How is it already Sunday?  This past week did go by fast.  I go back to work tomorrow but am not ready.  I still haven’t done my lesson plans, but how can I when I was on break.  Hopefully I can leave work at 3pm.  Balance, right? 

Here is how my week went.

January 2-8

Monday: Walked 2.63 miles.  My sister and niece came over and we made green pozole.  Not as difficult as I thought it would be.  It does taste different than white pozole and I prefer that one.

Tuesday: Ran 3.04 miles.  A good run.  My runs on Tuesdays and Thursday are 3 easy miles which I like. 

Later in the day I met up with a coworker for lunch.  It felt good to talk, laugh, drink, and eat!

Wednesday: Ran 3.05 miles.  I ran this with each mile faster than the previous one.  I did this a bunch of times with my previous coach.  However, I had no business doing this at the paces that were already set on Garmin Connect.  My first mile was to be done between 11:45-12:15.  That was too fast for me.  I did good though but it was still tough (average pace was 12:16).  I know for next time I will start slower.

I took a fun Peloton class with Matty.  I liked the playlist and enjoyed a song by Ace of Base.  I don’t remember it at all but now have added it to my Amazon playlist.

Thursday: Ran 3.04 miles.  Same workout as Tuesday.  Managed to run it faster. 

In the afternoon I was supposed to meet up with a former worker but felt really tired and stayed home.  I finished reading “Come Fly The World”.  One book down and 11 to go.  I already began reading my next book.

Friday: Walked 1.76 miles.  It was cold that morning.  I am enjoying my walks but need to do better about my gear.  I cannot wear the same thing I do for running.  Another option is to walk faster.

Saturday: Ran 5.11 miles.  I was up late on Friday and it was hard to get out in the morning.  It was in the 30s but minimal wind.  That is how I like it for Winter.  

Sunday: Walked 3.27 miles.  It was ideal walking weather, low 30s with minimal wind.  It also could have been because I was wearing a warmer jacket.

It was a good week of walking and running.  One of my goals is to do a Peloton activity everyday.  There are so many options.  This week I did either a running or walking class.  I haven’t taken a bike class but need to figure out when to add that to my training schedule.  Something else I need to add is strength training but not sure when to do that.

Running: 14.24
Walking: 7.66
Cycling: 0

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34 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Still running and 7 days of Peloton activities

  1. It’s hard to know what to wear this season whether it’s for running or walking. We’re mostly around 45-50 F here but below that I’d really struggle with gear.

  2. One of the medical assistants at work made green posole for the holidays and I really liked it! I’ve only had red posole. So yummy!

    Nice work and consistency this week! Good luck going back to work!

  3. Sounds like the new year has started off well for you! You’ve got a good running/walking routine started- I agree, it’s hard to figure out how to add strength. i hope you get those lesson plans done!

  4. Walking in the winter is a bit trickier than running. I usually need at least one or two more layers (or I just wear my actual winter jacket).But I find it is a little safer to walk (than run) if the surfaces are questionable, so there’s that. Good luck with your first week back at school!

  5. You made the most of your last vacation week.

    You’re off to a great start.

    Good luck getting ready for tomorrow

  6. All the best with your transition back to the classroom! Our schools here have a teacher institute day today and the kids go back tomorrow. Yeah I wear an entirely warmer jacket for walking than I do when I run.

  7. A solid first week of the year! Loving the consistency and the fact you are running in those cold conditions. I know that isn’t easy to do at all.

    I also have 12 books to read – the first one is Viola Davis’ Finding Me – quite a riveting read so far – can’t get over her descriptions of her abject poverty as a child and looking forward to seeing how she got out of that.

    Best of luck going back to work. I started back today as well.

  8. OMG, I thought the same thing – how are we already a whole week (!) into this new year?? Time forever disappears!

    You had a great week. And I see that you’re trying to join the “Peloton Streakers” by getting a blue dot every day. TBH, it motivates me so much!

  9. Awesome week – you’re off to a great start for 2023! I also love that you already finished 1 book for the year. I have yet to start reading – I need to find a good book that will keep my attention.

    • Honestly, check out Wendy’s book reviews. She has so many great ones. I copied the titles and blog post link to a Google Keep document so that I can check them out from the library. Then when I am done I add a checkmark. The post link comes in handy when I want to read again what the book is about.

  10. I need to snag that book! I will go out running in shorts and a tank top in 40F weather. And then I’ll walk in the same weather and be stupidly bundled up. That’s just how it goes.

  11. My strength plan is to hit the gym twice a week. I can go on my lunch hour on Tuesdays and again on Thursdays. Anything else is just bonus. I have missed having a gym membership and going back has been fun! I have a lot of audiobooks waiting for me on my library app. Good thing I’ve got long runs coming up!

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