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What a year 2021 was!  It was full of ups and downs.  I managed to find joy in various things and here are some of my six favorite things of 2021.

⭐ Favorite Day.  It was the first day of school for the 2021-2022 school year – August 25th.

I’ve written about how the 2020-2021 school year was awful.  I was beyond happy when I found out that teachers and students were going back to the classroom.  Remote learning is a lot of work and it isn’t fun for teacher or students.  I made welcome bags for my students and was happy to see my classroom with students.  

⭐ Favorite Group Run.  I hope one day I can run with this group!  Thanks to Kim for putting this collage together.  We may not all be running together but at the same time we are.  Right, girls? 

⭐ Favorite Cat Photo. So many to pick from since I take many pictures of them.

Love my fur babies!  A coworker has 2 male kittens and it is tempting to bring them home.  However, I have no room in this apartment and I think Lola will run away if I bring two more kittens.  She already has to put up with Mateo.

⭐ Favorite Run.  August 28th when I completed my one year run streak.  

Favorite Purchase.  The Happy Planner.  Years ago my coworker told me about it but I never looked into.  Last year I saw another teacher post about it on Instagram and immediately went to Michaels to buy one.  Then I bought another one.  Then another one.  I have about 5 different ones but only use one.  I know I went overboard.  I have different tabs to organize my papers and I like how I have everything that I need for school and my students in one planner.  Saves me time as I don’t need to look in different places for one piece of paper.  

⭐ Favorite Thing I Found while Decluttering.  Two Winter coats!  I cannot remember the last time I wore these coats.  I have a few black jackets but like adding a bit of color once in a while.  It was hard to get a good picture but the blue coat is gorgeous.  I thought about donating them but I like them and will try to wear them more often.  They do bring me joy!

This was another fun topic.  It was great going through my photos to remember the good and not so good moments of 2021.  

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18 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My six favorite of 2021

  1. YAY for wearing your coats more often, Zenaida! It will save you money and is more environmentally-friendly!

    I am intrigued by the Happy Planner, it looks like something I would love to use.
    I noticed that the notes look like they’re printed. Do you print the pages and file them in the planner? Or is your handwriting so neat that it looks like printed?

    • I got a compliment on my blue coat. Such a pretty color! The pages came with the planner. What I printed is the calendar with the cute girl because that is what the teachers send home to parents.

  2. I am a winter coat fan. I have many. I guess it’s because winter seems endless here.

    Great cat pix. They are adorable.

    Congrats on your streak. I’m amazed when anyone is able to do that.

    Love our blogger runs too. Maybe one day we can plan a blogger racecation.

    Hope the rest of school year goes well.

  3. So nice to see Lola and Mateo together! Patches and Mistletoe are still in World War 3. 🙁 I had hoped to find them reunited when I returned from Ghana but same story! You know I love that planner!!! Also, love that gesture of you making bags for the kids. My babies would love having you as their teacher.

    • Very rarely are those two together. I think Lola was too tired to even care that Mateo was so close to her. I am thinking of doing another bag for them “just because”. They’ve all worked hard in some aspect this year. I am proud of them!

  4. I have a real coat problem, too! Although I have donated quite a few. I don’t get dressed up much anymore. It’s always nice to shop in your closet.

    Being able to be in the classroom, a 1 year running streak — these are great memories, Zenaida! Proof that there are good memories even in the toughest of times.

  5. A 1 year run streak is definitely something to be proud of! I also have a jacket collection 🙂 Hey, why not!?

Thank you for your comment!