Happy Sunday everyone!  It was rough going back to work this week.  I couldn’t get up on Monday morning, my runs were OK, and I missed one day of running.  

I was behind (about one week) on reading and responding to blog comments.  Yesterday I finished reading and this morning I responded to the comments.  I may be late but I try very hard to read all posts and respond to the comments.

Here is how my week went:

January 9-15

Monday: Rest day.  I didn’t sleep well Sunday night and was up for about 3 hours after I thought I was tired and went to bed.  I could barely get up in the morning.  I also struggled at work and could barely wait to get home.  Once home I was too tired to even nap.  How is that possible?  I even did a Peloton Meditation class and while it helped me relax, I couldn’t sleep.

Lola was not happy I went back to work.  She missed me.

Tuesday: Ran 3.23 miles.  A good run.  I am not going to compare myself to other people – only to myself.  I like to see improvements.  That is what happened on Tuesday.  I did the same workout as the week before and ended up with one minute faster average pace.  I am still doing 5:1 run/walk and my fastest interval was 11:14 and the slowest 12:04.

I earned this badge.

Wednesday: Ran 3.49 miles.  A semi-good run.  I had to run 4 miles but ended up less than that.  I felt tired and didn’t have it in me to finish 4 miles.   I also got positive splits so there’s that.  Oh well.

Remember how last school year I had a student that would give me lots of trouble with his behavior?  One of my students this year is beginning to act up as well.  He doesn’t want to do the work I give him and starts to whine when he doesn’t get his way.  He didn’t want to leave the classroom to go to lunch and I had to call the office for help.  Then later in the day, it was like nothing had happened.

Thursday:  Did not run.  I rarely have stomach problems, but this morning I went to the bathroom plenty of times because something felt off.    

In school, we had to give the ACCESS test (it measures student proficiency in the four domains of English language development: speaking, listening, reading, and writing) to our students.  Unfortunately, we had many Internet problems so we had to postpone it to the next day.  It was an eye-opener because we rely so much on technology.  I was running out of things to do because a lot of my stuff is online.

Friday: Rest day.  I was cold and tired.  I didn’t have it in me to go outside for a walk.

Saturday: Ran 6.02 miles.  A good run.  Not too cold or windy.  These three classes were fun.  I like Jess and Robin a lot and I love 80s music.  One of the songs in Jess’s class was “The Sign”.  She made me laugh when she said “I saw the sign.  It said ‘MOVE!'” Too funny! 

Sunday:  Rest day.  It is almost 1 pm as I am typing this post and I am still in pajamas.  Nothing wrong with it, right?  I was invited to a Pampered Chef party but decided not to go.  Sometimes I don’t want to leave the house.  I may take a walk or bike class in the afternoon.  Or maybe both.  Or stay in pajamas.

I wish I could say it was another good week of walking and running, but I know not all weeks will be great weeks.  I am keeping up with my goal of taking a Peloton class every day.  On the days I don’t do a walking or running class, I do a meditation class with Cody.  I do like them!  The classes still count toward my goal.  😀

Running: 12.74
Walking: 0
Cycling: 0

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27 Comments on Weekly Run Down: January 9-15, 2023

  1. I’m sorry that you are struggling again with your job. I get it. One of the reasons I run and workout is to do something that I love that is just for me. I think that helps me put everything into perspective. I hope you find a way to be happy about what you are doing! You are making a difference for these kids.

  2. Hard to get back on a routine. I think you did pretty well.

    Hope your running continues to go as well.

  3. Great job on keeping consistent with the daily Peloton workouts! I’m glad to hear yesterday’s run was a success 😉

  4. The week back after a vacation is HARD! You obviously needed a couple extra rest days. BTW I also stayed in my pajamas today- I had to go to the store and I pulled on sweat pants and a sweatshirt over my pjs, ha ha.

  5. Sorry your week didn’t go as planned, but you still got some solid runs in. Jess does have a knack for “ruining” songs. She does make me laugh though.

    I think most of us can’t get much done without the internet. Did the testing go ok the nest day?

  6. Nice week Zenaida. And so awesome you’re getting the blue dot (it’s so motivating for me :)). BTW, I love that you end on “odd mileage numbers”…. we need to normalize that LOL

  7. Some weeks are like that but at least you’ve been out for some good runs. And you’re totally right with not comparing yourself to someone else. Only compare yourself with the runner you used to be!

  8. I had a goal of doing something “active” which meant something that would show up on Strava (walking, strength, run, anything!) but sure enough I already failed on that quest because of a vacation travel day (no real opportunity to do something “strava worthy” other than shopping or walking around the airport) and then the next day I was far too tired from traveling to even care about it. haha! Oh well, it was a good thought anyways. Congrats on your workouts this week!

  9. You had a good week! The blue dot is totally motivating for me too 🙂

    Whenever we lose internet I am always reminded of much I rely on it for pretty much everything, especially when it comes to work!

  10. The first week back to work is always tough – throw in your internet troubles and behavioural problems from one of your students and I can understand why you just felt like a pyjama day on Sunday! Even if things didn’t go as planned, I love that you did most of your workouts and runs and stayed active on many days.

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