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On Saturdays I do laundry and then take it easy and relax the rest of the day.  I rarely have or make plans on a Saturday and that is OK with me.  A friend invited me to a joint birthday celebration for her stepsons.  The kids could play video games and the adults could eat and drink too (kids eat too).  It felt good to hang out with friends. 

I had a beer flight.  Each glass was about 6 ounces and they were all good.  I don’t drink a lot of beer because it fills me up quickly but do enjoy it once in a while.  I prefer wine or a martini.

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  1. Saturday is my laundry errand day. Of course a long run.

    Sounds like a fun evening.

    I prefer win over beer too. In fact I also usually meet a friend for wine out Saturday or Sunday night.

  2. I’m considering moving laundry to Saturdays. Typically we do it on Sundays, but Sunday is already a bit stressful because work is coming the next day, so maybe we should move it so we can enjoy Sunday more.

  3. Interesting. I dont have a specific day set for laundry. But Id prefer to get it out of the way during the week if possible. I prefer beer to wine but I hardly drink alcohol as it often triggers a migraine.

  4. I do laundry most days because we have running gear that gets smelly if you don’t wash it quickly, although I’ve found that if I can’t wash it immediately, soaking it in a dilute solution of white vinegar fixes that. Even so I would always try to wash each day I have a full load because I generally hang it on the line if I can and there’s only so much room out there.

    I’m with you on the beer, although I would go for a beer flight as I find they are usually pretty interesting in flavour.

  5. Oh, that beer flight looks good! i love beer but don’t drink it too much. I decided to have an IPA with my nachos yesterday and it was so delicious… but then left me feeling groggy.

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