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My words from last year’s post are: Introverted, Proactive, Independent, Hardworking, and Beautiful

For some reason it was hard this year to come up with five words.  After doing a lot of thinking, the words I came up with this year are:

Definitely and proud of it!  I am grateful for the opportunity to speak, read, and write in two languages.  I remember in college knowing that it was important but it wasn’t till I became a teacher that it made more of an impact.  Having this experience and knowledge allows me to help other students become bilingual too.  I could be trilingual since I do communicate with my cats.  Does that count?

I feel lots of feelings.  Various things make me happy, sad, angry, etc.  But aren’t we all emotional?  I have cried while reading “The Giving Tree”.  

I get the work done.  That could also be a bad thing because then I spend hours getting the work done.  But no matter what it is, my coworkers know that they can depend on me to get it done.  I know my family also depends on me for taking my mother to various doctor appointments (and she has quite a few). 

I may not have my own children but as a teacher I am responsible for 21 students.  They’re with me for about 6 hours each day.  That’s huge deal!  I also responsible for my 2 fur babies.  Also, I do as much as I can to make sure my mother has what she needs.  She is getting older and requires more assistance.

Saved the best for last!

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13 Comments on Tuesday Topics: 5 words to describe me

  1. Growing up with two (or more) languages is like a free lunch!
    I have a friend who grew up in the German-speaking part of Switzerland with an English father and a Spanish mother. She speaks all three languages perfectly, without any foreign accent.

    I’m sure cat-language counts too, Zenaida! 🙂

  2. These words seem perfect to describe you. I like that you picked different words from last year.

    I do agree that Strong is the best. If you are strong I helps you deal with everything and anything.

  3. Bilingual is a great thing! Even though I’m good at languages, I was never fluent. I wish I was!

    Not every one is emotional, actually, and it is a good thing. We’ve got to let those feelings out!

    It is really tough making sure our elderly parents have what they need. People who haven’t had to go through that don’t always understand. But I am sure that you also get some of that strength from your mother!

    • She is definitely strong and still is. It amazes me when I hear the stories of when she was living in Mexico. I thought my life was rough here but it really wasn’t. 🙂

  4. Hooray for being bilingual. I consider myself bilingual too and it’s a gift for sure to be able to communicate/read/listen in another language!

  5. I think it’s great that you speak Spanish–I always encourage the parents in my clinic to speak their native language to their children. It’s important and it’s good for the kids!

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