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I am behind on reading and commenting on posts.  I haven’t forgotten.  I will be catching up in the next couple of days.  For today’s post, I will write about the Shamrock Shuffle 8k.  I ran this fun race on Sunday and am very happy I ran it again.

Here are some fun things about the race:

☘️ It was my 13th year running this race.  My first time was in 2006.  I’ve run it every year since then except for 2009, 2012, 2013, 2020 (it was canceled), and 2021.  I didn’t realize I had missed it many times but remember that one year I missed it because I went to a wedding in Mexico and another time it was because it had snowed the day before and I didn’t want to run in the snow.  🤣

The photo below is from 2007.

☘️ The weather was perfect!  It was in the 30s but no wind.  I wore pants and a thicker wool shirt.  At one point I was actually too warm.  The outfit I had would have been perfect for the NYC Half Marathon.  

☘️ I didn’t train for this race.  It didn’t matter.  I still wanted to run it because it is one of my favorite races.  I had just run a half marathon the week before so what could go wrong?  Absolutely nothing.  I didn’t use the run/walk method but ran by feel.  I felt really good and ran one mile nonstop.  

My PR is 48:38 from 2014.  This year I did better than expected and bettered my time from last year.  All of my finish times have been less than one hour.

☘️ The finish line is the same as the Chicago Marathon.  I dislike the finish line.  To get there you need to run up a bridge.  Why?  Why?  I walked a bit but tried just to keep running.  I don’t think I’ve ever only run up that darn thing.  I was shocked that I ran that last mile in 11:24 and it was also my fastest mile. 

☘️ It is a great race to run in Chicago.  Seriously, this race is so much fun and I love it!  For me, it is easy to get it via public transportation and the 8k distance is just perfect.  I love that packet pickup is easier to get to (at least for me).

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12 Comments on Fit Five Friday: 5 things about the Shamrock Shuffle 8k

  1. I’ve run the Shamrock Shuffle multiple times–the first time was in 1993! I’m sure that was my fastest time but i don’t remember my exact finish. It’s a fun race. I used to dread the finish line but after running the marathon, it makes sense–it’s iconic!

  2. Congrats on finishing the race! I bet it was a beautiful course! I mean, I think you DID sort of train for the race by running that half, right?

  3. I just love running the same race year after year (mine is our local turkey trot). Glad you had fun and improved your time from last year. Congrats!

  4. I definitely think you made the right decision to run this race.

    It seems like a fun one.

    I bet you do even better next year.

  5. Oh, this is so fun! I hate when the finish line is up a hill. I ran a 5K today where the finish was up an incline (to Floridians, it might as well be Mount Everest). No one likes that!

    Congrats on another great year!

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