This week’s Tuesday Topic is:  It’s National Savings Day!  How do you save money on running gear/races?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

I like to spend money (I work hard for my money) but I also like to save money.  As you know right now I am saving money to buy a house and also for retirement.  <<My goal is to retire way before I am “supposed” to.  😀  Anyway, here are some ways that I’ve been able to save money on running year/races.

💰 Sign up early for races.  I haven’t signed up for a race in about 2 years.  But I do remember that when I signed up for the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon, I did so months in advance and ended up paying only $50.

💰 Buy gear on Amazon, Zappos, or Running Warehouse.  I bought my Garmin 235 for only $100 from Amazon!  I’ve also used a discount code from a running club when buying from Running Warehouse.

💰Sign up to be on company email lists to receive discount codes.  I’ve received codes from Liquid I.V. and Headsweats.  I recently received a code for 28% off from Liquid I.V.  It is my new favorite product and you bet I stocked up. 

💰Shop during popular times of the year.  I’ve found some great deals during Black Friday and also after Christmas.  

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23 Comments on It’s National Savings Day! How to save money on running gear/races

  1. Saving for early retirement is a very wise move, Zenaida! Have you heard of the FIRE movement? “FIRE” stands for “Financially Independent, Retired Early”. If you google it, you will find people who retire in their early 40s and 50s.

    I love looking for discounts online, too. However, here in Switzerland, our options are very limited. Usually, we get the best deals when shopping in outlet stores abroad.

  2. It’s risky but I always sign up early. Big savings. And I buy used items or make my own. My post will be up next week with more tips.

    • I began saving again once I became a teacher. Now I am realizing that with no husband nor children, I need as much money saved up. But I do know that even with those two things, there is no guarantee in anything. 🙂

      • Well the good news is that with no husband (and you never know what the future holds) you actually need less. For instance my SIL is divorced. Her home is worth a lot of money but if she sells it half will go to her ex.

        I hear you on no kids, but you’re very close to your family. I’m close to my siblings but not as close to their kids, since we lived so far away when they were growing up. I just hope I’m storing up some good karma with all that I’ve done for my parents, although that’s absolutely not why I’ve helped them!

  3. Great tips, especially the one about signing up early. In 2018, I signed up for the Rock n’ Roll Half at the expo (2 days before the race) and paid about $185 including fees. Probably could have saved $100+ if I’d signed up when registration first opened!

  4. Black Friday is a good and bad thing for me lol. I often save a little extra “fun money” to use on Black Friday because you can find good deals but it’s easy to get carried away too! I tend to use Black Friday for electronics and try to scope out Amazon deals for everything else!

  5. Zappos and Runner’s Warehouse are great place to shop, I try to avoid Amazon, but yeah, I’ve gotten some good deals there too.

  6. My hubs is the saver in our relationship and as we head towards retirement, he did a good job with it! I’ve gotten better at saving on my running purchases too, looking for discount codes and buying off season merchandise.

  7. What? You don’t want to teach forever??? Ha ha…
    Great tips. Yes, races are getting really expensive so signing up early can make a big difference. Amazon has some great deals on workout clothes- things that are similar to Lululemon but waaaay cheaper!

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