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I cannot believe October is almost over and we have 2 months left this year.  And what a year it has been so far!

So let me tell you about how this month is going.

Mileage:  I am currently at 28.85 miles.  It isn’t my lowest.  It is February with 1.49 miles.  This past weekend was gorgeous with weather in the 70s.  Very unusual for October.  But this week it will get cooler with Fall weather.

Current Book:  I began reading “Landslide” then put it down to catch up on a few TV shows.  Then I requested from the library in audio version “A Place for Women” so I could listen to it on my way to work and home.  I couldn’t focus.  There were some parts I did listen and enjoyed but then got lost when I wasn’t paying attention.  I decided to request the book instead and am waiting for it.  How do people listen to audiobooks all of the time?

Current Shoes:  Still running in the Brooks Ghost.  So far I’ve run in them 230 miles.

2022 Running Goal:  My goal this year was to run 1,200 miles.  To date I’ve run 464 miles.  I am OK with not making this goal.  At least I am out there running whenever I can and want.  It will be interesting to see how many miles I end up doing this year.  I will keep you posted!

Injuries: I am still dealing with plantar fasciitis and hip pain.  My chiropractor said the hip pain could be from a tight hip.  He told me to stretch more.  I am trying.  It hurts to even do that.  My runs have been either 20 or 30 minutes but maybe I should stop running for a few days to get better.  And how could I still be dealing with injuries if I am barely running?

Blog: I had a folder on my computer desktop with ALL of my blog pictures.  I was organizing the desktop (I do not like it when it is cluttered) and I must have deleted it by mistake.  I searched for it but it was gone.  Then I remembered that I may not have all of my photos in a folder but they’re still on the blog.

I am not blogging much these days but am interested in 30-day blogging challenge in November.  Next month is National Blog Posting Month.  Can I do it?  I think that if I sit down and plan then I could come up with blog posts for each day in November.  Read more about it HEREClick here for best practices and here for writing prompts put together by our very own San who blogs at The in between is mineWhat makes me think that I can do this is when she says “Also, remember that not every blog post has to be a deep, long, elaborate piece of writing. Sometimes sharing a picture or some random thoughts is all it takes to engage your readers!”  Sounds manageable?

School:  As usual it is hectic and nerve wrecking.  As much as I tell myself that I need to focus on myself and not work so much, it just isn’t happening.  I am doing too much and there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all.  It is very frustrating when there is a lot of work to be done to help our students in reading, writing, and math.  Surely it shouldn’t have to fall on all of us to help them with this.  What about the parents?

Health:  I have my days when I sleep OK and other when I do not sleep OK.  I don’t wear my Fitbit anymore and instead wear my Garmin.  The data shows that I sleep usually around 6-8 hours each night.  I don’t feel as tired as I used to but sometimes do take a nap on the weekends.  

Thanks for listening!  This is more like a coffee date than a monthly review.  😀 😀

Topic for next week – Tips for Finding a Running Group.  Feel free to write about this or any running related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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19 Comments on Tuesday Topics: October 2022 Review

  1. Sorry about the plantar fasciitis and hip pain! Sounds like a bit of stretching and a complete rest from running could do the trick.
    I was thinking that you might reach 500 miles this year – only 36 miles to go.
    Looking forward to your 30 day blogging challenge in November!

  2. I do enjoy blogging but 30 days in a row? Not sure I can.

    I am running consistently so I should reach my 1000 mile goal.

    We deal with different stuff. Being a teacher is so stressful. I’m sure that affects your sleep and running.

    Hope your aches and pains go away and you can finish the year strong.

    • I am going to try it out and see how I do. I’ve never done this so it should be interesting. I would like to end the year (the beginning of my 50s) with you aches and pains. 😀😀

  3. You have a lot going on with school.

    I don’t think I’d be able to focus on listening to books on tape while driving because I’d be like, “Look, there goes a squirrel running across the street!” and completely forget to listen as I started daydreaming…

  4. Yes, yes! I hope you do NaBloPoMo. Last year I pretty much jumped in at the last minute without a lot of prep, and it was so much fun! You can definitely do it and I think you’ll really enjoy it. I’m excited that it’s almost here.
    Sorry to hear about the PF and hip pain. I’ve had PF for over 2 and 1/2 years and it actually gets WORSE when I don’t run. i also have hip pain on and off (which I usually ignore.) i hope you can get these things resolved- it’s frustrating, I know.

  5. My other friends who are teachers have shared the same sentiment. A lot of them are barely hanging on right now and they’ve told me that this is the hardest part of their school year. I think the fact that you’re working on sleeping a bit more and just getting in some runs when you can is all you can do!

  6. For the hip, try yoga, if you haven’t already. I was having IT band/ hip issues and as long as I do a yoga practice a few times a week, it seems to stay not-irritated. I do videos with Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. If you subscribe to her newsletter, she sends a monthly calendar with linked videos….they are usually 30 minutes are less.

  7. sorry to read that you are having hip and PF pain. So many of us are dealing with nagging injuries right now. Me included. Stretching and strength training do help. Does it bother you when you go on your Peloton?

  8. Hooray, I am so excited that you’re joining NaBloPoMo this year, Zenaida. We’re going to have so much fun. (And don’t put too much pressure on yourself – it’s just an exercise is writing more and connecting with new people. I know you can do it because you’ve been keeping this blog for such a long time, even if you haven’t blogged daily…).

    I hope your plantar fasciitis and the hip pain gets better… I hate being sidelined by nagging injuries like that.

  9. I love those Brooks sneakers – they always have the best designs!
    I am also not blogging much these days – just Tuesday Topics and the Weekly Run Down. I hope I get inspired to blog more soon.

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