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I can’t get over how warm it’s been in Chicago.  I am not complaining.  I LOVE it!  I also like that it is light at 6:30am but do not like that it is dark at 5pm.

I love running in shorts and did that yesterday. 

I wish I could say that I’ve been running during this warm weather, but I have not.  I know.  I need to do better about making time in the morning for me to get out and run.  

It will drop to 30 degrees next week and am not liking that at all.  I guess it was bound to happen since it is November.

Yesterday I had a new student in my room.  He is a sweet kid.  I cannot find the right word to describe it but a new student is challenging.  I have to go over the rules, expectation, etc for him.  I have to explain everything again for him.  I already have a routine with my students and now feel like I am taking two steps back.  But, that is the job.  I want him to feel welcomed in my class.  I want him to feel safe.  I want him to succeed.  And that is what I am going to do.

8 Comments on 10. Loving this warm weather and a new student

  1. Aw… I’ll bet you’re a great teacher. Your students are lucky!
    My sister has actually been complaining about the warm weather there! She’s ready for it to feel more seasonal- I guess she’s getting her wish.

  2. I can imagine how challenging that is as a teacher – and so daunting for the student and their reaction can really impact how you navigate the integration process.
    Hope it goes smoothly.
    My kids have been sick all week…and I just haven’t made it out for a run in over a week now. Yesterday was PERFECT – warm, no wind – but I was home solo with the kiddos and one was sick so, alas, I just looked longingly out the window. I could do a treadmill run, but wow I hate them. So I didn’t. Sigh…Next week, maybe? But it’s supposed to get very cold here, too.

  3. Oh wow, that’s crazy that you could still run in shorts in Chicago… I always imagine Chicago so much colder. It’s getting colder here in CA and Ive definitely gotten out the long tights.

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