left and 335 miles.  You think I would make it?

What am I looking forward to next month?  Fall.  I love running in Fall weather.  I also love the different color leaves.  I am also looking forward to taking more Peloton classes.  Running everyday is a thing of the past.

How did August go for you?

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13 Comments on Tuesday Topics: August 2021 Review

  1. Yes! I think you will reach your goal of 1’000 miles for 2021. You’re well on track, Zenaida.

    Do you have a race scheduled, virtual or in-person? That’s always a nice way to challenge yourself.

  2. My goal is 1000 too. We’re at the same point. I think we can do it barring any injury.

    Love your shoes. I wear topos and they are not cute.

  3. I’m also looking forward to fall! Not that we actually have fall-like weather here in Florida… I just like the idea of it.
    i think you can definitely make 1000 miles, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Now that you’re done with your streak you should be enjoying some freedom!

  4. I know that the start of the school year is very stressful for you so it seems like it was a good time to end the run streak Zenaida! So awesome that you made it a full year — congrats!

    Good luck with whatever goals you choose.

  5. All three pairs of your Brooks shoes are cute! It’s smart marketing on their part to come out with the “collector’s edition” designs! If you set your mind to it, you will meet your 1,000 mile goal and I have confidence you will! Look how you did on your 1-year run streak!!!

    • I just checked their website if there were new shoes. Thank goodness they didn’t but there is a cute pair of the Ghost shoes that are very pretty. I am going to be strong and ignore it.

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