I know it isn’t our coffee date today but I missed it last Friday so I thought I would do it today.  It will be short and sweet.

☕ Over coffee I’d tell you that today is my mom’s birthday.  She is 79 years old.  My oldest sister flew in from Mexico yesterday.  The plan was to make mole today (one of my mom’s favorite) but we ended up making it yesterday.  From start to finish it took us almost 3 hours to make it.  Mole tastes better the day after so I am sure today it will be even more delicious today.

☕ Over coffee I’d tell you that last week I went to the doctor.  I told her about how tired these past couple of months.  She ordered bloodwork to check ferritin, hemoglobin along with a a complete blood work.  The results are normal.  Ferritin is at 17 and higher than it was in June (it was 10) and iron is at 67.  She thinks my fatigue is due to lack of sleep and wants me to track/monitor it.  I do not agree with it.  I’ve had the same doctor for about 15 years but a part of me thinks I should go to someone else.  Thoughts?

Over coffee I’d tell you that taking a day off is nice.  More days is even better.  However, the amount of planning it takes sometimes isn’t worth it (but I know many times it is necessary just in case).  It took me a couple of hours to do a sub tub (5 days worth of emergency plans).  I was off yesterday to pick up my sister from the airport and to take my mom twice to the doctor and it took me about 2 hours to do my plans for just one day.  Now I need another day off!

☕ Over coffee I’d tell you that I know I have mentioned that I like running in the dark.  I like the solitude and feeling like I am in my own world.  However, these past few days I have been afraid to run in the dark.  It isn’t complete dark since I run along a major street until it is light outside, but it still scares me.  

☕ Over coffee I’d tell you that I have not read linkups nor comments from Tuesday’s post.  I try to read and respond no later than Wednesday, but this week it was one thing after another.  And I hate that my classroom is still not finished.  I still have boxes full of books and random things here and there.  I jokingly told the custodian that it will be ready by the time I will have to move back to my old building.  We still do not know if it will be teared down or remodeled but either way it will be about 3-5 years before it will be ready again.

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14 Comments on Fit Five Friday: Belated Coffee Date

  1. Happy birthday to your mom.

    Days off are the best. You deserve them.

    I know my tiredness is due to lack of sleep. Sigh.

    I hate the dark mornings. I won’t run when it’s dark. I also prefer not to run alone. It’s hard to always find company.

    Hope your school year gets better.

  2. Yes, it sucks so much that, once again, we’re reminded that we’re not safe. 🙁
    On a lighter note, Happy Birthday to your mom!!! I also love mole, and yours must be really authentic. I’ve made it but it doesn’t take me three hours!
    Has your doctor checked your thyroid? If you feel like something is off that your doctor’s not catching, I would definitely pursue it. In the meantime, getting more sleep would probably be a great plan.

    • The mole was actually really good. My mother likes to add other things to the mixture (green tomatoes, pineapple, sesame seeds, bread, etc). Yes, to getting more sleep. I am going to work on that and hopefully will feel better.

  3. On your doc, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to get a second opinion, especially if you feel like there might be something more going on.

    I had a health issue a few years ago. My doc ran tests, found nothing, and recommended a specialist to get a 2nd opinion. The specialist found something and all is good now. But, I appreciate that my doc suggested getting a 2nd opinion…..I don’t know everything in my field and I consult coworkers (and I don’t think there is anything wrong with a doc admitting they don’t know it all)…..so, in a round-about-way, I think it’s not a bad idea.

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom! How fun that your sister visited from Mexico. My mom turns 82 this week. Sorry you are feeling so much fatigue. Honestly when you get around that 50ish perimenopausal time, fatigue is pretty normal and in my experience, doctors are no help at all. Try to eat well, manage your sleep and stress and watch that vitamin D level. It is a frustrating time. Hugs!

  5. Happy birthday to your mom! I usually have to wait for the weekend to comment on linkups. It’s frustrating but what can you do.

    I love running in the dark, too. It will be getting back to that soon.

  6. Happy birthday to your mom! I wish I could make a good mole!!

    Sorry you are feeling so tired. I really understand this. Do you sleep well or do you feel like sleep is not good either. I find it hard to “turn off” my brain at night. Sometimes I’m so tired I think I’ll sleep like a kitten, yet as soon as my head hits the pillow the opposite happens. Also because of menopause I often go to bed cold, so layers of pyjamas, but then wake up later sweating. Ugh. Maybe you could track it for a bit? Ultimately go with your feeling. If it IS meno related I sadly agree with Marcia – doctors have been fairly useless in my case anyway.

    The problem with days off in the US is that work-life balance is generally not really balanced. So you end up doing “stuff” on your day off even though, it should be more of a relaxing day. But changing that is hard.

    I used to love running in the dark. But since we keep getting abducted and murdered I like it less and less. And the less confident we feel, the more vulnerable we are. I hate it.

    Now that it’s less than a month away I sure hope we can meet while I’m in Chicago. Crazy that we leave 3 weeks from tomorrow!!! eek!!

    • I might be in denial but it could be menopause related. Man, women go through so much. No fair! I want to track my sleep and was thinking of doing it with my Garmin watch but I keep forgetting to wear it. I am hoping we meet up in Chicago!!!

  7. That is a lot of work to prepare for some time off! I hope you get a chance to relax and feel all caught up soon. I do go through periods of feeling like that very often. But the funny part is that when something does get done, or someone takes the task off my plate, then I get all confused and not even sure what to do with my free time!! What a goofball I am.

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