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These past few weeks went by too fast.  It was busy with work and family activities.  My oldest sister was in town for my mother’s birthday and she stayed with me so that was fun.  No, I am not being sarcastic.  I hadn’t see her in about a year and it is always nice to see her.  I know my mom was happy too.

Let me update you a bit with some life updates.

🔷 I have not been running.  My last run was on Sunday morning.  Prior to that my last run was on 9/18.  Getting up to run doesn’t sound too exciting right now.  I know I need to snap out of this funk and get moving.  I also know a race goal will get me excited.  However, Winter will be here soon and, well, you know how I feel about Winter running.

🔷 Last week was very hectic.  I had a meeting on Monday, Open House on Tuesday, and half day on Wednesday (but with meetings until 4pm).  For Open House only 3 parents showed up for my sessions and then 3 more at 7:30.  I was done with my sessions but was there to talk and answer questions.  Was I disappointed with the numbers?  Yep.  The meeting on Wednesday put me in a bad mood.  As a dual language teacher I feel like we are always doing more work than GE teachers.  I am already overwhelmed with the new things that are being implemented for Reading (one would be teaching foundational skills in English and in Spanish) but now I need to do bridging in Math.  What exactly is it?  “The Bridge is the instructional moment in teaching dual language when teachers bring the two languages together, guiding students to engage in contrastive analysis of the two languages and transfer the academic content they have learned in one language to the other language.”  

🔷 These hot flashes are a pain in the you know what.  It is weird how I can go months without them and then boom they show up.  This year I’ve experienced them within the last 2 months.  

🔷 My doctor prescribed a sleeping pill.  She thought the reason I was tired was because I wasn’t sleeping enough.  I go to bed between 9-930pm.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.  Most nights I’ve been able to go back to sleep but sometimes I stay away for about an hour before sleeping again.

🔷 I reactivated my Fitbit account.  The main reason is to track my sleep.  I don’t care too much about the number of steps I take during the day.  Well, I am curious.  Yesterday I walked over 8,000 steps, but I don’t think I will wear my watch everyday.  

🔷 My classroom is almost done.  I just need to finish my English classroom library (Spanish is done but it took me about 5 months to finish it) and organize my supply closet.  I am getting evaluated/observed this year and the main things are done.  No one will see the closet and the bins already have books in them. 😀

🔷 I haven’t been reading like I would like to.  Right now I am reading “Landslide”.  However, my favorite Chicago and NY shows are back on TV.  Thanks to a great offer from Peacock I can watch the shows after they’re shown on TV.  I am a T-Mobile customer and got a free 1-year subscription to Paramount+ Premium and can watch many CBS shows there.  Anyone remember “Bull”?  My sister and I were fans but then I stopped watching it.  I also like “NCIS” and stopped watching it about 2 years ago.  

Any recommendations to track sleep?  Honestly, I really do not want to wear the Fitbit watch.

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16 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Life Updates

  1. So nice that your older sister could visit you! I bet your mum was thrilled.

    That Bridge concept sounds very theoretical. I was sent to a Swiss school as an 8-year old knowing not a word of German. I had to do that “contrastive analysis” all on my own. It happens naturally when you’re thrown into a situation as a kid.

    Have you found a race goal?

  2. I feel for you on the sleep. I am a horrible sleep. I used to wear a Fitbit and track it. But it got depressing. The stress of lack of sleep made me sleep worse. Lol.

    I do agree that racing makes you get out and run. Also finding someone to meet and run with. I think you will get your mojo back. Maybe start another streak?

    Teaching is hard. But it is rewarding. You impact a lot if young lives.

  3. Kudos to you for your dedication to your students and to your profession. I’m overwhelmed just reading about all the demands placed on you. I hope this school year goes well and your students’ parents show you more support.

  4. This time of year is always really busy! With a daughter in school and my husband being a teacher, I’m well aware of all the extra events going on at school. It’s good you’re sleeping better! That’s something I also struggle with. I don’t track my sleep- I’m afraid I’ll find out it’s even worse than I’m thinking. Sigh!

  5. I think it makes total sense that you would feel the need to cut back on running right now, especially as the new school year starts. That’s such a busy and hectic time!

  6. I’m so sorry you’re suffering with menopause. My doctor described our ovaries during menopause as “sputtering” and that’s why we sometimes feel normal and sometimes have the typical symptoms like hot flashes. Also, poor sleep is a very common side effect of menopause. I suffered with it terribly until I went on HRT.

  7. Not sleeping well is the worst! Hope you can figure out what is causing it. Maybe trying some of those Peloton sleep meditations will help?

  8. I too have lost my running mojo – not sure what it is to be honest as I can’t quite pinpoint it – but I know I need to just get going as I’m not at my best when I’m not running.

    Is there a way to make the Open House compulsory? I think it’s such an important thing to have so I can imagine your disappointment at such a poor turnout…

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