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Fall.  My favorite season.  I love the color of the leaves.  And I love the cooler weather.  I can be in shorts, jeans, etc., and a jacket and be comfortable.  However, Fall means Winter is around the corner and that I do dislike.  Oh well.  I will enjoy it as long as I can.

I was looking at my Spring bucket list and realized that I will include some of those items on this list.  Nothing wrong with it, right?

🍁 Leave work stuff at work and leave at 3pm.  Back to school is a lot of work and exhausting.  I need to find a balance between work and my personal life.  I start work at 8:30am but usually get there between 7-7:30am so there is really no need for me to stay late.  Many times I do too much – more than I should and then I resent it.

🍁 Continue to use the Peloton bike.  I am not training for a race but running here and there so I might as well use the bike.  Still working on taking all of Camila’s classes.  She has 206 classes and I’ve taken 91 leaving me with 115 more to go.  I am leaving the 45 minute classes till the end.  Those intimidate me.

🍁 Read more books.  With the extra time that I will have from not staying late at work nor working at home, I can do this.  I’ve been going through Wendy’s books from her reviews and am almost finished with the books she reviewed last August.  I am really amazed at the amount of books she reads on a monthly basis.  As much as I love reading, unfortunately I haven’t made time for it.  Pleased to say that I’ve read 7 books this year.  Currently I am reading “Landslide” and have already put on hold 3 more books.

🍁 Have fun! I plan to do more things with family and friends.  Yes, that involves food and laughing!  

🍁 Of course a 🏠And that is all I will say about it.  😀

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12 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My Fall bucket list

  1. Reducing your work stress by drawing a strict line is a great idea, Zenaida!
    After getting some good rest from work, you will come back with a lot more energy for the next day.
    I also plan to read more books!

  2. I like your goals.

    Especially leaving your job at the office.

    But I hate the darkness. I do love summer.

    Hope you have a great Fall.

  3. These are good goals! Sounds like you have a nice fall ahead of you. Yes- Wendy reads a LOT of books and they all sound so good. It always makes me happier when I find time for reading.
    I hope you’re successful adjusting your work/life balance. Life is too short not to enjoy your leisure time- but easier said than done, I know.

  4. Definitely make time for yourself after work! You put a lot of work into your job so you deserve to head home at a reasonable hour! I LOVE Camila and I’m bummed that her live teaching schedule changed as I used to take her Monday morning classes live. I catch up as much as I can with her classes on demand.

    • I rarely take any of Camila’s live classes so I had no idea that her schedule changed. I am glad the classes are available on demand for those that cannot take the live classes.

  5. I must have missed a post-thought you were training for a 50K in Chicago? I do hope you can leave work stuff at work but I am sure that is no easy task

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