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Yay February is over!  It has been a mild Winter with not too much snow but some windy days.  It has rained a couple of times but overall still a great Winter.

Just like not all runs will be great, the same thing for days/weeks/months.  February was an OK month for me but I survived.

I can now add myself to the list of Covid victims.  Yep, I finally got it.  It was very mild with a lot of coughing.  I stayed in bed for 5 days, resting and reading.  I finished one book in two days!  But after 5 days of being home, I was ready to return to work.

Let me tell you about how February went for me:

Mileage:  It was a very low mileage for me with 18.78 running miles and .98 walking miles.  I hope this is the only low month this year.  It is warming up and that motivates me to keep on running.  But that means then I will be complaining that it is too hot.  😆 😆 

Current Book:  I have finished reading 5 books and am currently reading “The Paper Place”.  My goal is to read 12 books and I am almost halfway done.

Current Shoes: Still running in the Brooks Ghost.  These are perfect because they’re NYC-themed!

2023 Running Goal:  My goal this year is to run 800 miles.  It is about 67 miles per month.  I ran way less this month but I know I can make it up in the upcoming months.  As long as I stay healthy and injury free, I am confident I will reach my goal.

Injuries: None but sometimes my hip hurts because I do not stretch as I should.  Sometimes I do wonder if it is something else.

Blog: I fell off the wagon with posting on Sundays.  That is OK because I still want to post on Tuesday and Friday consistently.    

School:  I have my good days and my bad days like everyone else.  We have 3 months left of this school year.  Next year we will have a new Reading Curriculum and I am actually looking forward to it.  Something new.  But that also means more work with this new curriculum.  I am not complaining about the curriculum.  My complaint is that not enough time is given to us to learn and implement it.

Health:  I have no complaints about my health.  I have noticed that now I am getting more hot flashes during the day and at night.  I wonder if this is because of Covid or premenopause or both.

February was OK.  Hopefully, March is better.  I am signed up for two races and am excited about them.  I will admit that I am NOT ready for my race in NYC next month.  I haven’t been training like I wanted to.  But I don’t care.  I am still going because I know I won’t have another chance to run the half marathon.  My goal isn’t to PR anyway.  I want to run the race and finish it.  

The topic for next week Tomorrow is International Women’s Day.  Who are the female athletes you admire?  Feel free to write about this or any running-related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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12 Comments on Tuesday Topics: February 2023 Review

  1. February is a tough month, but you did well! I like your reading goal, I should set one for myself, too.
    Looking forward to reading about your two races in March!

  2. Glad that your Covid symptoms were mild and it didn’t interfere with NYC.

    Looking forward to meeting you.

    I have to readjust my mileage goal. Now I’m just resting.

  3. Yes, Covid will lower your running miles! I’m glad you’re feeling better now. It’s kind of run to have a chance to rest and read a lot (as long as you’re not too sick, of course.) Although my work is totally different than yours, I can totally relate to your frustrations- we always seem to get new things to learn (hot stone massage, cupping) with very subpar training. It’s not that I don’t wnt to learn new things- I just want to learn them PROPERLY.

  4. I am going to say that I disagree about the weather–but that’s because I’ve had trouble getting out on the trails! It’s been either ice or mud. I’m a little worried about my trail race in April!

    Glad your case of COVID was mild.

    • Hopefully your April race goes well. I was actually surprised (but pleased) that I felt OK when I had covid. I am glad I took a few days off, but luckily I got those days back.

  5. Sorry to hear that you had Covid but glad that it was a mild case and that you were able to rest.

    I always find February to be one of the hardest months of the year because of the lack of daylight and cold weather. Luckily March is here!

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