Last month I wrote about how things were going so well with my student.  Not sure what happened but he is back to not behaving well.  Let’s just say he was out yesterday and is supposed to be back today.  I was planning to take a few days off next week but I thought about it and decided not to.  I want to spend the last couple of days with the rest of my students.  I am not going to let one student ruin that for me.  I was told that if he doesn’t want to do anything in the classroom, to send him to the office.  Seven more days!

It’s the last Friday of the month which means Marcia has opened the Runfessional!  It’s also time for another edition of Fit Five Friday hosted by DarleneRenéeJennMichelle, and me!  Let’s get started, shall we?!

I runfess…
Remember how I few months ago I told you that I didn’t know my car had a remote starter?  Well, a few weeks ago I found out about the anti-theft system for the radio.  🙄  Not sure how it was activated.  I followed the directions but could not enable the system.  I was getting frustrated.  Then something clicked in my head.  I used the power button for the radio.  I was pressing the wrong one!  I was using the one for the car.  🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️

I runfess…
That a few days ago I was in a group text with a few other teachers.  During the day I am fine with the messages going back and forth.  That night someone sent a text at 10 pm.  What?!?  I had my phone on vibrate but I still heard the sound.  Then others responded but I went to sleep.  I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and saw that there were over 30 messages with the last one at 11:30 pm.  Part of me wanted to respond at 5 am when I was up.  I couldn’t but I know I should have.  Would you?

I runfess…
That last week a few teachers were recognized because their students made advancements in an iReady (a math platform) diagnostics test.  They each received a certificate.  Everyone in my team got one except me.  I tried not to let it bother me but deep down inside it did.  The certificate didn’t bother me.  It was the fact that my students did not score high enough.  I kept wondering what did the other teachers did so that their students scored high.  I thought about what I could have done different.  I thought that maybe it is because my kids are bilingual and I teach math in English.  Who knows but then I was annoyed at myself for letting it bother me. 

single tear

I runfess…
That I got my assignment for Summer School and will be teaching 1st grade GE (English).  I was upset when I found out because I applied for a dual language (DL) position.  I emailed the Principal to remind him that I didn’t apply for a GE position.  He told me that there were no more DL positions.  Part of me doesn’t want to teach Summer School anymore, but a coworker reminded me that it is only 3 weeks.  I know I am letting my ego get in the way.

I runfess…
That I am beginning to dislike driving because of the drivers.  Many are just awful and impatient.  I’d like to think I am a good driver.  I see many drivers driving way past the limit on the streets, change lanes because the driver in front was “too slow”, and texting while driving.  Doing those things can cause an accident and we don’t need more to happen.

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18 Comments on Fit Five Friday and May 2022 Runfessions

  1. Oh, I could write several blogposts on drivers, LOL I get really frustrated with inconsiderate drivers. Just yesterday, I was on the bike path with a friend, and there’s a T-intersection where we need to cross the street. Well, a driver thought he was King of the Road…barely slowing down, and no turn signal. It’s a good thing we were stopped, and yielding before crossing. UGH!!!!!

  2. Sorry about the disappointments. Teaching is tough.

    Hope things improve as the school year ends.

    Congrats on the return to running.

  3. Oof- sounds like some tough times to wind down the school year. I’m pretty sure the math thing must have been because of the bilingual class, but still- i’m sure it didn’t feel good to be the only one not to get a certificate!
    The texting thing is an interesting question. I don’t have my phone in the bedroom at night so it wouldn’t bother me to have people text at any time- I’ll just see it in the morning. For that reason I also don’t hesitate to text people later at night (within reason of course) because I assume if they don’t want to be disturbed they’ll have their phones off. But maybe I’m wrong about this. I’ll be interested to see other comments on the subject.
    Seven more days! You’ll make it!

    • I should keep my phone out of the bedroom. I mainly keep it in case my sister calls because of my mom. I guess I can keep it out of the bedroom when my mom is home with me. 🙂 I’ve been meaning to find out how close I was to getting that certificate. If it was close then it might make me feel better.

  4. Oh, don’t get me started on the drivers since I just got back from a road trip! Most of it wasn’t even really crowded driving but that doesn’t stop people from doing crazy things (and myself once because the GPS was very unlclear).

    Why not just have some discussions with the other teachers? Maybe they have some tips? I’m sure that would bother me too.

    My phone is generally off by 9 pm. 🙂

  5. new cars definitely take a bit to figure out! Hope the rest of your school year goes ok thinking of you this week xoxo

  6. I can’t stand group texts and sometimes respond at 5:30 AM. Is that passive aggressive – LOL.

    Sorry for the disappointing news – hopefully the summer class will be fun after all.

  7. Sounds like a rough week. I guess it makes sense to reward teachers when students do well, but it also seems unfair when students may have different abilities/challenges. I’m sure you did your best with your students!

  8. Sorry for the disappointments at work. Teaching is tough and I hope things improve for you. I’ve gotten better about just getting out of the way of aggressive drivers. Ugh.

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