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Hello there!  It’s been an interesting week.  My sister was in town and it was busy with her and my mom staying with me.  It was a fun week!  I know my mom was happy she was here because she doesn’t get to see my sister that often (she lives in Mexico).

I fell behind in the blogging world but slowly am catching up.  I do not like it when I don’t read or respond to comments.  I do my best to read and respond to each one but I know sometimes a few slip through the cracks.

This is a fun topic!  I wrote a similar one last year so I won’t be repeating the items.

Here is a list of some of my favorite things:

Animal: Cat!  But you knew that already, right?  

Childhood memory:  Being in a car after arriving from Mexico and seeing the Sears Tower.  I was 5 at that time.  

Place to relax:  In my bed.  I either read or just lay there.

Thing to do before bed: Read a book.

Number: 5

Season:  Fall

Thing to do in the morning:  Drink coffee.  

Favorite girl name: Sophia Isabella.  There was a time in which I wanted to adopt a little girl and that was the name I had chosen for her.  I never went through the process but it was something that I thought about doing.

Favorite thing to do on New Year’s Eve: Go to bed before midnight.

Soda: Coca-Cola.  I like it without ice.

Cartoon: Tom and Jerry.

Canceled TV series: Gilmore Girls.  I was so sad when it ended.  

Car:  Anything from Honda.  I had a CRV for almost 15 years and it rarely gave me any trouble.  I have another CRV and am hoping it doesn’t give me any trouble either.

Fictional place I’d want to visit: Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls.

Dr. Seuss book:  Green Eggs and Ham.

The topic for next:  Would you rather?  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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14 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Off Topic Tuesday with a few of my favorite things

  1. Ha, I like to go to bed on New Year’s Eve as well!
    I just don’t like the celebration so much – somehow anti-climactic. I enjoy the “normal” parties much more!

  2. My favorite Dr. Seuss book is Cat in the Hat! You picked some interesting categories here. My favorite animal is also cat, and favorite thing to do before bed is read. And now that I live in Florida, I like fall… but I HATED it when I lived up north, because it preceded the worst season ever.

  3. Very cool topic:

    Animal: Dolphin or Giraffe

    Childhood memory: making up and performing plays with friends

    Place to relax: In my bed or on our boat

    Thing to do before bed: Read a book.

    Number: 6

    Season: Spring

    Thing to do in the morning: Drink coffee, do wordle.

    Favorite girl name: Aimee

    Favorite thing to do on New Year’s Eve: party with friends

    Soda: don’t drink it (ginger beer)

    Cartoon: Jetsons

    Canceled TV series: This is Us

    Car: BMW

    Fictional place I’d want to visit: Emerald City

    Dr. Seuss book: Oh the places you will go

  4. I adore fall but I have to admit spring is pretty amazing as well when the weather cooperates. I love all things Dr. Seuss!

  5. Stars Hollow has always been the fictional place I’d most like to visit! I’d really love it if I could be there for one of the festivals in the town square. Imagine eating at Luke’s, going to a town meeting, and watching some kids practice their dance. I just really want to go there!

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