I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2022

Happy Friday!  Friday is my favorite day of the week.  I feel like this week dragged but also that it went by fast.  I have plans on Saturday and Sunday and I am excited about it.  I have parent/teacher conferences on Monday and I am off on Tuesday.  Excited about that!

Let me share with you 5 of those pictures from this week.

📷 Noxgear Tracer Lamp – OK, I realize this will be more than one picture but I wanted you to see how bright this lamp is.  Left is high, middle is low, and right is no light.

📷 Elote – It was a beautiful day on Tuesday.  Actually it’s been very nice this week.  I dropped off my car at the car shop because it was time for an oil change.  The shop is one block from where I live so I walked home and stopped to get an elote. 

📷 Christmas music – I like listening to it but it is too early for it right now.  

📷 Nitro Brew Coffee – I had a huge headache yesterday and felt much better after I drank this coffee.  I like it.  A little strong for me but flavored creamer helped.

📷 Chicago Marathon 20 Miler run – This picture showed up in my Facebook Memories.  This is from either 2006 or 2007.  I remember that day.  Check out the iPod.  

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26 Comments on 4. Five pictures from this week!

  1. Wow, that Noxgear is great. I mostly just use my headlamp but the vest probable would be less annoying.

    Is that a Brooks-branded drink? I’ve never seen it, but it looks intriguing.

  2. I have noxgear too but still don’t run in the dark.

    Yup too early for Christmas music.

    Coffee. Strong coffee always makes my headaches disappear.

    Thanks for sharing your week.

  3. Happy weekend Z! Hope it’s a fun and relaxing one. Can’t believe it’s already time for conferences. Hope they go well and you get a good turn out.

  4. I have many “memories” of pics with the iPod (though mine was a Shuffle, so it was a little less obvious, LOL).

  5. I have no use for body/headlights (I refuse to run in the dark), but otherwise I’d totally consider the Noxgear Lamp. Wow, it’s so bright!

    What a cool picture to pop up in your timeline 🙂

  6. I also didn’t know what “elote” was so I looked it up- grilled corn on the cob? Your photo does look more like ice cream.
    I have to admit I’ve been trying to find a 24/7 Christmas music station here with no luck, hurumph! I know, I know… it’s too early.

  7. Ahhh, the good ole days of running with an iPod! I had a shuffle so I could clip it on my shirt and that was really convenient!

    I can’t believe how early they’re starting Christmas music! I remember when it used to be the day after Thanksgiving and it gets earlier and earlier every year. Eeks!

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