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Random Thoughts Thursday 132

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I went to Target and saw that they were already setting up for school supplies.  I quickly moved away from that area because it was depressing to see all that.  I am afraid that schools will be open in the Fall due to political reasons instead of the right ones.

• This weather forecast for the next couple of days.  Hello Summer!

Weather Forecast-1.jpg

• This week I’ve been more tired than usual.  The weather?  Maybe.  On Monday I was even more tired than usual.  It could have been because I ran 5 miles that morning and was dehydrated.  I came home with a headache and drank so much water and still could not go to the bathroom.


I’m annoyed that my some of my stars from Starbucks have expired.  Should I be penalized for not wanting to leave my house to get something from Starbucks?  You bet I am going to send them an email.


I will admit that everything being said about opening schools again in the Fall does make me nervous.  I have so many questions.  Part of me does want to go back to the classroom because I am bored with remote learning.  I am sure the students are too.  However, do I want to risk it?

Random Thoughts Thursday 131

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Who is excited about Hamilton?  I am.  It makes me laugh that I saw the show in September but left during the intermission because I was bored with it.  It was not what I was expecting but I am willing to watch it again on TV.


• I love iced and cold brew coffee.  During the school year I would sometimes stop at Starbucks or Dunkin’ for either an iced or cold brew.  Anyone has good recommendations on packs to buy so I can make it at home?   

• I am stocking up on cleaning supplies for when we go back to school.  How many bottles is too much to have?

Disinfectant cleaner-1.jpg

I have so many apps on my phone to edit my photos.  Recently, I am loving B/W photos with a bit of color.  Snapseed is the app I am using now.  I had to watch a YouTube video to learn to do that.

This picture of Mateo makes me laugh.  It also makes him look dangerous. Or angry?


Random Thoughts Thursday 130

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Corn with mayonnaise, cheese, butter, chili, and lemon juice is just the best.  My neighbors across the street sell it and it is so good.  I don’t buy it all of the time.  I know it isn’t healthy but sometimes I do crave it.


• Haha, not me.  I know we are supposed to go back to school in the Fall but who knows exactly how that will look like.  Masks and social distancing in the school and in a classroom is hardly realistic.  We’ll see how it goes.  

Bored teachers-5

• I don’t remember the last time gas price was this low.  

Gas prices-1.jpg

How is is that next week it will already be July?  We will be halfway through the way.  And what a year it has been!  Hopefully the rest of the year will go smoother.  On Friday Illinois will be entering Phase 4.  I am still not ready to get out there unless it is necessary.  I will wait a bit longer.

How great is this idea?  Makes me want to do something similar for our school.

Hygiene supplies donations

Random Thoughts Thursday 129

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Summer school is going well.  I have 16 students and almost everyone participates in our daily Google Meet session.  The students are also very respectful and well-mannered.  They say “Buenos Dias”, “Gracias, maestra”, and “Que tenga un buen dia, maestra” (Good Morning; Thank you, teacher; Have a good day, teacher.  Many students use “maestra” since they rarely call me Ms. Arroyo).  I rarely hear this from students and it makes me feel good when I hear this now from my students. 

Summer School-1

• I came home from my run and Mateo was waiting for me.  He loves being outside.  Everyday he meows and stands by the door until one of us lets him out.  

• So many graduations this year and no way to celebrate.  Sigh.  We’ve had several caravan parades to honor these graduates.  Plus, there’s been a few birthdays.  It’s been fun but of course it isn’t the same thing.  

Always a teacher.  

Bored Teachers-4

Random Thoughts Thursday 128

Random Thoughts Thursday

•Summer break is here!  Feels so weird since I am not doing the “normal” things I do during this time.  That is OK since I am using this time to declutter the apartment.  So far I’ve cleaned the pantry and part of the kitchen.  I was hoping to do one room per day so that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed.  I guess I have all summer to do it, right?

•While cleaning out the kitchen I found an old glucose monitoring system for my cat.  Years ago I had a cat named “Princess”.  I had her for over 10 years and she was diabetic.  Yes, I had to give her insulin and check her glucose everyday. Seeing it made me sad because it reminded me of her but also because I’ve had the box for so long and have not gotten rid of it.  That is how much stuff I have!

Cat glucose monitoring system

  •I am excited for this cake!  I love the chocolate cake but this is good too.  Cannot wait.

Portillos cake-1

•Has anyone tried this new version?  I remember years ago I loved the previous version.  Then Nuun discontinued it and now it is back.

Just because.  This was at 3:30am.  I got up because I had to use the bathroom.  Mateo is so dramatic.