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Did you watch the Boston Marathon yesterday?  Wow!  The women’s race was INTENSE!  My students and I were jumping up and down and screaming.  I had my students watch it with me – not the whole thing but definitely the ending of the women’s race.  They were so cute!  I love spectating the Chicago Marathon and have decided that next year I will go to Boston to spectate.  Save the date for April 17, 2023!

It has been years since I’ve run a marathon for charity.  My very first marathon in 2006 I ran on behalf of Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization.  I think I had to raise $3000.  Other years I’ve also run on behalf of the American Cancer Society.  Two things that I loved about running for them were the free training programs through CARA and the hospitality tent after the race.

I think I was lucky when I was fundraising because I received a lot of money from family and friends.  I used to work at the American Bar Association and I also asked the members to donate money.  I remember them giving me $250, $100, and $50.  I had no trouble raising the money for the various races.

🟣  Back then I relied a lot on letters.  There was no Facebook or Instagram to ask for a donation.  I mailed everyone I knew a letter explaining why I was running the marathon and the reason for running for that specific charity (one of my sisters is a breast cancer survivor).  I also included a self-addressed and stamped envelope for them to send the form with a check or credit card information.  Very convenient for them. 

🟣  I sent emails.  Again, no Facebook to send messages.  I sent a couple to remind them to send their donations.  Many would thank me for the reminder.

🟣  Thanks for Facebook, friends that are raising money post about it there.  I like reading the story behind the race and the charity.  I want to know why they picked that charity.

🟣  I have asked friends to remind me about the donation.  As much as I would love to drop everything right there and then to click on the link and make a donation, most likely it won’t happen.  Life happens.  I get distracted and forget.  I tell them that I will NOT be annoyed if they keep reminding me – I want them to!

I don’t think I will run and raise money again for a charity but am more than happy to make a donation.  If you are running for an organization that has to do with children (extra points for education), breast cancer, or pets (cat lover here), then definitely count me in.

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23 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Running a marathon for charity

  1. I agree that it’s so fulfilling to raise money for a charity that has a personal connection or tie. I’ve done the Fight for Air Climb for many years, and it has a big place in my heart due to the number of friends and relatives afflicted with ling disease. And, I’m a huge advocate for fresh air. Well, and we all know how much I love my stair workouts, LOL

  2. Look at your kids in class!!! It must have been so fun for them to watch what went down! It’s so hard to imagine a time without social media so I love that throwback to the good old way of doing things – letters and stamps!

    • Hopefully they’re remember the teacher that runs and made them watch the Boston Marathon. I am enjoying sending cards to friends. I know email/text is easier and faster but a card is even better!

  3. Wow! USD 3’000 is a lot of money! Well done for being so persistent and diligent in raising that amount.

    A few days ago when reading Marcia’s post I realized that I will be running a qualifying marathon for Boston in September this year (Berlin). I would love to run Boston next year. If you’re spectating, we might even meet up!

  4. It is hard. I have never run a big race for a charity but I did raise money for a 5k (Susan Komen.) Like $500 and it was tough getting those donations.

    Now I donate to others and run races that donate to a charity.

  5. I’ve never run for a charity but I think letter writing and emails are great ways to fundraise. Especially with including the envelope so they can mail your gift! I agree with having reminders. I can usually give right then and there if I feel moved to but sometimes I have to do some shuffling and need a reminder!

  6. that is fun that you had the opportunity to raise money for a marathon. I have not raised funds for a race bib but I have supported a bunch of friends for theirs. Does that count?!

  7. I ran my first Chicago marathon for a charity–and that was before you needed to enter the lottery to get in. I thought it would be a good motivator for me and it was. I just didn’t like asking people for money.

    • So weird how much it has changed. I remember signing up before Memorial Day and then registration closed that weekend. It was definitely easier before to get in the marathon.

  8. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch any of the race yesterday but I heard it was very exciting!
    Believe it or not, people still use email for fundraising. I would say 9 out of 10 times I get an email from a friend fundraising for a race. I think it’s a great way to reach multiple people at once.

  9. YES! I watched the marathon yesterday! I love that you watched it with your students. The women’s race was excited- it’s not often there’s an actual race at the end of a marathon. I’ve never run a marathon to raise money for charity but I will definitely let you know if I do one! I’m getting inspired by everyone’s posts today.

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