We’ve got FIVE incredible co-hosts My First 5K and MoreRunning With AttitudeRun Laugh Eat PieRuns with Pugs, and me for another Fit Five Friday link-up!  This week’s topic is “Favorite recipe with 5 ingredients”.  Feel free to write about this or any fitness topic you’d like.

I am going to deviate from this week’s topic to write about my recent race on Sunday.  I almost didn’t run it because I wasn’t feeling good on Saturday.  I felt so tired and thought I had a fever.  I didn’t. I did a Covid test and it was negative.  Before bed, I took a Tylenol and told myself that if I felt better in the morning, I would do the race. 

Here are some fun things about the race:

⭐ There was a 10-miler and a 5k.  Both began at the same time which in my opinion was not a good idea.  It was crowded at the start.  At mile 1, we split up but then we met up again about 3/4-1 mile later.  The lakefront path isn’t wide and it can get very crowded.  At one point a runner (not from the race) that was coming from the opposite direction yelled at some of us that we were running on the wrong side.  We were running on her side of the path.  She was right.

⭐ I didn’t want to run anymore 10 miles.  I tried to switch to the 5k but was told that it was too late to do that.  So, I sucked it up and ran 10 miles.  

I was really cold and that is why I wanted to switch to the 5k.  OK, maybe not as cold as the NYC Half Marathon but the combination of the wind (it was very windy) and rain didn’t help.  It wasn’t pouring but just light rain.  Once I got moving it was fine.  There were times when I did get very warm and wanted to remove my jacket.  

⭐ The finish line is on the track.  I liked that.  But before getting to the track you had to go up and down Cricket Hill.  It is a monstrous hill that we had no business to run.  That put me in a bad mood because I was sore, tired, and cold.  I started to run but then stopped and walked.  On the way down I had to walk (I usually run downhill) because I could swear that I was about to fall.  

My first time running this race was in 2009.  My last time was in 2016.  I’ve done several other 10-mile races but my PR for this race is 1:47:57.  This year I finished in 2:05:15.

After the race I didn’t stick around and couldn’t wait to get home.  I was cold, tired, and hungry.

I know we cannot control the weather and I know I complained about it but I made the best of this race.  I am also glad I couldn’t switch to the 5k.  I’d probably do this race again.  10 mile races are fun!

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8 Comments on Fit Five Friday: 5 things about the CARA Lakefront 10 Miler

  1. sometimes it’s just not our day to race, but the fact that you did it anyway shows true grit! well done. I’d have been pissed about the hill too! I love it when people not participating in a race but running against the flow anyway complain – LOL. That happens here with smaller races and bikes coming from the other direction and then they yell at participants. No, buddy, there is a THING happening here at the moment!!

  2. I did this race, I think it was in 2017 (?), with Wendy. That year, it was in March, just after St. Patrick’s Day. It was cold and windy, but no rain. I like the 10-mile distance because it feels like a “cheater’s half marathon,” LOL. I remember that hill, but I think we had to run it twice ,near the halfway mark, and then right before the track.

    • It seems like there is never good weather for this race. I remember having to run that hill around the beginning/middle of the race but not right before the finish. Just plain cruel.

  3. Way to push though and finish the 10. I don’t think conditions are ever that great for that race. I ran it once before the finish was on the track. I do remember that awful hill though!

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