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Random Thoughts Thursday 117

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I will admit that I am LOVING all of these memes about teachers.  

Teacher Meme-3

• Due to race cancellations, I also had to cancel my flights leaving me with a few credits.  Unfortunately some expire in April and in June.  No way am I able to travel.  Luckily Southwest has extended the date.  Now I have an extra year!  However, I just checked my account and they still show the 2020 expiration date.  Hmm.


 • eLearning is not fun.  I am doing the best I can but it is a two way process.  I mentioned in another post that I have posted homework in Google Classroom but sadly many students are not doing the work.  I miss my kids.  I miss teaching.  Sigh.  Wasn’t it a few weeks ago that I was complaining about them?

• Has anyone checked this out?  I am curious about it.


•  This made me laugh!  I hope it doesn’t get to this point.  Although, my cats are cute!

Quarantine meme-1


Random Thoughts Thursday 116

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I spent two days working on assignments for my students.  I gave them all a packet on Friday to take home.  I also asked them to log into Google Classroom as that is where additional assignments will be posted.  So far only three students have logged in and two have already submitted assignments.  Part of me is wondering why I am working so hard on all of these assignments?

Flexible for school.jpg

• Anyone else might make a trip to the store and return some things?  I am.  I bought two packs of toilet paper and I feel like the store jacked up the price.  Yes, I was one that panicked and went looking for toilet paper.  I found it at Pete’s Market but then found it cheaper at Target.

Return line.jpg

 • Exactly!  Our school contract is up this year.   I hope we get a raise.  I hope ALL teachers get a raise and more schools get money.  

Schools closing.jpg

• Check on your extroverted friends. 

Extroverted friends.jpg

•  Anyone planning to refinance or buy a house?  Now is the perfect time to do it.  Again, wished I had a house to buy.  I am checking every single day.

Low rates.jpg


Random Thoughts Thursday 115

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I know I have mentioned this before but my mom and I have tickets to go to Mexico for Spring Break.  I am torn as what to do.  We are both looking forward to this trip but I am not sure if we should go because of the COVID-19.  So far United has not cancelled our flights but if I cancel them, I lose all of the money I paid for the tickets.  🙁

Travel advisory-1.jpg

• Anyone else stocking up on disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer?  On Saturday I went to Target and there is a limit on those items.  I did buy wipes but they were out of hand sanitizer. 

Target sign-1.jpg

• How did your Monday go with the time change?  Ugh, Sunday night I could not fall asleep and then could not get up on Monday morning.  It was rough.  Even my kids struggled more than usual.  Time change or not, I still hate Mondays.  🙂

Hate Mondays.jpg

• So far our district has not closed the schools.  However, I have a feeling that they will soon.  Yesterday we got an email letting us know that various activities (coffee with the principal, parent computer classes, parent library, and family nights) have been cancelled.  Heck our field trip to the Field Museum and P/T Conferences have been cancelled too.  I have my copies ready to send home just in case!

Sub tub-1

•  Another photo of my babies.  No reason other than I LOVE them.  I am also tired.  I am ready for bed but I am hungry since I have not eaten dinner.

Lola and Mateo-5.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 114

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I was not selected to run the NYC Marathon in November.  Yes, I am disappointed but I am also going to apply for the MCM lottery.  Now if I don’t get picked for that either, then I will be disappointed as well.

NYC Marathon Entry-2.jpg

• Anyone giving up anything for Lent?  I remember as a kid my mother would tell us of the “importance” of giving something up.  Yeah, that did not continue as I got older. 🙂

Give up for Lent.jpg

• How awesome is Molly Seidel?  She ran on Sunday in the Olympic Marathon Trials.  It was her first marathon ever and qualified for the 2020 Olympics.  Let me remind you that it was windy and it was a HILLY course.

2020 Marathon Oympic Trials-27

• After my race on Sunday, I went to The National Center for Civil and Human Rights.  If you are ever in Atlanta make sure to go there.  The things these segregationists said is mind boggling.  I wonder what their relatives think about them now and about what they said?


•  Is it rude to correct someone when they post a typo on social media?  For example, I have seen people write “Sunday’s” when they mean “Sundays”.  What would you do?  It just drives me crazy.


Random Thoughts Thursday 113

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I did not know that anyone without a Costco card could eat at the food court.  I read the other day that they will ban those without a Costco membership.  Why are they even allowed in the first place?  I pay for a membership so why should others be allowed to go in for free?

• Just one month till my trip to Mexico!  I am beyond excited.  I am happy and really looking forward to it.

Mexico flag-1.jpg

• So true!  I wake up between 4-4:30 and if I could, then I would respond to texts at that time.

Teacher text-1.jpg

• We were supposed to get a lot of snow a few days ago.  While we did get some snow, it wasn’t as much as it was expected.  I am NOT complaining at all.  You kind of have to laugh when it is about Chicago weather.

Will it snow? Will it rain?.JPG

• Sometimes I wished I had a garage.  I always leave it outside and for the most part it isn’t that bad.  I’ve been able to find parking in front of my house!  I hate it when it snows and I have to clean it off my car.  I know, first world problems.  I just really hate snow.