Welcome to the April edition of the Ultimate Coffee Date hosted by Coco and Deborah.  It’s also time for another edition of Fit Five Friday hosted by My First 5K and More, Running with AttitudeRun Laugh Eat PieRuns with Pugs, and me!  

Now, grab a mug of your favorite beverage, and let’s chat briefly!

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that I have been enjoying my Spring Break.  I caught up on reading blog posts and reading and commenting on comments.  I also went downtown for what I thought would be a Lasik consultation, met a coworker for lunch, and met the family for lunch.  I also watched TV and read my book.

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that I am going back in May for another Lasik consultation.  Since I already had Lasik years ago, I have to get a different set of tests.  I have to pay for them (I have HMO so my insurance will not pay for them).  I walked out annoyed on Monday because I didn’t know about it and didn’t want to pay.  However, if I really want to get this procedure done, then I will just suck it up and pay.

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that I am also off on Monday.  We usually get Good Friday off and this year we are already off because of Spring Break.  Our next day off won’t be until May for Memorial Day and then we are done for the school year that Friday.  I am taking a few half days off for doctor appointments for me and my mom.  These next few months will fly by!

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that on Wednesday I signed up for 4 races!  There is another one that I am interested in next month but will play it by ear.  The price will increase on May 1st so I have until then to decide.  These are all local races with the next one taking place on April 16th.

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that I had missed out on the opportunity to meet and hear Desi talk about her new book “Choosing to Run”.  I have met her a few times and didn’t want to pay to see her again.  Does that make me cheap and am I really missing out since I didn’t want to pay?  The event was postponed to April 20th because she was stuck in NYC and couldn’t make it in time to come here.

Earlier this week I read part of her book and was HOOKED.  I wanted to read more.  I am waiting to get a copy from the library so I can read it.  I could buy it but I really do not need another book.  Soon I need to start decluttering again and do not want to bring extra stuff into the apartment.

The topic for next week’s Fit Fit Friday – 5 words to describe yourself.  Feel free to write about this or any fitness topic you’d like.  We hope you’ll link up with us!


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25 Comments on Fit Five Friday and April 2023 Ultimate Coffee Date

  1. I signed up for Good Life and will do 4 on the 4th, too! See you there.

    Did you listen to Desi and Kara’s podcast on Desi’s book? So good. It’s Nobody Asked Us. I have her book on my Kindle to read next. Love her!

  2. I never got LASIK surgery because of the cost. I wear contacts instead. Now I often wear my glasses (to save $$).

    I’d love to see Des. That book along with many is on my to read list…

    Love that you are racing again…

    I am holding off since I want to stay healthy for my next half.

  3. I’m glad you’re enjoying your break! I can’t wait to read Des’s book- I have a library hold on it.
    I love how you signed up for four races. And yes- the rest of the school year will fly by.

  4. I don’t qualify for Lasik because my vision is so poor. Whomp whomp. I wear hard contacts and they are pretty good for distance, ok for close up. It is what it is. My next race is April 15–it’s a trail race. Good luck on your races!

  5. That’s exciting to have more races on the calendar! I only have two at the moment, but (as I said in today’s blog post), I’m contemplating adding another one.

  6. NPR had a great long interview with Des this week — so good! I read e-books so no clutter! 😉

    Good luck with all your races.

  7. You are so close to the end of the schoolyear!

    Sorry about the Lasik. That would be annoying.

    I’m with Coco, I mostly do kindle books & audiobooks. So only digital clutter. Except I do have a lot of Yoga books now (real ones and on my Kindle). You can get such great deals on used books on Amazon!

  8. I’m off Monday as well. we have quite a few holidays in the next weeks/months and then after the beginning of June I think nothing until december! your school year will be over before you know it!

    exciting times with your upcoming races!!

  9. Enjoy the remainder of your spring break. The rest of the school year is going to fly by. I typically get books on my Kindle to avoid the clutter.

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