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My trip to Epcot

I had never been to Epcot (well, I’ve ran through it) but finally went last month.   AR and I went after the Enchanted 10K.  After my race, I showered, we ate breakfast and hopped on the shuttle bus to Epcot.  I loved the convenience of Disney providing transportation to the parks.

I don’t get tired of seeing this gigantic “golf ball”.


photo-2Let’s go to Mexico!

Who doesn’t love mariachi music?


We had to see the Mexican Donald Duck!

Then off to Tokyo and France.

Morocco and England.  I really wanted to see Mary Poppins but no luck.

We were there for a couple of hours and I had so much fun!  However, I was tired from all of that walking.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t have walked that much the day before a race.  Lesson learned.

L.A.T.E. Ride

On Sunday morning I biked 25 miles in the L.A.T.E. Ride.  It was quite an experience.  It was the longest bike ride ever for me.  Or at least that I can remember.  I can finally cross it off this list.  Yay!! We rode mostly on the street (shown on map as straight green line) whereas the last couple of miles were on the bike path along the lakefront (shown as green dots).

Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon

I did this ride with my friends, XB and OG.  They picked me up at 11:30 pm and quickly found parking downtown.  We had to pick up our packets which was a long line but luckily it moved fast. However, “the packet” was a bib and a shirt.  I’m used to giving my name to the volunteers and they checking a list to confirm I’m registered.  Nope.  Nobody did that.  Just a shirt and a bib.  Next!

Anyway, we lined up with the others with the same bib color (we were orange).  The first wave went off a little after 1 a.m. and then every 6-8 minutes another wave took off.    I was nervous and scared. I did not want to fall or have any kind of accident.

L.A.T.E. Ride


L.A.T.E. Ride

The first few miles were congested and since we were on the street, we had to follow the rules of the road For the most part the route was fine.  I was a little bit terrified of the hills.  No problem going up but coming down I thought for sure I would fall.  I had to brake a few times to slow down but I did not want to do it too hard or risk the bike making a complete stop and then me falling over the handlebars.There were some streets that were completely closed for car drivers (nice) and others only one way. I felt bad for the drivers because the one way streets were taken over by us so there was no way they could make a left turn into another street.  Also, in some areas it was really dark but at least I could see the bikes because they all had lights but I could not see the pavement. Yikes!  I rode carefully and slowly there. The crowd was friendly.  Some of them were giving us high fives.  I refused to take off one hand from the handlebar.  There were a few times that my nose itched and I had to very quickly scratch my nose.I was happy to get to the rest stop.  I reunited with XB and OG since I “lost” them a few miles back when I stopped at a red light.  The rest stop was AWESOME.  There was a ton of Zico, bananas, and Cliff Bars.  I tried the dark chocolate flavored Zico and was not too impressed with it.  I think I’ll stick with the regular kind.  About 10 minutes later we took off again.The rest of the ride was very smooth.  There were a few cars and red lights on Montrose Avenue. The best part was the lakefront.  By then we were more than halfway done.  I will admit that I was TIRED.  My arms, back, and bottom were hurting.  My bottom hurt the most.  I would ride for a bit then move/adjust my bottom to ease up the pain.  The bike was not properly adjusted for me/my height.  Yep, lesson learned.  But overall it was still a FUN ride.  I had been wanting to do this ride for years and am so glad I finally did it.  Would I do it again?

There is another similar event that takes place Memorial Day weekend.  However, it is during the day and takes place solely on Lake Shore Drive.  The whole drive is closed so no chance of getting hit by a car.

Once we were done, we stayed for a little bit and then went to eat breakfast.  I got home at 6 a.m.  I don’t remember ever coming home at 6 a.m.  Or have it?  If I did I must have blocked it.

L.A.T.E. Ride
L.A.T.E. Ride
Just Keep Running!

Forty and Fabulous

Happy Birthday to me!!

Yesterday I received a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card so this morning I stopped for my first cup.  Delicious!!

Forty and Fabulous

The rest of the day was just another day at school.  At 3:45 pm I got home to find this!! Exactly what I wanted.

Forty and Fabulous

My mother made my favorite dish, caldo de camaron (shrimp soup).  I had two plates.  Yummy!

Forty and Fabulous

No room for cake but definitely room for a cup of coffee with my new machine.

Forty and Fabulous

Do I feel older?  Nope.  I probably look older.  🙂  The upside is that I am now in a new running age group.  Here I come 40-44 year old groups!!

Run Happy!

Random Things

I had heard great things about the Better Than Naked Shorts by North Face.  I gave in, bought a pair, and wore then for a 3 miles run yesterday.  Oh my goodness!  I did not like them.  I mean, they are comfortable, fit just about right, they dry fast, and don’t stink.  However, they ride up.  I have a problem with my big inner thighs and I was constantly pulling them down.  Not sure if I want to give them another try or send them back?  Any suggestions on shorts that don’t ride up?

Random Things


I have decided to be a part of the Ragnar Relay Series.  Yep 200 miles from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL.  Have you done one?  How did it go?  Advice?

Random Things

Random Things

I am working on a list of 40 things to do before I turn 40 (November 20, 2012).  Below is what is on my list so far.  I will post list once it is finalized.

  • Skydiving 
  • Rollerskate 
  • Blackhawsks game 
  • Scubadiving 
  • Whale watching 
  • Taste 40 different beers/tequilas 
  • Bikram yoga 
  • Ballroom/pole dancing 
  • Relay race 
  • Camp out in front of store to buy “something” (Black Friday) 
  • Pick favorite actor/actress and watch all of their movies (movie marathon) 
  • Slumber party 
  • Drive-in movie 
  • Pottery class 
  • Visit a country/continent that I have not been to 
  • Go to the Grand Canyon 
  • Hike at Yosemite Mountains 
  • Do ultramarathon (50K) 
  • See U2 in concert 
  • Hot air balloon ride 
  • Take a CPR class 
  • Learn sign language 
  • Participate in the Chicago Polar Plunge 
  • Go on a helicopter ride 
  • Travel first class 
  • Visit the Four Corners Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado 
  • Learn to play poker 
  • Learn to play pool 
  • Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award Winners for Best Picture 
  • High Tea” at the Plaza Hotel in New York 
  • Get palms read/See a psychic/Get a tarot card reading 
  • Run a marathon in another state 
  • Participate in the Women’s Half Marathon
  • Run 1,000 miles

A fun snow day

We had another snow day on Friday.  At first I did complain because I was anxious to go back to school on Friday.  I had my stuff ready on Thursday night and was getting ready to go back to bed when I received “the call”.  What?  Are you sure?  That is what I said to the person that delivered the “good news”.  Oh well, I guess I will stay home.

Friday morning came and I wondered what I was going to do.  I sent a text to my friend to tell her I had another day off and she told me to go over to her house.  Splendid idea!  I had “nothing” to do so I got ready and made the drive to her house.  We had no idea what we were going to do but we knew for sure that we were not going to stay home.

Of course first we had to eat breakfast.  Let’s not forget the coffee since we both LOVE it.  Then we went to Target and spent 2 hours there.  I just love that store!  I can always find something to buy whether or not I need it.  Then we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Awesome store too!  I love the way it smells!!!  By then it was lunchtime so we ate at Hugo’s Frog Bar.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  The food there is delicious.  We started off with a pear blossom martini and baked goat  cheese.  Yummy!  Then I had lobster bisque and chargrilled marinated shrimp.  Wonderful!  Oh yeah and another martini.  We both wanted creme brulee but did not have any more room to eat so we ordered two of them to take home.  🙂

Last stop was to Ann Taylor Loft.  Great store and even better when there is a huge sale going on…60% off.  I bought a dress, a top, and sweater for about $45 and I even used my teacher discount.  I was very pleased with my purchase.  Then we went home.

You’d think that by now I would not want to eat anymore right?  Wrong.  Dinner time came and we had pizza at her house with a pomegranate martini.  Delicious.  Oh my, I don’t think I’ve ever had three martinis in one day.  That is OK though since I was enjoying my day off.  I had such a wonderful time and grateful for that snow day.

On a different note, I went to see a physical therapist and it looks like I don’t have an injury.  Big relief.  My hip, quads, and hamstrings are tight.  More stretching and less running is what I need to do.  At least I wasn’t told to stop running because that would have made me very sad.  So now I won’t run the marathon in March but might do one in May.  That is OK though.  I need to take care of this tightness so as not to make it worse.

I signed up for the Hartford Marathon.  Yay!!!  I am looking forward to it.  I also get to see and spend time with my two dear friends.  That sure makes me smile.