Hello there!  I am very happy it is Friday.  I was off on Monday but it still feels like a long week.  I have two more weeks till Spring Break and I am even more excited about that.  My plan is to relax and take it easy.  I have a race (8K) on the 20th and am not ready for it.  What was I thinking signing up for a race when I haven’t been consistent with running?  I am debating on whether or not to run it.

For today’s post I’m sharing 5 things I am loving.   

💖  Noxgear Tracer 2.  I have written about this before.  I know I haven’t been running as much as before but I still love it.  This is seriously the best running gear I purchased last year.  It provides maximum visibility, lots of different color modes, and it is rechargeable.  If you run in the dark, then you need to get it for you!

💖  Liquid I.V.  I was a huge fan of Nuun but wanted to try something different.  “A single serving offers 2-3 times the hydration that a single glass of water may provide. What’s more, the hydration multipliers contain electrolytes that are absorbed into your cells faster than drinking water.”  There many yummy flavors but my favorite is grape.  One thing I do not like about it is the sugar – each serving has 11 grams of sugar.  I use one packet for 32 ounces of water and it is sweet enough for me.  

💖  Salud –  I found out about these from my coach.  I sent him a few samples of Liquid IV and he sent me some of Salud.  The flavors are horchata, mango, jamaica (hibiscus), pepino limón (cucumber lime), and tamarindo.  I’ve tried them all and my favorite is pepino limón.  Even my mother likes that flavor.  The packet is small and it is enough for 24 ounces of water.  “Each serving of Salud is packed full of powerful benefits to support hydration and improve immune health.”  The best thing about it is that each packet is 1 gram of sugar.

💖  Cable management box.  I think I saw this in one of those work from home or home organization articles on Facebook.  I have a surge protector on top of my desk where I plug my laptop along with several USB adapters to charge my Garmin, computer mouse, etc.  This box keeps all of the cables organized.  I did have some trouble closing the lid because one of the adapters was too high but I replaced it with another one.

💖  Jot Ultra CoffeeYou all know I love coffee.  Jot Ultra Coffee is concentrated.  You add one tablespoon of it to whatever liquid you want to make an espresso, americano, cappuccino, hot coffee, or iced coffee.  The flavor is smooth and delicious.  I was actually very impressed with the taste.  Each 200ml bottle is $28 and makes 14 cups.  I bought this from an ad on Facebook or Instagram and there was a promotion going on.  I got two bottles of the coffee, a tablespoon, and a 12oz mug for around $40.  You can sign up for a subscription to get 25% off each order.  If you are interested in this coffee, use THIS LINK.  You get a free gift with your first order and I get a free bottle of coffee.

Have you tried any of these products?  Thoughts?  

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12 Comments on Fit Five Friday: 5 things I am loving

  1. I have not tried any of these! I may have to get a cable organizer for my husband. Because every time he has to do something with the cables he can never figure out what goes where.

    The sugar in LiquidIV would be a hard pass for me, sorry. I always wondered about the Tailwind users for the same reason — they swear by it for stomach issues but sugar can really cause stomach issues!

    Glad it works for you, Zenaida. Always good to hear about new (to me anyway) options!

    • I understand about the Liquid IV. I also have to be careful. I like Tailwind but use it more for my long runs instead of gels. I have heard good things about it for recovery but have not used it.

  2. People do love their nongear. I have heard about liquid IV a lot lately but too much sugar for me. Have you tried SIS Hydration? I love their tabs. Thanks for the link up!

  3. I was interested in that Liquid I.V. when I was having dehydration issues a couple weeks ago, but the 8 grams of sugar turned me off too. Salud sounds interesting though! I might check it out, although right now I have a large box of LMNT to get through.

  4. I love my Noxgear vest, but I have the original. Not a big deal swapping out the batteries, but I bet the rechargeable option is pretty nice!

  5. I do love my Noxgear and I discovered Jot Coffee last summer for iced coffee. I hadn’t heard of Liquid IV but that does seem like a lot of sugar – I think my stomach would struggle. I do like SiS Hydration – the sugar content is really low.

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