Today is my first day of Winter Break.  And it is cold outside.  I go back on the 9th and am happy with the extra day we get for our break.

This week was full of fun activities with the students.  Last week they took 4 MAP tests (state required) so the fun stuff was well deserved.

I am very excited about about my time off.  Let me tell you what I am looking forward to during that time which is very similar to what I wrote last year.

☃️ Not be out running in the dark.  I need to start training for my half marathon in March.  I know I will wake up early anyway, but I will not be out running that early.  I do wish I had a treadmill for when we have bad weather (like today).  

☃️ Not drive to school or anywhere else.  I plan to leave my house just for running, to get groceries, and go to my brother’s house to feed the cat.  We do have enough food in the house to last us for a few weeks.  Nothing fancy.  We have the basics such as beans, tortillas, spaghetti, eggs, and green tomatoes to make salsa.  

☃️ Watch TV.  I am still watching “Golden Girls” and hopefully will finish it during break.  I am debating on whether to watch the new season of “Grey’s Anatomy”.  Sometimes I get tired of it but cannot stop watching it.  I do hope soon the show will end.  

☃️ Read.  I know I enjoy watching TV but I also like to read.  Currently I am reading “Landslide”.  I started reading it in the Summer but had to return it.  I have also requested 4 more books from the library.  

☃️ Write a few blog posts.  Now is the perfect time to do this.  I hate having to wait till the last minute and then rush to get it done.

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