It’s the last Friday of the month which means Marcia has opened the Runfessional!  It’s also time for another edition of Fit Five Friday hosted by DarleneRenéeJennMichelle, and me!  Let’s get started, shall we?

I runfess…
That I was never a fan of Strava.  I do not like to use another app for my run data.  I get all of my information from Garmin Connect.  The only reason I opened an account (again) is because of the challenges.  Not so much to hit a certain number of miles or to compete against others.  I joined simply to “win”.  So far I’ve scored great discounts on Picky Bars and Maurten gels. 

I runfess…
I am going to wait till August 31st to sign up for my 50k.  It is $60.  I remember years ago paying $40 or $45.  Then the price goes up to $70 until 9/30 and then $80 until 10/27.  So far training has been going well.  I am not writing a weekly recap but instead have been posting on Instagram stories.  Would you rather pay more later with a higher guarantee that you’ll do the race or pay now and risk losing the money if for whatever reason you end up not running the race?  

I runfess…
That speaking of Instagram, I am getting really tired of all of the Reels.  One here and there is OK but there are just so many.  I want to delete the app from my phone but not everyone is posting Reels and I do like looking at people’s pictures.  Oh, and all of the Little Miss memes are getting on my nerves.  Maybe I should take a break from social media.  🤣 🤣

I runfess…
That I have unfollowed a lot of people on Instagram.  No worry blogger friends, I am still following all of you.  😀 I think it was last year that I began following a lot of educators simply to enter a giveaway for TpT.  I didn’t win.  And many of those teachers are posting more Reels.  ¡Adios!

I runfess…
That I am so tired of the catcalls.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, and other have talked about it as well, but what is wrong with these men?  It’s like they do not have a wife, sister, mother, etc., and they simply do not care.  But I am sure they would if someone did the same to them!

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24 Comments on Fit Five Friday and July 2022 Runfessions

  1. I think I’d rather pay more later knowing I’m guaranteed to do it, then pay early and not. When I pay for something I don’t do it always leaves me with a weird “why did I waste money” kind of feeling. I’m not a fan of strava – I had to sign up to it for some challenges and then in between the challenges I deactivate it.

    The catcalls… eye roll

    • I usually like to pay early because it is cheaper. For this race the difference is $10 and $20. Right now the only thing that will prevent me from doing this race is an injury. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen but you never know.

  2. I unfollowed a lot of people on IG. I kinda ignore the reels.

    I register right away because it’s a motivator and I don’t want to pay extra money. But I don’t run 50ks.

    I think you’ll do fine.

  3. I usually wait to sign up for races. With all the issues I’ve been having lately, I can’t say with confidence that I’ll be able to run a race that’s still many months away. I think your strategy is good- give it a little more time but get that application in before the next price increase. I’m glad your training is going well! I’m excited for you.

  4. for me, signing up for the race is great motivation to train for it so I usually sign up as soon as possible. I like having a countdown on my schedule. I do like strava as it keeps all of my run and Peloton workouts in one place. I don’t pay much attention to what others are doing on there but more use it as a record for myself

  5. I don’t know if it is true, but someone I follow on IG said to “like” the still images, and less of the reel, and then your feed should become more still images….I just started doing that a few days ago. But I am with you – I do not like the reels (but then that’s were I get frustrated…..I want to “like”/ support things for folks I follow, but sometimes it is nothing but reels).

    For races – I always register early for the low price. Almost nothing will keep me from participating. I have walked a few half marathons b/c I wanted the medal and I registered for a super-low price. I feel like, the lower I pay then the more races I can do.

  6. Thankfully where I run I don’t get catcalls. Hey, at least they’re not hurling insults at you!

    You know me — I wait to the last minute to sign up for most things. Never know what I’m going to get to, or if the weather’s going to be a disaster. You’ve got to do what’s in your comfort zone, though.

  7. I figured out how to see the people I want to see again on the ‘gram. I made a bunch of reels recently, because no one was seeing my grid posts. I’ll do them anyway as I like them to record memories.

    I only use Strava for challenges, too!

    • Are you referring to the Favorites list? I think it is a great option but you need to click on it each time you open Instagram. But at least it is something.

  8. I’m with you on the IG reels and the Little Miss overkill. To each his own, though. I don’t watch very many of the reels from start to finish…I just hit the “like” button and leave a comment…sorry, but I just don’t have the time to watch videos all day, LOL

  9. I register early for races and making that commitment holds my feet to the fire. I’ve added and deleted Strava twice. I don’t like it or need it either. The Reels bug the crap out of me, however I’ve learned that that’s how IG plays now so I do them. I was invited to monetize them and I am making $$$.

  10. I’ve started unfollowing a lot of people on IG as well. So many people that i’ve followed for giveaways! I was on a roll yesterday and then IG wouldn’t let me unfollow more. Sheesh

  11. generally speaking, if I pay (either more or less) for any event them I’m on board to do it. That’s not to say that I’ve not wasted money. I could not run the Half in April in Berlin, that was like EUR 75 lost. I had to defer chicago in 2019 because of the hernia and then paid for my place again to secure 2020 so… $500 right there (not a typo, it’s $250 for international applicants). You can imagine that is why I HAVE to go this year, whether I crawl or run.

    I’m with you. I’m sick of the the reels, I hate cat calls and I’ll go one further and say I hate when men stop me to comment or ask me a question WHILE I’m running. Piss off. For real.

    I unfollowed a ton. of people on IG about a year ago. a wonderful feeling!

    • Why is it so expensive for international applicants? It should be cheaper since they have to incur more costs to come here. Yes, do not stop me to ask me a question!!

  12. Catcalls are the worst. There is a house I pass on my runs and walks that catcalls when you activate the motion sensor. It is NOT my favorite.

    I don’t mind Reels. Most of mine are of animals and I am always good to watch animal videos.

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