It’s the last Friday of the month which means Marcia has opened the Runfessional!  It’s also time for another edition of Fit Five Friday hosted by DarleneRenéeJenn, Michelle, and me!  Let’s get started, shall we?!

 I runfess…
That while I haven’t been running much these past couple of weeks, I’m interested in running a 50k next year.  Just skip the marathon and go straight to the ultra.  I’ve done two of them (2012 and 2014).  Ha, my first one was almost 10 years ago so now I have to do it, right?  I knew eventually I would like to run it again and get a PR (the second race was slower than the first one).  

 I runfess…
I am not jealous at all of anyone running the Chicago Marathon this year.  I am happy for them and plan to cheer for them in a few weeks.  I hope to see Shalane fly by.  I am still surprised the race has not been cancelled.  

I runfess…
Last month I mentioned that my primary doctor is leaving the practice I’ve seen her at for over 10 years.  She will be in a different location and a part of a different hospital.  Yes, I can join her there.  I am hoping that all of my current information will transfer over to the new hospital on MyChart.  Knowing that I will continue to see her does make me happy.

I runfess
Wednesday was our virtual Open House.  I did it together with the other 2nd grade teachers.  I have 21 students and about 3-4 parents (from my class) showed up.  Then I had my own session from 7-8 in case parents had questions for me.  Two parents showed up.  This makes me sad and angry.  To make it worse, we all had to stay at school till 8pm for Open House.  I don’t understand why we could not do it from home.

I runfess…
The stress eating is still going on.  It’s taking me longer than usual to settle into a routine with my students.  I have two new curriculums and it also takes me a long time to figure out and plan what I need to do.  Math, reading, and writing is challenging.  I feel like I am not getting anything done and productive at school and with my students.  

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18 Comments on Fit Five Friday and September 2021 Runfessions

  1. That is unfortunate that your students’ parents did not really attend back to school night! I am sure you all put a lot of work into it as well. Wow an ultra? Look forward to hearing more

  2. The beginning of a new school year is tough. And under these conditions I can’t imagine.

    Wow. An ultra. Not me. I may never even run another marathon.

    I wish Shalane luck. What an amazing feat if she succeeds.

  3. I think I’ve come out of the stress eating phase. I don’t miss it lol.

    I totally forgot about our school’s virtual open house. The grades just posted videos – it wasn’t by individual teachers, and there was no ability to interact, so I wasn’t too sad to let it go.

  4. I am not envious about running Chi either. BTDT and twice was enough for me. It makes no sense how these very large marathons are “safe” yet smaller races are not?? I suspect the city wants the revenue. I’m so sad for you that the parent turnout for Open House was so crazy low. I can’t even imagine being that uninvolved in my kids’ school. You totally should’ve been able to do that from home!

    • Will you be spectating? I haven’t decided where I would be that day. It is really sad how many parents are not involved. I can only do so much and try not to worry about things I cannot control.

  5. Oof. Sounds like a rough start to the school year. I love the virtual open house! I want to do it like this all the time, even when there’s no pandemic. i always go to the open house and don’t understand why more parents don’t show up.
    Yes, go cheer at the marathon! Seeing Shalane would be amazing.

  6. That’s exciting that you have your eyes on another ultra! It’s been six years since my last one (July 2016), so I’m kind of getting the itch to do another. The last one I did was a 12-hour Christmas -themed event and was so much fun, and we had perfect weather. That’s gonna be tough to beat, or even compare another event to…

  7. Wow, a 50K sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve run a 25K and a 50-miler, but not a 50K. It sounds like a great distance!

    It’s so frustrating when parents don’t show up for parent/teacher conferences or back-to-school nights. It’s got to be extra frustrating when it’s virtual and they don’t even have to leave their house. When I taught health, physical education, and driver’s education at the high school level I had five classes, each with about 30 students. Out of ~150 students, not a single parent ever showed up to discuss their child’s progress with me…

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