This week’s Tuesday Topic is: What is your favorite race medal and why?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

I have run 168 races ranging from a 5k to a 50k.  I don’t know exactly how many medals I have but I know it is a lot.  I don’t have a medal for each race and I have received multiple medals for completing a series or challenge.  Thanks RnR and RunDisney!

Right now my medals are in a box.  I have one from the Shamrock Shuffle in the kitchen because it is also a bottle opener.  🙂  My mother liked one of my medals and put it in her walker.  When I ran the Shamrock Shuffle again this year I asked her if she wanted another medal and she said “Yes”.

However, of all of my medals, my favorite one is from my first 50k.  It is small and simple.  I worked hard for that medal.  I’ve run a few marathons prior to that race but to date it is the furthest distance I’ve ever run. 

Two years later I ran another 50k and got another medal.  Small and simple again.

As for my other medals, I don’t plan on keeping them.  I don’t have room for them anymore but don’t know what to do with them.  I know there is an organization to donate them but I need to fill out a form for each medal.

Topic for next week – It’s National Mental Health Awareness Week.  How does running help with your mental health?  Feel free to write about this or any running related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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21 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My favorite race medal

  1. It’s funny how often the medals we worked hardest for are the most simple!
    That’s a big box of medals – a great symbol of all the hours of training.

    I keep my medals for a bit and then throw them away. Not always easy, but I have no space to keep them.

    • I’ve thought about throwing them away but there are just too many. Then I thought I could recycle them but don’t know if I can. And that is why now they’re all in a box. 😜

  2. That’s a lot of medals, Zenaida!! I know a lot of races have the option to not get a medal. Would you do that?

  3. I have run a lot of races – hundreds

    All my medals have a special place in my heart. Good or bad they were all accomplishments.

    My favorites would be the Freihofer 5k one from 2012 – I paid for it in advance before knowing that I would be out of running for 5 mos prior to the race. And of course my first and only marathon – NYC 2019.

    I have the half marathon ones on hangar on the wall and all the others on a hanger behind the door.

    That’s amazing that you have already run a 50k – so daunting to me. And more than one marathon!!

  4. That’s a lot of medals! I need to count mine…and I need another rack of some sort. I have all of mine of a refurbished expandable peg rack (like you’d hang coffee mugs on), and every time I add another, I fear it’s gonna take a tumble.

  5. Funny how the hardest races have the smallest, simplest medals! I’m pretty sure I would treasure those too if I ran a 50k.
    You know you could get a wall-mounted rack to display your medals if you wanted. Or you could donate the bulk of them and just keep the most special ones to display. 168 (ish) medals is a lot, and I agree that most of the time, medals just aren’t that special. I like how your mom is using them to decorate her walker!

    • I don’t have the room for them right now. I do want to move so maybe when I do I will have a room for my bike and treadmill (when I buy it) and I can display my medals. I have a few racks for them.

  6. You absolutely should be proud of your 50k medal! That is amazing in my book.

    I mostly only keep the half medals — although since we positioned the new treadmill different, there isn’t a spot for them in that room anymore and they, too, are in a box at present.

  7. 168!!!! Now that’s a whole lot!! I can see why your 50K medals would be extra special. I used to hang my medals on my dressing table – and then they got too many so I only hang those from the year we are in and the rest are in a box. At this stage in my running, I couldn’t bear to give them away – but I’ll probably want to do so when I get to 168! LOL!

  8. You’ve got some beautiful medals. All of mine are in a box too. I need to find a space to “display” them. I just don’t know where I should do that as I don’t have a workout room

    • I know what you mean. I had thought about displaying them in my apartment but never got around to doing it. Now I am looking for a house and planning to move soon.

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