It’s the last Friday of the month which means Marcia has opened the Runfessional!  It’s also time for another edition of Fit Five Friday hosted by DarleneRenéeJennMichelle, and me!  Let’s get started, shall we?!

I runfess…
That I thought Runfessions was next week.  Early this week I bought a new wall calendar.  I buy the academic July-June calendar though I prefer August-July but that is not the point.  😉 All week I kept looking at it since it is right above my computer monitor.  I was even staring at the June 30th box because that is the last day of Summer School.  And even with that I still didn’t realize today is the last Friday of the month.  ¡Caramba!  Am I working too hard?  Or am I truly relaxing this Summer and it truly slipped my mind?  

I runfess…
I tried to schedule blood work for my mother for September but the earliest appointment I could get was at 9:30am.  Umm, why?  She is diabetic and also has to fast and 9:30 is way too late for her to go without eating.  Plus, she takes medicine.  I was told that the technicians cannot draw blood unless there is a doctor in the clinic.  I knew that already and in the past have been able to take her at 8am.  The receptionist did tell me which doctor (and the days) goes in at 7:30.  The plan is to walk in and get it done.  

I runfess…
That after YEARS of taking my mother for blood work, I didn’t follow the same procedure for me.  My mother has to fast, but on my past two visits to Quest Diagnostics, I did not fast.  🤦🏾‍♀️ 🤦🏾‍♀️ Now I know why my glucose levels were high!  At least with the last results my HbA1c is lower so I must be doing something right.  Below are the instructions I got.  Check out the part about eating or drinking.  Isn’t it confusing?  How did you interpret it?  Well I am not making the same mistake again!  I already scheduled my next appointment for 7am in September.

I runfess…
That I got asked not once but TWICE to attend a PLC Conference for school.  The locations are Seattle, Detroit, and Orlando.  I was asked to go to Detroit and Orlando and both times I said no.  I don’t like those types of conferences and all that mumbo jumbo stuff for school.  Just let me do my job.  Would I have learned something interesting?  Probably.  Next year I will be on the School Improvement Team and a PLC Facilitator for my team so I am sure it would be have beneficial.  But no thanks.  However, I did get a bit jealous when I saw pictures from those in Orlando.  Yes, it was work but also a chance to get away.  And that is why I should have gone!  🤣 But I would have missed two paid days of Summer School.  Would you have gone?

I runfess…
That during my run this morning I had two additional items to add to this post (I wrote the first 3 before heading out).  Now that I am showered and ready for work, I cannot remember.  I knew I should have stopped and typed them on my phone so I wouldn’t forget.  I use Google Keep to keep my notes, ideas in one place.  Oh well.  At least I was able to add this runfession to my post.  I hope you have a great weekend!

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23 Comments on Fit Five Friday and June 2022 Runfessions

  1. I think if you are attending a school conference, they should still pay you. I forget SO many runfessions, it’s crazy! I need to be better about writing them down!

    • I agree too but we are not administrators so what do we know? 🙂 That is what I say when they make stupid decisions that affect students and teachers. They need one day to be in the classroom to get a sense of how it is now.

  2. It is definitely key to fast before the glucose tests. Getting that A1c under control is super important. I have a genetic predisposition to that so I need to stay on top on mine. Yes, I would have gone to Orlando. It would be fun to be at Disney!

    • Now I know better. I was so careful about my mother but didn’t pay too much attention to me. I have a lot of family members that are diabetic so I also need to be on top of mine too.

  3. Ugh, those fasted blood draws! I haven’t had one in a while, but I remember them. But why are you supposed to avoid exercise 48 hours beforehand? I never did that… I wonder if I skewed any results.
    It’s too bad those conferences didn’t take place AFTER summer school is done. I don’t know if I would have gone and missed paid days of work- but a nice getaway afterwards sounds fun.

    • I also wondered about the exercise. So weird. The conference is Michigan is next month and that is after Summer School. Now I am glad I didn’t go because I wouldn’t have been paid for it. I have put in many hours of my own time and now refuse to do anything unless I get paid. It may sound harsh but schools do take advantage of us.

  4. I hope that forgetting is a sign that you are relaxing a bit this summer! You need the break!

    I often come up with blog ideas while running and like you if I don’t record them in my phone I never remember by the time I get home!

    • It helps to stop thinking about what you were trying to remember. But then when you do remember, you are in the middle of something else, and unless you write it down at that moment, you will forget again. Haha, life is funny!!!

  5. When I was teaching, I loved those big conferences. I learned a lot and met some great people. Unfortunately, I was not a runner. I would have loved to run in all the cities that I visited.

    I use my phone calendar for everything. I do have a wall calendar but it is not up to date.

    I try to write my posts ahead of time because I would never get them written at the last minute due to my work schedule.

  6. Oh gosh Zenaida, I would have gone to the conference, especially if you’re the PLC coordinator next year–you would have been so prepared for that. Maybe you already are. But I have to do so much continuing education so I guess I am used to it. I just did a 15 hour CME on telemedicine, just to boost my confidence. It was all on my own time, but I felt that it was important for my job.

    • I should have mentioned that at the time I was asked to attend, I didn’t know about my new role. In fact, it was my “old” Principal and Assistant Principal that asked me to go. I have been in those roles before so I think I am prepared. I also have to keep up my with my continuing education and am up to date. Next year I need to renew my teaching license and need 120 hours to do so.

  7. My short term memory definitely has its moments, LOL. I usually make lists (for groceries, errands, etc.), but I also try to test my memory by NOT writing things down. If I associate the items with other things, MOST of the time I’m successful. Of course, the obvious ones that I’d think to remember easily are the ones that get forgotten.

  8. If I don’t note things immediately, it’s gone & usually can’t be retrieved.

    I read the bloodwork as you have to be fasting. You can’t usually get my mom out earlier than 11 am — but the great thing about being on Hospice, they come to her! Yay!

    • That is interesting. I read it a few times and thought the opposite. Oh well, now I know. 🙂 That is awesome that someone goes to your mom for blood work. It takes longer to get my mom ready and to the clinic than the actual process.

  9. I didn’t realise at all it was runfessions. My sense of time is way off to be honest! And don’t get me started about remembering things!

    To be honest I’m not sure I would have gone to Orlando but that’s because Florida is not my cup of tea (no offence to the lovelies who live there). But since you had those feelings, maybe next time just go for it.

    I agree the bloodwork instructions are confusing. I always make the very first appointment because not being able to eat for too long doesn’t make me a happy person!

  10. I hope your mom got her bloodwork done smoothly and without incident.

    I hate conferences. I am so awkward and never feel like I belong. I do love when Mr PugRunner has conferences and I get to tag along. He can do his talking-to-strangers thing and I can explore.

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