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2015 Chicago Marathon Training

I am not quite sure what week this is of marathon training.  I have been working with a coach for the past few months so I guess that was my pre-marathon training.  I am now in official marathon training mode.

Anyway, so far most of my runs have been easy runs between 3 to 6 miles.  I’ve run a half marathon and felt really good throughout the race.  Also, I’m happy with my paces and get really excited when I have negative splits.  I told my coach that I don’t plan to negative split but that it just happens.


Since my runs are easy runs, I’ve been doing those outside.  On Thursdays I run with a group out of Fleet Feet South Loop as part of FF Chicks’ Night.  It is very casual and laid back.  We start at 6:30 pm and run between 3-6 miles.  I like going there because I get to run along the lakefront and run with some amazing girls. There are some incentives (shirt, jacket, gift certificate) when you run with the group and log your miles.   Come check it out!




When I was in school I would stay there till 5:45, change into my running clothes and then head out to the store.  It worked out perfect because I was able to work on my lesson plans (I would normally do them on Friday) and grade some papers.  Now that school is over, well, I need to get used to this change and make sure I head out there in the evening.

I’ve been taking a spinning class twice a week and doing yoga once a week.  Spinning is Monday and Friday at 5:45 am.  I know, very early.  The plus side is that I would shower at the gym and then drive to school.  Very convenient.  Well, school is over so I get to come home and shower here.



I’ve been doing my long runs with Chicago Endurance Sports.  This past week I did my second long run with them.  I missed the week before because I was in VT running the Covered Bridges Half Marathon.  They’re a great group of runners and I love my running group (11:30s).  We meet at 6:30am at Fleet Feet South Loop.  The location is perfect, 10-15 minutes from my house, free parking, and afterwards I can shop for any running necessities.


I don’t want to jinx it but I am very excited about my marathon training.  I am definitely liking my runs so much more and get excited when I am done with a run knowing that I am getting closer to my goal of crossing the finish line of the Chicago Marathon.

What are you training for this summer?  How is it going?  I may be a slow runner but I would love to join you.  Then we can head out to eat.

CARA Membership and Hammer Nutrition Giveaway Winner

It will be ten years since I began running.  I remember I signed up for “Beginning Running” class offered through CARA.  I don’t remember exactly what happened because I signed up for the class again.  Clearly I had NO idea what I was doing.  The goal of the class was to run 30 minutes nonstop.  I think I made it to 27 or 28 minutes and that was definitely an achievement for a non-runner like me.

I signed up for the Chicago Marathon in May 2006.  I also signed up to run for a charity that is no longer in existence.  Anyway, because I was running on behalf of a charity, they offered to pay for my marathon training with CARA and gave me a one year “free” membership.  My training was clearly an amazing experience and I learned so much from my group leaders and the others in my group.

I ran the Chicago Marathon a few more times on behalf of a charity and again I trained with CARA and got a membership.  Over time I decided to not renew my membership.  Don’t ask me why because I sure don’t remember.  🙂

Well, thanks to a Twitter post from Bethany at Accidental Intentions I found out (late to the party here) that I can secure a guaranteed entry to the 2016 Chicago Marathon.  Yep, all I need to do is volunteer for two shifts at the 2015 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K or Chicago Marathon and run either 5 or 10 races (two different options depending on the race distance).  The other option is to earn a top five placement in my age group category in the year end standings.  <<That my friends will NOT happen.

You bet I signed up to be a member.  It is $44 for an individual 1-year membership.  I found a discount code which then brought it down to $38.  I have the option to get a $20 refund on a Runner’s World subscription included in the membership.  That means my final cost is only $18.  Pretty good right?  I am excited to be again a part of this running group.

Why the 2016 Chicago Marathon?  Why not run it this year?  Well, next year will be ten years that I ran my first marathon.  I guess it is more of a sentimental meaning to me.  Plus, it is a great race with a beautiful course!

4, 2006 Chicago Marathon 2
My first Chicago Marathon. This was before mile 20 and I was in so much pain.

Thanks to all that entered my giveaway.  The winner is Marcia K. at Marcia’s Healthy Slice.  Don’t worry if you did not win because I’m planning to have more Hammer Nutrition products giveaways.

Finally it feels like Spring here in Chicago!

Chicago Marathon Weekend Part 3

Yesterday was the Chicago Marathon.  I’ve ran this race before and have also been a spectator. It is definitely much more fun to be a spectator.  🙂  I had very high hopes of seeing all of my friends but unfortunately that did not happen.

The day began with breakfast at Cafe Jumping Bean.  Great place for coffee and food.



With my running buddy, Lety.  Lately I’ve been running with her on Saturdays.


Here they come.







I saw The Cat in the Hat.


The smooth runner Doctor Dribble.


A pleasure seeing Graham Elliot.


Overall, great day for a marathon and a fun day for spectating too.  I had so much fun cheering for the runners.  I did get a little emotional because I was supposed to be out there too.  But then I realized that I made the right choice in not running the marathon.

Chicago Marathon Weekend Part 2

Saturday morning was a Shake Out run with Bart Yasso and Deena Kastor.  It was seriously a gorgeous day for a run.  Bart is such a cool guy.





I saw Josh Cox again.  I first met him last year at the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon.  Well, I didn’t meet him at the race but the day before the race at another shakeout run.


Deena is a speedy woman!  I could not keep up with her.



The first 50 people that arrived got a free gift from Asics.  I was number 45.  The gift was a cool backpack, an October copy of Runner’s World Magazine (happy about it because I don’t have that issue), a pair of Asics socks (so soft but I gave them to my mom), and a bib holder by FuelBelt.

I stuck around for a little bit and then made my way back to my car.  It was about a mile back so I walked slowly while enjoying the sunshine and seeing all of the runners possibly enjoying one last run before the race.  And then I saw Joan Benoit Samuelson.  I said “No way” because I was surprised that I saw her at that exact moment.  However, she was running so fast and my slow legs seriously could not keep up with her.  I couldn’t even get a picture of her.  But at least I did see her.  So even though I don’t have a picture it still counts right?


Chicago Marathon Weekend Part 1

Friday after work I went to the Chicago Marathon expo.  I am no longer running the marathon so why did I go?  Just to check it out.


Interesting race Maraton Ciudad de Mexico.


This made me smile.  Such a huge bra.


Look at those tiny feet!


I want to be Mebnificent.  I tweeted this photo to Meb and he favorited it.

Of course I had a few beer samples and purchased a bottle opener.

Cool medal for The Gasparilla Distance Classic in February.  It is on my to do list.


I met Scott Jurek and he signed my bib.  I said so many nice things to him and he just smiled.  Such a humble guy.

And seriously the ugliest shirt ever!  I know I never keep any of my race shirts but don’t think I would have even thought of keeping it.


At the end of the expo I walked out with a pair of Superfeet insoles and two Sparkly Soul headbands. So proud of myself for not spending more money.  I thought it was a good expo but feel like compared to previous years it was much smaller.  Or maybe in previous years I’ve purchased more stuff and felt like there were so many vendors.  This time I quickly checked them out because there wasn’t anything that I needed.