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It felt good to be off yesterday.  I had parent/teacher conferences on Monday till 7pm.  Somehow I woke up with a headache on Tuesday morning.  That rarely happens so not sure why that happened.  I got up, ate breakfast, and did some things around the house.  Then I went to vote and then met the inspector for the house inspection.

Let me say that I am having second thoughts about the house.  I received the report and and feeling very overwhelmed by it.  The house needs more work than I was expecting.  Of the 61 items that were inspected, 21 are safety hazards ranging from plumbing, to electrical, to moisture damage due to water seepage from the yard.  Part of me says to go for it and hire a contractor to fix the items and another part of me says to forget about it and keep looking.

I knew it was too good to be true.  Didn’t I say that yesterday?  

Time to think about and make a decision.

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  1. Bad news. Sorry.

    Tough decision. If you love house it will be worth it to fix things. You’ve been looking a long time.

    OTOH there could be a better house in your future.

    Keep us posted.

  2. Exactly what Darlene said…every house comes with issues and you can try to negotiate with the sellers for them to do the repairs. AND even though it took so long to find this one, there will always be another house. Go with your heart!

  3. Uh oh. We had the same thing happen when we bought this house. There was a LOT that needed to be fixed, and some of it was major like electrical. Can you use this information to get the price down at all? I will say we went ahead and bought this house and are happy here (but had to put some work into it.)

  4. Is there any negotiating on the price based on what the inspector said? Home buying is so stressful and I hope it works out for you!

  5. Noooo…ugh. I’m so, so sorry. House-buying can be such a long, hard, and complicated process. I really hope something happens that makes the way forward clear <3

  6. You can always ask the seller to make the repairs (especially the more important ones)? Or ask for a reduction in price and you could later make the repairs? Can you talk to someone outside of the buying process to get their feel for what the market might do in coming months? I know certain houses in my area are dropping their prices and it is expected that they will continue to do so in the coming months….so maybe there is something better yet to come.

    • Well, the price was already low and the seller was selling it “as is”. I have heard that prices will continue to drop so I am hoping I find a better soon in the future.

  7. I remember from that one time when we bought a house that the inspection was overwhelming, but was also told: this happens with pretty much EVERY house, unless you buy a completely newly built one. So, look at what’s IMPERATIVE to fix and see what it would cost. You can also negotiate that the current owner fix some of it or lower the price.

  8. every house comes with issues. If you really love it, I hope you find a way to make it work. Let us know how it goes

  9. That is a tough decision to make.
    Not to sway you in any way, but my sister had a similar issue a couple of years ago. The house she wanted had so many issues – it was an older house, but something about it “spoke to her” for lack of a better word. And she has since managed to renovate it accordingly. Of course, that came with some stress but good news is she is very happy with the decision.

    But do what feels right and comfortable for you.

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