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I know running is something I do to help me get through the day.  I enjoy the time alone and the feeling afterwards.  I’ve been running since 2005 but it was 3 years ago that I realized how much running has been helping me get through some difficult times. 

In March 2019 my mother had a stroke.  I was sad, angry, and confused.  I worked while helping to take care of her.  There weren’t enough hours in the day and it left me exhausted.  I also ran 5 races that year.  It’s been three years and it is somewhat better.  I am still tired but now I blame it on work.  😀

Then came March 2020 and everything changed.  More than ever I appreciated running.  I am an introvert and staying home was delightful.  I don’t have a treadmill and running outside put me in a better mood.  I was not happy when I had to quarantine and could not go outside.  Luckily, it was just a couple of days.  

Running helped me cope with the stress of working from home.  Yes, I know I said I enjoyed staying at home, but working from home is a whole different thing.  While I liked not having to drive or dress up, the work itself was too much for me.  I spent many days crying and wanting to quit.  Many of you might remember how awful it was for me.

I look forward to my runs each morning.  I love the time alone.  I love listening to Matty during my Peloton runs.  He makes me laugh and smile.  During my runs I also think about the past, present, and future.

I hope to continue running for as long as I can.  Running helps me stay healthy which will help me continue to run.

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12 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Running and my mental health

  1. Running certainly does a body and mind good! It served us well during the pandemic, and continues to empower us 😉

  2. I always say that Vitamin N (as in nature) is as important as all the other vitamins!

    The treadmill is good tool when running outside is difficult, but most of our runs should be outside. Running through a forest, across fields, by the sea – so good for our mental health.

  3. Running certainly allows us to focus on something else and temporarily disconnect from the daily challenges. I love how the repetitive motion and just being outside calms the mind!

  4. Even though I run less, I don’t plan to stop running anytime soon. I definitely think it’s good for the body & mind!

    As tough as helping my mom out has been, I don’t think it’s anywhere near what you’ve done for your mom, because mine does have a full time aide. I can barely imagine how hard your family has worked to help your mom out!

    • My mom has someone with her during the day but in the evenings is when my sisters help out. Unfortunately she cannot be alone anymore and there are many things she cannot do herself anymore.

      • I totally get it. In the beginning there was a lot of back & forth about whether or not my mom needed full time help. My sister is always worried about money & didn’t think she did.

        It’s become really clear that she does, unfortunately.

  5. Running is essential to your mental health.

    When I was going through tough times, I started playing tennis. That helped too. and my tennis friends turned me to running. Very grateful.

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