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Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Petersburg Half Marathon

Done, state #13.  Is the number 13 really an unlucky number?   This would have been a “perfect” race (flat) but yet it was a tough race for me.  I am still racking my brain trying to figure out what went wrong.

My finish time was 2:28:22.  Yeah, not happy with it.   I did so much better in Phoenix and that race was just as flat.  The weather?  Both races were sunny but this race was a bit warmer.  I remember that I was sweating before I finished mile 1.

I was tired by mile 6. My legs felt like lead.  I could not make them go faster.  I tried.   I was trying to enjoy the race but it was just too hard. I want to run a race but also have a little bit of fun.   I just couldn’t.

The course was boring.  The best part of it was the last three miles.  There were beautiful houses and amazing crowd support.  I even managed to take a few pictures which I never do during a race.

I was happy to see the finish line and high fived the announcers.  I think one of them was John Bingham aka The Penguin.

As usual there was delicious food after the race.  Unfortunately, I could not stay long because I had to get back to the hotel for my 11am check out.  Too early I think.

I wish I could say I liked this race but I just can’t.  Of course this is just my opinion as other people would say just the opposite.

As for the medal, sigh, kind of boring. What do you think?

Hopefully March is a better month.  I will be in Arkansas for the Little Rock Half Marathon and in DC for another Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.

Just Keep Running!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon

Done, state #12 and my second race of 2013.  This is the first of many Rock ‘n’ Roll races I will be doing this year.

I arrived in Phoenix on Saturday morning and took the light rail to meet up with my friend L at the motel. From there we went to the expo.  I love, love the expo!!  As mentioned in a previous post, I bought lots of goodies.

Race morning came and I was up at 5:30 am.  I got dressed, made coffee, and ate a Clif Bar.  I was still hungry so I also ate a waffle.  Doesn’t it look delicious?



It was dark when I arrived at the start line.  I got in line to use the port-a-potty and then checked my bag.  I was cold.  But ready or not, I was going to rock ‘n’ roll!!  It was such a beautiful morning once the sun was out.

Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Half Marathon

My goal was to set a PR (2:20:00).  I got a little ambitious and decided to run with the 2:15 pace group.  See, I even had a cute wristband to help me stay on pace.  I was doing good until about mile 4.25 when I stopped to eat a Gu.  I then tried to keep up with them but they were about 15 seconds ahead of me.  Do the pace leaders ever stop to drink water or gatorade or eat a Gu?  I ate another Gu at mile 8 but by then my legs felt like lead so I decided to take a walk break.


See the cute Bondi Band headband?  It fell off at mile 6.  Yeah, I was disappointed.  I felt it slide down and then turned around to pick it up but by then there were other runners coming towards me and I was not about to cause an accident there.  On the website it is advertised as “no slip”.  Hmm, that was not the case here because it did slip.  Oh well, I think for next time I will secure it with bobby pins.


The course was flat and I was very happy about that.  There was a slight and long incline around mile 8 but I hardly felt it.  The sun was shining but it wasn’t hot at all.  I don’t remember much about the course except that it was flat.  I wish I had taken more pictures but I guess I was focused on staying on pace.


Did I PR?  Nope.  My finish time was 2:20:49.  I missed it by less than a minute.  I am disappointed but yet happy at the same time.  However, I did run faster than the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon.  I know that I ran strong and I will PR this year in another race.

Overall, it was a great race with perfect weather.  Flat course which is always a plus!  The volunteers did a great job and the crowd support was AMAZING!  I am not  a big fan of RnR races because of their prices but I purchased a TourPass which gives me “free registration” for their races this year. Next race is in St. Petersburg and it is advertised as “flat and fast”.  Looking forward to it!

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Expo in Arizona

I LOVE their expos!!!

I bought a Brooks shirt, Pro Compression socks, two Bondi Band headbands, SnuggBuds headphones, and a pink Fellow Flower.

I saw Frank Shorter but almost did not recognize him because of his beard. I think he is a handsome man but the beard is a no no.

For the first time I had the Gatorade Cucumber Lime flavor. Delicious!!!

For sure I am looking forward to the next expo in St. Petersburg next month. Let’s see what I buy there.

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Mississippi Blues Half Marathon

Done, state #11 and my first race of 2013.

Check out the course and elevation maps.  Yikes!!

I arrived in Jackson at 1:30 and took a cab to the hotel.  I was meeting some friends at the hotel.  They had already picked up their packets but were nice enough to walk again with me.

After packet pickup we went to the Elite Restaurant.  Nothing fancy but the rolls were DELICIOUS!! We asked the waitress to keep bringing out rolls.

Race morning came and I was a bit nervous because of the weather.  It was 36 degrees with 40% chance of rain.  I decided to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath a short sleeve shirt, biker shorts, and compression socks.

We were off at 7:05.   By mile 2 I was already warm.  Did I mention it was a hilly course?  Very hilly.  But not as bad as the race in Minnesota.  I walked most of the hills but also tried to jog through them.  I need to make them my friends.

The split off between the full and half marathon was around mile 5.  I was so glad I was not running the full marathon.

I took an ibuprofen at mile 6.5 and a Gu at mile 5 and 10.  I felt good through much of the course.  I did take some walking breaks but kept pushing myself to keep on running.

A little before mile 11 the first marathon runner passed me.  Dang!   He was running fast!  Then another passed me.  And another.  A total of 4 marathon runners passed me before I crossed the finish line.

Now let me tell you about the finish line.  I had to run up a hill to get there.  Not fun.

I knew I was not going to PR but am happy with my finish time of 2:29:29.  I know that if it was a flat course then I would have definitely PRed. 🙂  I guess all of my speed workouts have helped me run a teeny tiny bit faster.

The best part was the medal!   Don’t you love it? Also, I loved the post race food spread.  Yummy!!

I am so glad I ran this race.  Oh by the way, it rained just a little bit during the race. But by then I had showered, changed, and on my way back to the hotel after eating pizza again.

Next race is the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Arizona.

Just Keep Running!

Magic City Half Marathon (part of the Ruben Studdard Celebration Weekend)

Done, state #10.


This race had an awful course with a lot of headwind.  I was so happy when I was done with it.  My finish time was about 2:41:06.  Am I happy with it?  No.  However, I have no one else to blame but me.  I did not run smart.  I did not train properly.  Anyway, it is done and I can’t do anything about it.

I did not get into Birmingham on time to pick up my packet so that meant I had to pick it up on race day.  The hotel was nice enough to give those that were running the race a ride to the start line.  I picked up my bib and dropped off my bag and it took less than 5 minutes.

The race was supposed to start at 8 am but due to some complications/problems it did not start till 8:30 am.  Yeah, not happy about it.  I was chatting with another runner whom I met in the hotel lobby as we were waiting for the hotel shuttle.  The announcer mentioned that Ruben Studdard had arrived but I did not see him.



The race started and off we went.  The first half of the race took us through the “not so nice areas” of Birmingham.  There was zero crowd support.  If it weren’t for the cars that were stopped at intersections by the cops to let the runners through, the city of Birmingham would not have known there was a half marathon going on in their city.

The headwind was awful.  I thought it was never going to end.  It lasted till about mile 10.  Terrible!!  By then I was running with another girl and we were motivating each other.  She told me that we only had a 5K to go.  Hmm, so simple but yet difficult.

Finally I saw the sign for mile 12.  I was so happy to see it.  I was struggling.  My neck was bothering me and I could feel some blisters forming on the bottom of my right foot.  I was annoyed about it.  I rarely get blisters on my feet.  I was wearing compression socks with my Brooks Glycerin.  In the past I’ve worn the same socks with my Brooks Connect.  Hmm, maybe the shoes?

I saw the finish line and picked up the pace.  Not a good idea.  I stopped for about 10 seconds to catch my breath and took off again.  I heard the announcer mention my colorful shoes and my name.  That made me smile!  🙂

I got my medal, picked up some food (pizza and chips with salsa) and walked back to the hotel.   It was a gorgeous day to walk plus I think it helped my legs.


The race was blah.  Next race on my calendar is the Run 3.14 Pie Race on Thanksgiving and the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon in Jackson, MS on January 5th.  That reminds me that I still need to register.

By the way I loved the hotel and my room!!


Run Happy!