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Chicago Marathon Training Recap Week #10


*Week #10, August 3-9

Monday: Spinning and 3 miles at easy pace
I did not feel as tired as I normally do on my run.  It must have been because I took it easy in the spin class. Total 3 miles @11:13 average pace.

Tuesday: 5 miles


The plan was: mile 1: 11:00-11:30; mile 2, 3: 10:00 with 2 min walk in between (pause Garmin while walking); mile 4: 11:00; and mile 5: 11:30.

Great run!  Temperature was in the mid 70s which helped.  Felt great and surprised myself I was able to hold the 10 minute pace miles (miles 2 and 3).  Splits are below:

Mile 1-11:06
Mile 2-10:02
Mile 3-9:58
Mile 4-10:46
Mile 5-10:56

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 6 miles

The plan was all easy miles.  Ran with the girls of Fleet Feet Chick’s Night.  Total 6.02 @10:58 average pace. Did good keeping a consistent pace.  Weather was a little warm but wind along the lakefront helped cool me down a little.  Almost negative splits. 🙂

Mile 1-10:58
Mile 2-10:51
Mile 3-10:44
Mile 4-11:49 <——Stopped to walk twice.
Mile 5-10:47
Mile 6-10:41<——-Happy that I ran (without stopping) a small hill/incline.  In the past I’ve had to stop and walk.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 15 miles

The plan was to do negative splits.

These are the runs that worry and scare me because it makes me wonder how I will manage to run 26.2 miles.  I know I can because this isn’t my first marathon but it still makes me feel that way.  Total 15.18 @12:39 average pace.  My last 15 miler was on 8/16/14 and I did that run @11:36 average pace.  Then the next week I ran 16 @12:20 average pace.  Not sure why this one was slower. Splits are below:

Mile 1-10:36
Mile 2-10:47
Mile 3-11:17
Mile 4-11:23
Mile 5-10:54
Mile 6-11:38
Mile 7-12:55
Mile 8-12:57
Mile 9-13:44
Mile 10-13:15
Mile 11-13:53
Mile 12-14:20
Mile 13-15:53
Mile 14-14:01
Mile 15-12:32

After my run I took an ice bath.  Not fun but it definitely helped with my recovery.  It could be the combination of the compression socks and the ice bath but I feel so much better today.


Sunday: Yoga
I foam rolled and did a couple of exercises to work on my IT band.

*Runs on treadmill are done on 1% incline.


  • I ordered two new shoes – Brooks Launch 2 and Brooks Pure Flow 4.  Currently I run in the 3s and like them.  But lately I’ve been feeling more pain in my feet than usual.  I write down every run and have run almost 230 miles in them.  So I guess it is time for a new pair.
  • I dropped my Ipod nano yesterday morning.  It still works but it cracked on one corner.  Thinking of replacing it with a shuffle since the new Nano is bigger and more expensive.  I have an older version of the Nano so it is pretty small.  I like running with music but also enjoy running without it. Decisions, decisions.
  • The Chicago Marathon is in 9 weeks.  Yikes!!

Chicago Marathon Training Recap Week #11


I will start writing a weekly recap of my training for the Chicago Marathon.  The last one I posted was this one back in June.  And it wasn’t really a recap but more of a summary.  So I hope you stick around with me for the journey.

*Week #11, July 27-August 2

Monday: Spinning and 2 miles at easy pace
This was the third time running after my spin class.  I am actually liking it.  Ran 2 miles @average pace of 11:04.  Felt tired at the beginning for half a mile but then felt OK.  Started off @10:55 and finished off @10:32.

Tuesday: OFF
It actually felt weird not to run on Tuesday.

Wednesday: 4 +/- mile fartlek run
The plan was 1 mile warm up, 3 x 10 minutes at 9:30 with 2 minutes walk in between, and walk 3-5 minutes as a cool down.  The plan was to go to the gym for this run but for some reason I was really tired.  I know that many times the hardest part is getting out the door but honestly I didn’t even have the energy to do that.  I thought that perhaps  I was getting sick again but it must have been one of those days.

Thursday: 5 miles


I was hoping to do this run with Fleet Feet Chicks’ Night.  However, I had plans to meet some friends for an early dinner and drinks and so instead I did my run in the morning.  A little tired but still felt great after my run.  Total 5.02 @average 11:09 pace.  Splits are below:

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 13 miles

The plan was 5 miles warm up, 5 miles at 10:45-11:00, 3 miles super easy.  I ran with a different group and ran north instead of south on the lakefront.  I had forgotten how many more people run on the northside.  I did not listen to my coach.  I ran by feel and felt really good for half of the run then got really hot and thirsty. Then I drank too much water and my stomach began to hurt. Still need to work on this hydration thing. Total 13.02 miles @average 11:06 pace. Still it was better than last week.

Mile 1: 10:31
Mile 2-10:24
Mile 3-10:28
Mile 4-10:34
Mile 5-10:18
Mile 6-10:46
Mile 7-11:20
Mile 8-12:16
Mile 9-11:03
Mile 10-11:44
Mile 11-11:34
Mile 12-11:26
Mile 13-12:04

Sunday: Yoga
I skipped it.  Don’t ask me why.

*Runs on treadmill are done on 1% incline.


  • Around this time last year I was already feeling burnt out.  I hated my runs and even cried after one of my long runs.  Nope, not feeling like that at all this time.  And that makes me happy.
  • I noticed I mentioned the word “tired” a few times.  That cannot be good.  But it cannot be that bad either right?  I know I was tired on Monday but that’s because I had just been on  a bike for 45 minutes. Then on Thursday, well, I woke up at 5:30 am and went to bed later than usual the night before.  I need to make sure I go to bed early, especially when I have to wake up really early the next day.  I need to sleep more like my little Lola.  I swear that she sleeps about 3-4 times a day.
  • Cannot believe it is August and the marathon is two months away!!!  Yikes, that makes me nervous but at the same time very excited.


Are you training for a marathon?  How is your training coming along?

Friday Randomness – July 31, 2015

1.  Is it weird to get excited when your coach emails you dates of upcoming long runs?  So far I have 18 on 8/22; 20 on 9/5; 18 on 9/12; and 20 on 9/19.


Ha, it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything longer than 13.1 miles.  It must have been Spring 2014 when I was training for the Chicago Lakefront 50k.  Sigh, it’s been on my mind to do another one.  Maybe Spring 2016?  We’ll see.  Last Saturday’s run was supposed to be 14 but I managed 10.  I am scheduled for 13 tomorrow and I am sort of looking forward to it.  :=)

2.  Yesterday was my last day of summer school.  It was an interesting couple of weeks for me.  Let’s just say I have a deeper respect for special education teachers.  I thought my job was tough but now realize that my job is easier.

3.  On Monday I start my last class for my math endorsement.  It is Geometry and I am kind of worried because I HATE Geometry.  Plus, it will be intense since the class is for 10 days from 9am-12pm.  Oh well, I’d rather do this than go for 10 weeks on Wednesday from 5pm-8pm.

4. I told myself no more ProCompression socks but how cute are these?


Do you like wearing long compression socks?  Have you ever run a 50k?

Friday Randomness – June 12, 2015

1.  I am officially on summer break!  Yesterday was my last day.  My kids were excited but also sad.  A few even cried.  Before we left there was a little parade for the 6th graders.  Basically they went through the school and “said goodbye” to everyone before exiting the school.  Next year they will be going to another school for 7th and 8th grade.  I was sad but also happy because some were in my first group of students (1st graders) when I began teaching.  It is neat to see them all grown up.



2.  I’ve run two races that I’ve yet to write a recap.  One was the Solder Field 10 Mile (PR for me) and the Covered Bridges  Half Marathon in Vermont (State #33).  It was not a PR but I still felt great and finished with my second best time for a half marathon.  I will write the recaps soon. Promise.

3.  Marathon training has been going well.  Most of my runs have been easy runs which I like.  My coach has emphasized to run them SLOW.  For the most part I’ve done that but there have been some runs in which I’ve accidentally run a little bit faster.


4. The academic year is over so it is time for a new calendar.  I bought mine at Staples which I love.  Some friends make fun of me because I use a paper calendar instead of the one in my phone.  Actually I use both but I prefer the paper version.FridayRandomness18

5.  Wednesday was my last math class.  I cannot believe 10 weeks flew by!  I had to do a five minute presentation on a famous mathematician, Ada Lovelace.  Believe it or not but I was very nervous.  It is weird how I can talk in a room full of 2nd graders but get nervous when it is adults. I know I messed up and forgot to mention some important facts about Ada.  Cross your fingers I end up with an “A” in this class.

I registered for my final class (Geometry) which starts in August and then I’ll be done with my math endorsement.  My plan is to either teach math in middle school or be a math coach/interventionist.

Any exciting plans this summer?  Do share.  I have the usual with relax, eat, watch movies, and meet up with friends.  I just got an email asking if I was still interested in a summer job I applied for in March.  It is for July 1-30th from 8am-11:45am.  Perfect right?

Chicago Marathon Training Week 7

*Week #7, July 21-27

Monday: 1 mile WU, 7 x 200 @8:20 (400 RI), 1 mile CD
The plan was to run after my massage.  But I did not feel good afterwards.  My body ached and not the way that you get from a workout.  I went home to rest and then got up to go shopping with my mother.  I told her I did not feel good, she touched my forehead, and told me I had a fever.  When we got home I took some medicine and a nap.  Then I took more medicine before I went to sleep that night.  I felt so much better the following day.

Tuesday: 45 Min XTrain or Power Yoga
I did the 200s from Monday.  WU @10:32 and 200s @8:18.  I felt really good but got tired on the 6th and 7th interval.  I still like them a lot and told Coach Sara to give me more of those.

Wednesday:  45 mins @ 10:45 pace
Ran 4.18 miles @10:46 with negative splits.  Personally I don’t really care for this run.  It is supposed to be easy/fun but I don’t enjoy it.  I have to find a way to make it more enjoyable.  Usually I run by my house or around the airport (though it is really windy there).  I don’t want to run by the lake because I do my long run there.  Excuses, excuses right?

Thursday:  6 mile run: 1 mile WU, 4 miles @9:50 min pace, 1 mile CD
1 mile WU @10:32 but did not finish run.  Struggled to stay on pace and calves were bothering me. Only ran 2.55 miles.  I was not happy with myself.

Friday: Rest/Stretch

Saturday:  14 miles @ 11:00 min pace
It was a great morning for a run.  Temperature was in the low 60s and overcast.  I was in bed by 9pm on Friday so I got plenty of sleep.  My run was going pretty good until mile 9. Well, at least it wasn’t mile 6 like last weekend.  I had every intention to do 14 miles but just could not take it anymore.  I took several walking breaks but then had these negative thoughts in my head and once they were there, there was no way getting them out.  I asked myself why I was doing this.  I reminded myself that I enjoy half marathons so why was I running more than 13.1 miles.  I stopped to sit down and sent a text to a friend telling her that I was no longer planning to run the marathon and if her husband wanted my bib.  Nope.  Her husband is injured.  I sent another text to a friend complaining about my long run.  She understood because she went through the same thing last year.  I walked back to where I met my running group and decided that I was not going to run the marathon anymore.  I also sent a text to my coach and she gave me positive feedback and encouragement.  I did feel better afterwards but still not 100% sure about running the marathon.  Then I got home, showered, ate, and felt better. Oh, but this post really did it for me.  I guess I needed to read that.  So, I will just be happy that I am not injured and have the chance to run 26.2 miles in October.

photo (1)

Sunday: Rest/Stretch
I took a yoga class at CorePower Yoga.  Great class and felt good afterwards.

*Runs on treadmill are done on 1% incline.


  • I need to work on hydrating better.  I run with a water belt during my long runs but have noticed that I drink a lot of water.  Lately I’ve been trying to drink more water during the day since I am at home and have access to a bathroom (very important).
  • Here are some great tips from my awesome coach for running in hot weather.ZoomaMML-CHI-logo
  • This Saturday is the ZOOMA Chicago Half Marathon.  I am so excited and looking forward to it. You can still register for the half marathon or 10K.  Make sure to use code CAMB8 for a discount.  It is supposed to rain.  Hmm, not sure how I feel about that.  But at least we can sing, run, and have fun in the rain.