Last week it felt like Summer.  It was over 90 degrees for a few days.  The AC was working at home but it didn’t work for about 2 days at school.  We were all miserable.  I got a cold (my first one over 2 years) and felt better on Sunday but then got a fever.  I took the day off on Monday to fully recover.  I did take 3 Covid tests and they were all negative. 

Haven’t been motivated to run but am hoping to run today.  Yep, that means no more run streak.  My last run was on Saturday.  I was planning to run on Sunday morning but didn’t feel well with the fever.  I was tempted to got out in the afternoon after a nap and run slowly but that didn’t happen.  Oh well.

I have 12 days left of school.  12!!!  I can hardly believe it.  While I am excited about it, I am freaking out because I have not started to pack up my classroom.  I was moved to another classroom across the hall and everything needs to be packed up by June 7th.

Anyway, let’s talk about Summer.  It isn’t my favorite season for running, but I don’t hate it.  Well, maybe on some days.

🌞 End of the school year – I thought last year was awful but this year was worse.  But, we all made the best of it.  I’ve enjoyed my kids and tried to offer a safe, fun and loving, learning environment for them.  I’d like to think they are enjoying having me as their teacher.  They’ve made me cry but also made me smile and laugh.  Yes, I will miss them.

🌞 Read more books – I have a long list thanks to Wendy’s reviews.  I am excited to sit out on the balcony with a glass of wine while I read.  

🌞 Train for my 50k – Ha, I know you will definitely hear me complain about it.  I haven’t signed up for it and several of you brought up good points about running it in Chicago.  I don’t have an exact date but it is usually in late October/early November.  

🌞 Run in shorts and short sleeve tops – Fall is my favorite season for running but Summer is great too because I don’t have to wear tights or long sleeve tops.  I hate wearing all of the layers during the Winter.  

🌞 Buy and house and move – I have to add it in here hoping that for sure it will happen.  Interest rates are going up and house prices are going up as well.  Every day I cringe when I look at the prices of the house I like.

What are you looking forward to this summer?  Any summer plans? 

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18 Comments on Fit Five Friday: 5 things I am looking forward to this Summer

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry you were sick. I’m glad you didn’t run though — your body was working hard to heal & really didn’t need you add more stress to it.

    I am working on our summer plans. Getting out for hikes is always on the list, but we’ll see what the weather gives us this Summer.

  2. Yes. I am.

    Wearing skirts.

    Group runs.


    More daylight.

    Boating on the lake.

    Trying out my new SUP.

    Two Mondays off a month. Yay.

    Hope you have a good summer.

  3. My biggest thing with the summer season is the extended daylight, and I plan to take full advantage! My early mornings are going to be full of runs, walks, bike rides and every sunrise I can find 😉

  4. 12 more days- that’s exciting! Even though I’ll still be working, summers are way easier for me because I don’t have the extra job of getting my daughter up, ready, and transported to school. So I’m looking forward to some extra time in the mornings, and like you I would like to read a lot of books. i’m looking forward to hearing about your 50k training!

  5. I’m so amazed that you were able to get this post up as I know you are so busy with end of year school activities!

    I also love Target, but it’s better for my wallet if I shop their website vs going into the store. I swear I will go in for 2 things and leave with 4 bags of items. How does that happen?? lol

    • It’s been a frustrating process. I keep telling myself that things happen for a reason but I am tired of waiting. I waited too long and now everything is very expensive. I don’t want to leave the city since many things are close by where I currently live.

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