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What a year this has been!  Thanks to everyone for linking up with us this year.  

Let’s recap this year.  As I was writing this post I realized that I didn’t have photos for everything that I mention here.  


⭐ Began a new linkup with Darlene, Michelle, Jenn, and Renée. 

⭐ Went back to work in the classroom.  Still no students so it was me, myself, and I in my room.

⭐ Inauguration Day!!  One of the best days this year.


⭐ Lots of snow this month.  Ran in one of the coldest days.  You can see the ice on my eyelashes.

⭐ Got my first covid vaccine.

⭐ Fell again but only scraped my knee.


⭐ Began a new hybrid schedule at work and had some students in my classroom.

⭐ Got my 2nd vaccine.

⭐ Made it to 200 days of my run streak.

⭐ Did my 100th bike ride with Cody.


⭐ Celebrated Lola’s birthday.  My precious!  I love her.

⭐ Dislike Nike even more after reading the book “Win at all costs”. 


⭐ Teacher Appreciation Week!

⭐ Did my 200th Peloton run!
⭐ The AC stopped working and we all struggled.  Even the cats!


⭐ Celebrated Global Running Day!

⭐ Done with school!  One of the worst years of my teaching career.  

Started 4 weeks of Summer School.  Luckily it wasn’t remote and I enjoyed having students in the classroom.  Oh and it was a beautiful school (not the same one I currently teach in).

⭐ Nephews from San Antonio and Seattle came to visit.  Hadn’t seen them in over 2 years.  Went to Tzuco.


⭐ Did my 300th Peloton run!


Bought some new shoes.

Went to school to set up my classroom.  Excited for a new year with all students in the room.

Saw Chicago PD being filed close to my house.  I saw Jay and Hailey.  The episode aired on October 7th.

Began a new school year with 21 students.  

Completed my running streak!  


Celebrated my mother’s birthday!  Grateful for another year she is with us.

Cheered for Cody in Dancing with the Stars.

Did a virtual Open House with my coworkers.  All teachers had to be at school till 8pm.  We could have done this at home.


Began training for my 50k.

Survived the Facebook and Instagram blackout.

I saw with my own eyes the world’s tiniest pencil.  One of my former students was using it in class.

Got my booster and flu shot with my mom.  

Went to the airport with my mom to pick up from nephew.  He came home for 2 weeks.

Spectated the Chicago Marathon.

Bought another pair of shoes.


Virtual parent/teacher conferences.  I was all alone in my room.  

Last pair of shoes for this year.  

Celebrated my birthday.


Counting down the days till Winter Break.  Two more days to go.


Realized I need 60 miles to meet my goal of running 1,000 miles this year.  Coach said I will run 36 miles this week and 32 the following week.  Looks like I will make it.

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18 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My year 2021 in photos

  1. Wow, what a year you have had in running and teaching, Zenaida!
    That 365 day running streak was amazing.
    I’m cheering for you that you will make it to the 1’000 miles for 2021. You are so close!

    Good luck with your 50k training.

  2. So many great memories in such a tough year! That’s pretty much what I realized for myself as I put together my wrap post (next week).

    I’m surprised there was only 3 pairs of shoes with that running! Or were there actually more? 😉

  3. Love this. So good things happened this year. It’s great to focus on that. Hope 2022 is even better. Maybe some races.

  4. Congrats on 1000 miles for the year–yes, you will do it! Lots of ups and downs this year, but it looks like you are definitely ending on a high! Merry Christmas!

    • Thank you. I think back at how different teaching is right now and what we had to go through to get things done. Just plain awful. Will it ever be “normal” again?

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