I will be on Winter Break next Wednesday.  Some districts start today.  I am not complaining since some go back to work on January 3rd and I go back on the 10th.  I am happy with the extra 2 days we get for our break.

This week our students have taken a 4 MAP tests (state required).  We’ve also done some fun activities which they seem to love.  Two students are already on vacation so now I am left with 20 students.

Even though my break is 2 1/2 weeks, I am very excited about it.  Let me tell you what I am looking forward to during that time.

☃️ Not be out running in the dark.  I won’t have to be at work anymore at 8:30am.  I know I will wake up early anyway, but I will not be out running that early.  Sometimes I don’t mind running in the dark but I could use a break from it.

☃️ Not drive to school or anywhere else.  I plan to leave my house just for running, some doctor appointments for my mother, and to get groceries.  The rest of the time I will be at home on my couch or bed.

☃️ Watch TV.  Right now I am obsessed with “Castle”.  Did anyone else watched it?  I remember when it was on TV but didn’t watch it from the beginning.  Now I am on season 5 (out of 7) and am enjoying it a lot.

☃️ Read.  I know I enjoy watching TV but I also like to read.  Right now I have 3 books that Wendy wrote about in her blog.  I also have the movie “A Star is Born” that I want to see.  

☃️ Teach a Winter Break Boot Camp to my students.  Is it weird that I am excited about it?  This session is one week for two hours each day.  It will be online and will consist of one hour of Reading and one hour of Math.  I can choose to do it anytime between 8:30am-3:00pm.  I will be doing it in the morning to have the rest of the day off to watch TV and read.  😀

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13 Comments on Fit Five Friday: 5 things I am looking forward to during Winter Break

  1. Enjoy your break. You deserve it. I think you picked some good things.

    I’d love to be able to run whenever

  2. I hope you have great weather for all those runs out in the daylight!

    It’s funny, we watched Firefly & are now watching The Rookie (both star Nathan Fillion, who is the star of Castle) but we never watched Castle. May have to rectify that. 🙂

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