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Thanks to my Race in the 50 States +1 running goal, I’ve run in 43 states.  I need 8 more to complete it.  Before I was a teacher, I worked at the American Bar Association.  Through this job I also traveled to various states for our Spring and Annual Meetings.  The traveling aspect was fun but the work itself was not.  I was ready for something different and more challenging and so I went back to school to become a teacher.  My job now is different and definitely challenging.

So, let me tell you where I’ve been.  Ready?

S is for San Antonio
I’ve been there a few times because my sister lives there.  Once I went there during the Summer and OMG it was awful.  Never again.  Also, during one of my trips my sisters and I were on a mission to find Sandra Cisneros’ house.  We found it!  I’ve also been to St. Petersburg (Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Petersburg Half Marathon), San Diego (Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon), St. Louis (Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis Half Marathon), and Seattle (Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon).

T is for Tulsa
I went there to run the Route 66 Half Marathon.  It was a beautiful but hilly course.

U is for Urbana
I thought it would be a tough one but it wasn’t.  It seems that I ran there while running the relay portion of the Illinois Marathon and when I ran the half marathon.  At least I think I did.  Originally I had trained for the marathon but things didn’t go as planned and I ended up running the half.  Reading again the race recap brought back memories of training during the Winter since the race was at the end of April.  Almost all of my runs were done outside.  I was unstoppable.  I ran in the snow and in freezing weather.

V is for Virginia Beach
I went there for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon.  It was a flat course but that day was very humid.  Check out my Nike watch, armband for my iPod, and earphones with cords.  Very different with how I run now.

W is for Washington, DC
It is one of my favorite cities.  I’ve been there plenty of times and love it there.  A few years ago I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Nation’s Capital Half Marathon.  I remember we had good weather but will never forget that monstrous hill around mile 6.

X is for Xcaret
This was a tough one.  But it still counts, right?  I’ve also been to Xochimilco (Floating Gardens) in Mexico.  No pictures but I swear I was there in 1988.  I remember because it was after my nephew was born.

Y is for Yauco
Puerto Rico!  Don’t ask me what year it was because I honestly do not remember.  But I remember it was before 2009 because I was still working at the ABA.  

Z is for ?
Another tough one.  I know there is Zion, Illinois but don’t think I’ve been there.

These posts were so much fun to write!  It was great to look at pictures and read posts that I wrote years ago.  I may not have traveled much these past 2 years but overall have I done quite a bit of traveling.


Topic for next week – Share your favorite running item(s) you’ve tried this year.  Feel free to write about this or any running related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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12 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Traveling the Alphabet – Part 3

  1. Yay for nailing the X and Y! Now you will have to come to Zurich to get the Z!
    You’ve been to some fabulous places.

    What was it about San Antonio that was so bad? The summer heat or something else?

  2. You did great covering the letters.

    DC is in my list. As are many places. But travel is expensive. Sigh.

  3. I also gave a nod to Route 66, but I ran the full. I did contemplate quitting at the half marathon finish line, though! I also love Washington DC, though I haven’t run there many times when I’ve visited.

  4. We have a lot of the same cities/races for S-Z! I still haven’t been to Tulsa but would love to do the Route 66 race. have heard it’s really cool!

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