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Spring is here!  Well, not officially but yesterday it was so nice outside.  My students and I enjoyed our recess time outside.  It felt great being out there!

Still not running yet (can’t think of a reason since the weather is nice now) but I still wanted to put together a small bucket list.

💐  Continue to use the Peloton bike.  I want to finish all of Camila’s classes.  I’ve been lazy (more like too tired) and haven’t kept up with the classes.  She has 111 classes and I’ve taken 68 leaving me with 43 more to go.  I am leaving the 45 minute classes till the end.  Those intimidate me.

💐  Leave work stuff at work.  Lately I’ve been staying late a lot, checking email, and doing school stuff in the evening and on the weekends.  I need to find a balance between work and my personal life.  I start work at 8:30am but usually get there by 7 so there is really no need for me to stay late that much.  Working so much has left me exhausted and not liking my job anymore. 

💐  Start running again.  I wasn’t running because of the weather.  Finally it is warming up.  I need to find that groove and energy again when I would be up very early to run.  I keep thinking of how I ran everyday for one year.  Now I am exhausted.  I have no desire nor energy.  I can’t say I am burned out because, well, I haven’t been running.  Maybe having a goal will motivate it.

💐 Take a few days off.  There are days when I do not want to go to work anymore.  Last year I took a few days because I was tired and hated going to work.  I thought last year was tough.  No.  This year is way more tough.  There is just so much to do for these students since many are below grade level.  Kids still do not want to put in the work and I find myself talking almost all day because they do not want to participate.  

💐  The last item is this 🏠.  I know you are all tired of hearing me talk about it so I won’t.  😀

Topic for next week – What do you do after a long run or race?  Feel free to write about this or any running related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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16 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My Spring bucket list

  1. Well done on your Peloton bike challenge, Zenaida!
    You’re having a tough year and I can imagine that being a school teacher is very tough. Taking a few days off sounds like a great idea. I’m sure it will help you to recuperate and get your running mojo back again.
    And of course, all the best with the house hunting! 🙂

  2. No, I’m not tired of hearing talk of the house. We are just starting our search for our next state (to move to). It’s going to take years, I’m pretty sure. I have to really prod my husband to actually DO something, not just talk about it. And then the moving . . but I know that I don’t want to stay here.

    I hope that maybe during those days off you find your desire to run again, Zenaida. Good luck!

  3. As a teacher it’s hard to leave it at work.

    Taking some days off is a great idea.

    I need to do that. I only do when I go away.

    I bet your running increases once the weather warms up.

    I hope I go back to walking and hiking more. I’ve slacked on that.

  4. I also need to leave work stuff at work. The longer hours are one thing, but it’s now really affecting my sleep because I’m stressed out about projects.

  5. I absolutely love Camila! Her classes are such a breath of fresh air and I always finish with a smile on my face. I hope you are able to take time off and begin to find more balance between your work and home life. It’s hard to do but I think it’s possible with small changes!

  6. Bummer the running mojo is still amiss. It’s hard to say if it’s good to just lay low, relax and let it return on it’s own? Or to try to stimulate the mojo by running just a tiny bit? Maybe finding a new race that you haven’t done before…a race that you could go into without any preconceived expectations or past performances to compare?

  7. Well, I can see why you’re having trouble motivating yourself to get out for an early run, if you’re getting to work at 7 and then staying late/working into the evening. Maybe you can take a personal day, or a sick day? (I know it’s probably hard to leave your students if they’re struggling so much.) Then you could run on that day and maybe get into a routine. Or maybe you can start again during spring break. Your job does sound even harder than usual right now- all I can say is hang in there, and let’s hope next year is better.

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