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Random Thoughts Thursday 107

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I did not realize I’ve been a member for 10 years.  You would think that I would have at least received a free coffee, right?

Starbucks 10 years.jpg

• Who does not want this shirt?  I know I do.  I hope Brooks makes these available for us to buy.  Desi is pretty amazing.

Keep showing up shirt-1

• We have 2 copiers in our school for about 80 teachers.  This morning I walked in and saw that someone had jammed it and left it like that.  Ugh!  Why would anyone do that?  I spent 10 minutes removing every strip of paper that was inside.

• Exactly! 

At the end of the day.jpg

• Aren’t these so good?  Love them.  Once I bought a package from Costco and I finished it.  Cannot remember how long it took me.  Don’t think it was too long either.




Random Thoughts Thursday 106

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Are  you an introvert or extrovert?  I am definitely an introvert.

Things introverts love.jpg

• Two weeks off from school is great but three weeks is even better!  Some schools in Chicago do get three weeks off.  

Another week of break.jpg

• Something to think about.

Never blame anyone in your life.jpg

• This made me laugh! 

Mexican jenga.jpg

• My cats were never interested in playing with toilet paper.  Well, somehow the little one thought it would be fun to play with it.  One day they were all suddenly very quiet.  I was in my room and when I went out to the kitchen to check on them, I saw Mateo playing with toilet paper.  Doesn’t he look so cute and innocent?



Random Thoughts Thursday 105

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I only give Mateo cat food.  However, once in a while he likes to see what we are eating and then “begs” us to give him some of it.  My mother gave him rice and I gave it to him on a paper plate.  Looks like he is enjoying the food.

• If I had room in my living room then I would get this.  However, I will admit that the apostrophe in “Nothing’s” does bother me.  Or does it belong there?

Nothing gets done today-1.jpg

• Frankly I am tired of going to the laundromat to do laundry.  For sure when I move, a washer and dryer will be the first two items I buy.  And I am loving the front loader!

Laundromat-1.jpg • Snow and I hate it!  But by Wednesday it had cleared up and it was sunny and warm.

• My school district is switching over to Gmail.  I’ve been using Outlook for over 10 years and am excited for the change.  You bet I am excited!

Excited Tyra Banks GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Random Thoughts Thursday 104

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Another Smudge meme.  Haha, they’re all so funny.

Smudge Meme-2.jpg

• This is so me.  I also don’t have pictures of kids to show you but I have plenty of Lola and Mateo.  🙂

Friends having babies meme.jpg

• Anyone play this game?  If you don’t, make sure to get it.  I bought mine on Amazon.  You can play with the chips that come with the game, but we like to use money.  We use quarters and have also played with dollars.

LCR Game-1.jpg

 • Another “crazy” weather day here.  Beautiful and gorgeous day yesterday in Chicago.  Now if only the rest of Winter were like that too.

Chicago Weather-10

• Please ask me why I don’t have a big Christmas tree.  🙂

Random Thoughts Thursday 103

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Anyone like to color?  Get this from Amazon.  Isn’t it cool?

• I know my name is not common but if I have my first and last name in an email, should you know that Arroyo is NOT my first name?

Hi Arroyo.jpg

• I went to the post office and saw this.  I almost wrote a letter to send one too!

Letters to Santa mailbox.jpg

 • Cannot go to the bathroom alone.  Mateo was waiting for me outside the door.

• Just because.  🙂Winter Break-3.jpg