Happy New Year!  I am so happy that it’s Friday!  Today is my last day of Winter Break and will go back to work on Monday.  I’m starting off the weekend with a little catch-up over the Ultimate Coffee Date hosted by Coco and Deborah.  So grab a mug of your favorite beverage and let’s chat for a bit!

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that as much as I enjoyed my break, in a way I am looking forward to going back to work on Monday.  I miss my students and my routine.  I like being at home but I need a different environment.  I will miss having access to the bathroom and going whenever I want to.  I have been cutting down on coffee and have noticed a difference in the number of times I use the bathroom.  However, I am not looking forward to having to wear my mask all day again.  Also, I am not looking forward to the stupid expectations and political issues that really have nothing to do with education.  It seems like administrators want to have their cake and eat it too.  It doesn’t work that way. 

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that I have not run at all this week.  And I am OK with it.  It is too cold outside.  On Monday I joined the gym to have access to the treadmill but I couldn’t stand being there.  I had to wear a mask while running and it was awful.  I was in tears in the dressing room when I was getting ready to go home.  Not sure how one week of not running will affect my training but I am OK with it.  No pressure.

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that since I haven’t been running, I’ve been spending more time on my Peloton.  I’ve taken one class each day since January 1st.  Now that is a record for me!  My new favorite instructor is Camila Ramón.  I love her energy and attitude.  I also love that some of her classes are in Spanish.  She is so fun and reminds me of Cody.

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that my plan on New Year’s Eve was to go to bed early.  I got home around 6 and watched TV.  I couldn’t stop.  I was hooked on Castle (finally watched all 8 seasons) and watched it till 11pm.  And then I went to sleep.  I guess I could have stayed up for another hour but I didn’t.  I was already tired.  😀 Did you stay up past midnight?

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that besides patience with myself and others, I am also looking at being more positive.  Too much?  These past two years were awful for many reasons and I am simply tired of it.  I want this year to be a bit different.  How different?  Not sure but hopefully being more positive will help.

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25 Comments on Fit Five Friday and January 2022 Ultimate Coffee Date

  1. I hope you have a good school year. Remote learning just doesn’t work.

    I don’t like the cold but I know I have to because I have three halfs coming up.

    You’ll be fine. You probably needed the break. But like you I couldn’t do it on a treadmill esp with a mask.

    I only stayed up until midnight because I was with friends. We left after the ball dropped.

    • I don’t like remote learning but sometimes it is the only option. CPS students haven’t been in school since Tuesday of last week. They’re negotiating more safe measures for the teachers and students. The teachers were ready and willing to teach remotely but they were locked out of their accounts. I hate the snow and ice more than the cold weather.

  2. One week off will not impact your training – it will probably help – especially because of the Peloton workouts. I’ve kept up me streak this week with a mix of outdoor and indoor runs with a mask. I don’t find it to be that much of an extra challenge because I wore it outside for so long.

    I stayed up until 12:45 on New Year’s! 1st time past midnight in a few years – LOL.

  3. Sorry that you had such a bad experience with the treadmill 🙁 I will say that it takes a little time to get used to running with a mask and also it depends on the type of mask you have as well. I really like the UA masks for running, and you can also ty getting a mask cage from Amazon.

    I always stay up on NYE but i normally take a nap earlier in the day so that I can stay up past midnight, lol.

  4. I hope things go better once you get back to school and return to your routine. I would be in tears, too, after a run on a treadmill with a mask. Maybe that will get easier the more you do it? My NYE was dismal in comparison to others, but we had our son with us and still had a lot of fun (despite being in bed before 10:30…a record for me!).

  5. I think we all fall into negativity sometimes! It’s hard not to. Being positive is never a bad thing though.

    I don’t stay up til midnight. Because I’m usually up somewhere between 4-6, and rarely 6 at that! This girl needs her sleep.

    I think the classes you did on the Peloton will serve you well and you’ll be ok.

  6. I couldn’t imagine trying to run on the treadmill with a mask on! I’m sure one week won’t throw off your training and I think it’s great that you’ve been riding your Peloton every day. I haven’t tried Camila’s classes but will be sure to look her up.

    I hope your return to work goes smoothly!

  7. You will be fine and you’ll hit the road again next week! I did all that pool running and it helped me be road ready. There are a lot of ways to train.

    I’m with you–so over this pandemic, and working to stay positive too.

  8. I haven’t run outside all week but I have used my treadmill. I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to run in a mask. Sounds positively awful. This was the first in a long time that I actually stayed up well past midnight. That’s crazy for me. Hope the new semester is a good one for you!

    • As you know I do not mind the treadmill. But the mask I do mind. I may have to skip again this week. The streets and sidewalks are still not clear. I do not want to fall.

  9. I don’t blame you for not wanting to run on the treadmill with a mask — were you able to cancel your membership or will you use the gym for other reasons? I LOVE Camilla! Did you see her IG video about becoming an instructor. It makes me love her even more (so real).

    I hope your return to school goes well.

    • I am going to stop by tomorrow and see if I can cancel it. There is a program offered through my insurance company which offers various gyms for one monthly price. I didn’t sign up because I was planning to go to other gyms. However, I do hate the ones they have at Planet Fitness. I was planning to use the gym just for running. I haven’t seen that video but can imagine how it is. She is so passionate and encouraging.

  10. Hope the school year goes better for you going forward. You all do have really cold temps there. I would not want to run on a treadmill with a mask either. What have you done in winters’ past?

    • It was 2-3 years ago that I started running more consistently during the Winter. I sucked it up. 😂😂 It could be that it wasn’t that cold or I wasn’t training for a race. One year I remember I was training for a marathon and did almost all of my runs outside.

  11. I hope this semester goes smoothly. I’m very frustrated with our district, but I am trying to be here for the teachers. They are really busting butt for the kids.

    I was in bed by like 11 on New Year’s. I never stay up.

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