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Three Things Thursday, January 8, 2015

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1.  I got back from San Antonio on Friday night and spent the weekend getting ready to go back to work on Monday.  Honestly, I was excited to see my kids again.  The snow looks so pretty.


Monday and Tuesday went well with my kids but was exhausted at the end of each day.  Notes from my principal always make me smile.


On Tuesday I got a call that school would be closed on Wednesday.  Yes, I was happy but my math class in the evening was not cancelled.


That evening I found out that school would also be closed on Thursday.  Another day at home.  It was so cold today and I did not leave my house at all.  Instead, I watched the last season of “Veronica Mars”.  It will be another cold day tomorrow but it looks like there will be school.


2.  I spent these two days at home watching “Veronica Mars” on Amazon.  Love, love that show.  I cannot remember why I never saw it when it was shown on TV.  I am disappointed that there aren’t any more seasons for me to watch but do know that the movie is available on Redbox.  Besides Veronica, my other favorite character is Logan.  I like his bad boy character and cannot resist his gorgeous smile.  This girl is also a big fan and got to see the movie premiere in Los Angeles.

Training for the Fort2Base 10 NM3.  With a new year comes a new training plan.  I am not training for anything specific but just planning to run a few half marathons this year.  I wrote my new plan using the book “Runner’s World Run Less, Run Faster: Become a Faster, Stronger Runner with the Revolutionary 3-Run-a-Week Training Program“.  I already missed today’s workout but don’t want to stress out about missing any of my runs.  Now I only need to work on my cross training.  I dislike the elliptical and get bored on the bike.  A new show on Netflix or Amazon would definitely help.

February 2014 in Review

This month I ran 122.09  miles compared to 90.3 in January.  Definitely another great month.  Ugh, I cannot take this winter anymore!!  It is driving me nuts!  More snow and more snow.  I cannot wait till Spring.

I ran two races:  Walt Disney World Enchanted 10K and Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon. Two humid days in FL.  After the race on Saturday, I went to Epcot and had so much fun!  I’ve never been there and am glad I was able to go.

My training for the 50K is going OK.  I’ve tried to keep up with all of my workouts but man sometimes I am just not in the mood to run.  Thankfully Coach Sara has been very helpful and understanding.  My training plan includes doing a variety of runs (tempo, steady, recovery, and long) which makes my runs interesting.  But with 23 kids in a classroom for 6.5 hours, after work all I just want to do is come home and relax on the sofa.

Papers I need to review and grade this weekend.  Not fun.


I am sure you’ve heard of Apera Bags.  I’m excited because I purchased a bag and am supposed to get it on Tuesday.  They have so bags but at the expo last weekend in FL, they were there and I was able to see the bags and decide which one to purchase.  The winner is…Sling Tote.

apera sling tote

The bag is roomy but yet not bulky.  I like that it can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. Every morning I walk out with at least 3 bags to go to work and this bag will simply make it easier for me to haul my stuff for the gym.

I also bought a pair of Aspaeris shorts.  According to their website “The patent pending technology uses Dual Sensory Compression™  in key compression zones that guide knees into the proper position, acting as a guide that creates muscle memory. This, coupled with a second layer of overall compression leads to proper joint, “loading,” to help you avoid injury and improve performance as your legs move more efficiently.”


I was worried when I got them because they look very small.  I wear a medium in Nike and Brooks shorts so I decided to also buy a medium.  No, I did not pay attention to their size chart.  The first time I wore them the waistband kept rolling down and made it uncomfortable to run.  I pulled them up and they finally stayed put.  I wore them again today, adjusted them, and ran 12 miles in them.  Not sure if that’s what I am supposed to do each time or maybe I ordered the wrong size and should have gone with a large instead?  Overall, I like the shorts.  They’re silky soft and felt comfortable once I adjusted them.  They did not ride up at all.  Yeah, definitely my kind of shorts.

How cute are these pink ones?


Pro Compression Socks Giveaway Winner and Saturday Long Run

Congratulations to Jeffrey Lamers for winning a free pair of Pro Compression Trainer Low socks.

Thanks to everyone that participated in this giveaway.  Remember, you can still get your very own pair or pairs and use coupon code JULY for 40% AND free shipping.

Yesterday I went for a 14 miles run.  It was a gorgeous day.

I used the Nike + Running app on my phone.  I will admit that I liked it!

Total miles ran was 14 miles; fastest was 10:22 and slowest was 12:29.

I used my sample of Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream from my StrideBox.  Sadly I chafed in the bra area but more than ever!  I am convinced it is the bra so I will need to get new ones.  However, I did not chafe in the inner thighs so that’s a relief!  In the past I’ve used Body Glide and Aquafor but found the latter to be too greasy.  I’ve used it twice and have some greasy stains in my shirts.  The Blue Steel Sports cream was not greasy at all, in fact it had sort of a silky touch, and had a light tea tree oil scent that goes away in case you are not too fond of the scent.

I am still sore from yesterday’s run and it was only 14 miles.  I cringe to think about running 15, 16, 17, etc, miles to prepare for the Goofy Challenge.  And I will be doing runs on Saturday AND Sunday!  Oh well, that is why it is called a challenge.

Just Keep Running!

Weekly Workouts, July 22-28, 2013

Workouts this week:

Tuesday – 6 x 400 @ 6.9 (90 sec RI), 2 min 30 sec RI, 6 x 400 @ 6.9 (90 sec RI)
Done.  I felt really good throughout these speed workouts.  Not once did I have to stop to take a break.

Thursday – 1 mile easy, 2 miles @ 6.0, 1 mile easy, 2 miles @ 6.0, 1 mile easy
Done.  Now here I had to take a few breaks.  OK with me.  I was not going to stressed out about it.

Saturday – 8 miles @ 10:35
I met my friend, CN, who is also training for the Chicago Marathon to run on Saturday morning.  It was perfect weather, low 60s and overcast.  She had to run 14 miles.  I told her that I only had to do 8 but depending on how I felt I might run more.  Well, it turned out that I felt really good up until about mile 11.  We took several walking breaks because both of our quads were very sore.

I was out late last night and did not make it to yoga this morning.

Total miles ran this week is 27.80.

Overall it was a good week.  I am very proud of myself for doing all of my runs this week.

Don’t forget to enter the Lock Laces Giveaway.  I guarantee that you will love the laces!

Just Keep Running!

Training for the Fort2Base 10 NM

Fort 2 Base Race

I cannot believe the Fort2Base race is a month away!  This will be not only my first time running this race but also racing 10 nautical miles (11.5 miles).  I didn’t exactly follow a training plan for this race but instead used one that I created based on the book “Run Less Run Faster” to train for my half marathons this year.  Each week of training consists of a speed workout, a tempo run, and long run. In addition, there are three days of cross-training and one rest day.  Simple right?  I have a hate/love relationship with speed workouts and really love my long runs.  Lately, I’ve been running along the lake which has been amazing.

Training for the Fort2Base 10 NM

Weekly Workouts, June 10-16, 2013

I did my best to follow my plan but just like everyone else, I had some good days and bad days. Hydrating was not easy for me.  I am a 1st grade teacher and there was no way to hydrate throughout the day.  I took small sips here and there and drank more water after school in the comfort of my apartment with a bathroom close to me.  Of course it is different now that I am on summer break.  Eating healthy was not a priority for me.  Well, maybe it wasn’t that bad but it could have been better. I had no control over portion size and ate whatever I wanted.  I finally had a wake-up call and am working on ways to eat healthier.  Not easy but at least I am trying.

There are many reasons to sign up for this race and I hope you join me on August 25th.  Sign up today!

Just Keep Running!