This week’s Tuesday Topic:  What are your Winter running plans and/or race schedule?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running-related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers! 

❄️ Be consistent with running.  I am following Hal Higdon: Half Marathon Novice 2 Plan.  I run 4 days a week and I like it.  I do think I could have done his Intermediate 1 Plan but decided to play it safe.  I’ll see how I am feeling after week 6 and then see if I want to move up to the other plan.

❄️ Continue to use the Peloton bike.  I guess I should clarify and say begin instead of continue.  I haven’t taken a bike class this year.  

❄️ Run the NYC Half Marathon, the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle, and the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile. So technically they do not take place in the Winter but I am adding them here anyway.

❄️ Continue walking.  It isn’t so bad.  I am liking them more than I thought I would.  Did you know that I’ve done a few times the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk?  Yep, I walked for 3 days to raise money for breast cancer.  This was before I became a runner.

❄️ Stretch and foam roll.  I will admit that I am not doing it as often as I should, but I am starting little by little.  I bought a thick exercise mat at Aldi’s and have been using it to foam roll.  It hurts but also feels good.  I have noticed a difference in my plantar fasciitis, it isn’t as painful as before.

Topic for next week – What’s your plan to achieve your 2023 goals?  Feel free to write about this topic or any running-related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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14 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My Winter 2023 running plans

  1. Your winter running plan will be successful. Hal Higdon’s plan and your races will help you to stay consistent with running.
    You could make it a rule to stretch and foam roll the moment you’re watching something on a screen. I’ve been doing that over the past few months and it really helps.

    • Long story short, I lay out my mat in the kitchen. There is no room in my room to do that. I could use my laptop to take a stretching class. Now I have to set in motion.

  2. I think you’re smart to get back into running more days per week by starting with an easier plan; and like you said, move up after six weeks if things are going well. Have fun!

  3. Looks like an active winter.

    I’m slacking on the walking. But I do plan to run 4x a week with one run long.

    I do have some races scheduled. That keeps me running.

  4. Those are good and doable plans. I couldn’t agree more about walks – they are not bad. I hope there will be some charity walks over here to join.

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