So far this month went so much better.  Remember that student that I was struggling with last month?  Totally different kid.  For the first time in a long time I can actually take a deep breath and feel really good about myself.  Teaching is actually more fun now.  But I am still counting to the last day of the school year!

It’s the last Friday of the month which means Marcia has opened the Runfessional!  It’s also time for another edition of Fit Five Friday hosted by DarleneRenéeJennMichelle, and me!  Let’s get started, shall we?!

I runfess…
That I am annoyed about the Peloton price increase.  I know it isn’t a lot but still.  I know I’ve paid the same amount since 2019 but still.

I runfess…
That I said no more TV but have been liking “The Golden Girls”.  It is hilarious and I will say that Sophia is my favorite but I am definitely Dorothy.  Are you a fan?

I runfess…
That supposedly Spring is here but it does not feel like it.  The constant weather change is driving me nuts.  Shorts and short sleeve one day and then jackets and tights another day.  Sunny one day and rain and gloomy another day.  

I runfess…
That I really dislike American Airlines.  Last year I booked a flight and then had to cancel.  Then I used the credit from that flight for another trip which I then cancelled.  Somehow that trip was separated into a trip credit and a flight credit.  A flight credit only I can use it whereas the trip credit can be transferred to a sibling as long as they have they same last name.  I had absolutely no idea about it nor know why there are two separate credits.  I want to go to NYC during Memorial Day weekend and was planning to use the total credit amount (this was before I knew about the two credits).  I cannot use both the trip credit and the flight credit to pay for the ticket.  That leaves me with using the flight credit (since the amount is higher) but I still need to pay $73 for the difference which is the amount of the trip credit and cannot use.  The good thing is that I have until the Fall to use these credits.  I am also looking for flights to Mexico and not only are they expensive but there are no direct flights and travel time ranges from 6 to 16 hours.  🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️

I runfess…
That I know I want to run a 50k but haven’t signed up for it.  I am debating between the Marine Corps 50k in Washington, DC and the Lakefront Ultra in Chicago.  I like Washington, DC but would need to travel whereas if I run here then I can sleep in my own bed.  Plus, it will be cheaper!  The one in Chicago is in late October/early November.  What also terrifies me is the weather.  I used to be hardcore about running in the cold but now am a wimp about it.

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28 Comments on Fit Five Friday and April 2022 Runfessions

  1. I agree with you about American Airlines. We are going on a trip in May and booked our flights, only to have AA completely change the times. We were departing in the morning, now we’re leaving in the evening. Same for the return trip. What if we had made plans around our original flights? Who does that?

    If you sign up for the Lakefront 50, you’re going to have to find the mindset that you are going to finish no matter what the weather! You know how dicey it can be along the lake. Remember that 10 miler we did when it started out in the 60s with sun and ended in clouds, wind, and 40s?

    • I will never forget that race! I was so cold at end and when I look at pictures I do not understand why I didn’t have a jacket. You all did!

  2. I’m so glad your student is doing better!

    My vent with American is similar. I had a credit from a March 2020 ticket for a flight with an upgraded exit row seat. When I tried to use the credit, it wouldn;t let me apply a part of it to a seat upgrade! It was going to leave me with $100 unused and expiring. So ridiculous!

    • I haven’t flown Southwest in over 2 years but am a fan of them. It is easy to cancel/change reservations and you get the full amount paid as credit if that happens. Now I do regret making that original reservation with AA.

  3. Glad to hear your situation with the difficult student resolved! I think all teachers everywhere are counting down the days till the end of the year now.
    Funny, but I have a credit on American Airlines that I was hoping to use this summer. Thanks for the heads-up that there may be trouble ahead!
    Can’t wait to hear what ultra you choose- you never know, the weather in late October could be nice (???)

  4. I think you should do whichever race you feel more comfortable doing. End of October in Chicago sounds pretty ideal to me as it can still be warm for the Marine Corps in DC. Also, you have the added benefit of training on actual course for your long runs which, in my opinion, is very helpful

  5. We have status on American thanks to all the international travel but sadly we lean toward Delta these days. So many of our AA flights have been cancelled and the service has just plain sucked. Sorry your flight rescheduling is such a PIA. I think weather is a risk in both DC and Chicago so go with whatever makes you happy.

  6. The DC 50K will be a lot hillier – since you train here, I think Lakefront would be easier to train for. Plus, you can have friends come and run some with you. I’ll come out if I’m here!

  7. Wow, 16 hours to fly to Mexico from Chicago?! I haven’t flown anywhere for 3 years and counting . . . that’s the nice thing about where we live — there are many places that are nice to go to that are drivable!

    That much be such a relief that your problem student is less of a problem now! Not too much longer now. 🙂

  8. I know a lot of people who have run that Chicago ultra, and the weather has never been nice (spring of fall). It’s like there’s a nasty weather plague hanging over it, LOL. I’m glad to hear things are better in your classroom!

  9. I only fly AA and what I don’t like is that they cancel and change your flights and pick ones that are not convenient.

    Yes on the weather. Skirt one day, winter coat the next… and the WIND!!!

    The Golden Girls used to be one of my favorite shoes!!

    Hmm… that’s a hard call about the 50k. There a pluses for each one.

    Actually a 50k scares me. I am sure you can do it. Excited to follow your training. Maybe it’ll motivate me.

  10. Don’t get me started on American Airlines! I do all I can to avoid flying with them.

    I think being part of the MCM weekend would be so much fun, but there’s something to be said for being able to train on the course. I think it’s great that you’re going to run a 50K and can’t wait to see which race you choose!

  11. boy that thing about the same line for the airline credits wouldn’t fly here. most people have different last names! In the Netherlands for example you don’t change your name when you get married. I mean you can be called “Mrs. Whatever” but legally you are still “Miss Myownlastname”. Of course the kids get the father’s last name eye roll but your name is your name forever here.

    I try to avoid AA anyway and stick to United, Delta/KLM. Too many problems with other airlines.

    50KM is a big deal – maybe since it’s your first ultra keep it at home. Then train for it and run it no matter the weather. Mind over matter darling!!

  12. I think all the airlines are pretty problematic lately. The whole system of flying has been unchecked for a while, and now it’s off the rails. I’m sorry for your experience.

    I am so excited for your 50K experience, when it begins! It’s going to be awesome.

  13. I always hear horror stories about AA. I had to cancel two different family trips to Boston because of Covid and the whole marathon fiasco but our trip was booked through Capitol One and they were great about reimbursing me for miles used and whatever cash we paid also.
    I like the idea of staying close to home for the Ultra because of the convenience but racecations are always fun too. Sorry, I’m not much help. Lol.

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