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I didn’t run last week because of the weather.  I didn’t want to deal with it.  So this post is based on a run and walk I did this morning.  I ran for 20 minutes (walked more towards the end) and then walked for 13 minutes.  Below is what I saw.

I live very close to Midway Airport.  Every time I see an airplane, I wonder where it is coming from or where it is traveling to.  Makes me more excited about my trips this year.

I am not religious but I know many Mexicans love the Virgin Mary.  The statue is inside a glass cage with color-changing lights.

The stillness of the morning.  I love being outside and alone during this time.  Sometimes I think and sometimes I enjoy listening to Matty.  The photo includes the train (Orange Line) which goes downtown and then goes around a loop to go to the airport.

I love how festive they get for each holiday.  It is hard to see but they have red and white lights/arches for Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t see Mateo outside but I saw him as soon as I came home.  It looks like I interrupted his sleep.

Not very exciting right?  🤣 🤣

Topic for next week – It’s Valentine’s Day. Share why you love running. Feel free to write about this or any running-related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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8 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Things I saw on my last run

  1. I like these posts because they help me to understand in what kind of neighbourhood you run! It seems a very nice area to run in – especially in the early mornings when everything is still quiet.

    • It is a pretty quiet neighborhood. I also run a few blocks north which is where I would like to live. It is not as crowded and there is more parking available than where I live now.

  2. Your pic of the decorated house made me think of a tree that I run by on most of my runs. It still has Christmas lights! Although it’s well-past the holiday season, the lights still look so pretty in the early morning and evening.

  3. Well, at least you got outside and were able to do something. I haven’t even been for a walk outside in what seems like forever. I finally am out of my cast so I will be at the very least walking outside soon. In the meantime, I’m just soak up everybody else’s outside time.

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