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Random Thoughts Thursday 137

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Who else finds it annoying when people “Reply All” to an email instead of replying to the sender?  I’ve seen it happen quite a few times.  What is even more annoying is when someone replies all asking people to just reply to the sender and then someone else replies all apologizing for replying to everyone in the first place.  🤦‍♀️

Reply and Reply All.jpg

• How is it that we are almost halfway through August?  I am not ready for Summer Break to be over.  I need a few more weeks before going back.  My first day with the students is the 31st but my first day is the 26th. 

Bored Teachers-6.jpg

• I am catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and have seen some very interesting episodes.  “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave” talks about Day of the Dead.  We see a few of Meredith’s loved ones (Lexie, Ellis, Derrick, Mark, and George) make a quick appearance on the show.  We also hear the song “Chasing Cars” in Spanish.  The best one is “Silent All These Years” where Jo not only meets her birth mother but finds out her mother had been raped.  There is also a very powerful scene where the hospital hallway is lined with only female employees.  A rape victim needs to have surgery but does not want to go because she said that she sees the face of her attacker in every man’s face.   

I use Google Meet for school and am excited about the new features.  Out of all of them, I think #4 and #5 are the ones that will be more beneficial for me.  But I am excited about all of them.

Google Meet-1.jpg

About a week ago something felt weird in my ear.  It felt like there was some pressure and a dull feeling.  Plus, I could not hear very well.  I didn’t do anything about it and thought it would get better.  It didn’t.  I finally went to Target and bought this earwax removal kit.  I’ve been using it since Sunday and so far it is so much better.  Earwax building rarely happens to me but still it is not a pleasant feeling.


Random Thoughts Thursday 136

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I went to Target last week and was surprised to see that there was hardly any paper towels and toilet paper.  I have enough toilet paper for now but need paper towels.  Is that how it is where you live?

• My cousin gave me a small bench that belonged to his daughter.  I remember years ago when I first saw thinking that I would like one for Lola.  Now I have 2 cats and it is perfect for them.  Except Mateo does not share.  But don’t they look adorable?

• I was cleaning my room and found some very old items.  Ha!  I found my high school yearbooks and a box full of cassettes.  I know I can donate my cassettes.  I might keep a few since my car has a cassette player, but what do I do with my yearbooks?  Do I really want to keep them? 

A few weeks ago I got a code for some free masks.  I should have known that it was too good to be true.  I received an email that it was mistake, etc, etc.  I understand but was still disappointed.  What I do find weird is that I placed an order for masks and since it cannot get fulfilled, I get an offer for buy one/get a free pair of socks.  Socks!  Now I wonder if that was the original intent.

Our District decided to start the year with remote learning.  I am OK with that decision.  However, I want the option to teach from my classroom a few days a week.  I am tired of teaching from home.  Check out this cool video of a teacher in his classroom!  

Random Thoughts Thursday 135

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I live on the second floor of an apartment building and am so grateful we have a balcony.  My mother and I have spent hours there listening to music and people watching.  Sometimes we eat our meals there too.  I feel bad that she cannot go out that much but at least we have the balcony and the nice weather to enjoy.

• Time to go shopping!  Just kidding.  My favorite is wine.  Once in a while I do drink beer and, of course, a martini.

Back to school liquor-1.jpg

• iPhone storage is full?  How is it possible?  I had to delete a bunch of photos, videos, messages, etc.  I checked the settings and I have 64GB of storage.  I am thinking that for my next phone I should get something more than 64GB.

iPhone Storage-1

My niece and nephew told me about a show, “Taco Chronicles”, on Netflix that is all about tacos.  There are 6 episodes and each one covers a different type of taco.  Anyone hungry?  Those are tacos al pastor.  Not my favorite but still pretty good.

Taco Chronicles-1.jpg

Another race cancellation.  I was supposed to run this race in May but then it was postponed to August.  I wasn’t sure if I would make it since it was taking place the weekend after the first day of school.   Now this race has been moved to next year but we’ll see what happens.

Fargo Marathon cancellation-1


Random Thoughts Thursday 134

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I saw these bags at Starbucks.  I would have bought one but not sure if I like the design.  How about an image of a cup of coffee or something coffee related.  Do you like it?

Starbucks bag-1

• Saw this and it made me laugh.  The cold weather doesn’t bother me too much, but the snow is what I don’t like at all.  I don’t know exactly how many weeks it will be till Winter but I am not looking forward to it.

Winter and snow.jpg

• Every year we have to do a few video trainings and some of them are just ridiculous.   I do roll my eyes whenever I see the list.  I remember at one point I would have to watch over 10 of them.  This year is just 5.  I did check out the list of optional sessions and was surprised to see “Telephone etiquette” and “Timeout”.  

GCN Training-1

GCN Training-2

Last week I wrote about how I was contacted by a University for a Freshman orientation.  I was contacted again.  Yes, I was annoyed and even so when he asked me which high school I graduated from.  I did assume he thought I graduated this year.  Let’s hope I don’t get another email.

Freshman session email-3.jpg

You all know I am a Tieks fan.  This is their new shoe that will be released soon.  Isn’t it a pretty color?  Of course I don’t need them, but I do want them.



Random Thoughts Thursday 133

Random Thoughts Thursday

• On Monday I received 3 emails from Texas A&M University inviting me to a Freshman session.  I would have simply deleted the email but I got 3 emails within half an hour.  I was at Staples picking up some crayons and in my rush I quickly wrote a response and did not check before sending it.  I was horrified when I saw what I wrote.

• The Chicago Marathon in cancelled.  I knew it was going to happen.  No way would it have taken place after many races have already been cancelled.  

Chicago Marathon 2020 cancelled.jpg

• I agree with this comment.  There was a Board Meeting yesterday for our District and many people expressed safety concerns.  I honestly don’t know what the correct plan is but I really doubt that our schools will be open in the Fall. 

Back to school statement

Anyone doing the Pelothon 2020?  I am on team #LegendsofFun.  I like that I am not only being exposed to other instructors, but also encouraged to take different types of classes.  I mainly take cycling classes with Cody.  Yesterday I took a 10 minute meditation class and I liked it.

Pelothon 2020-1

Last week I wrote about how I was annoyed that my Starbuck stars expired.  I did contact someone and he added them back to my account.