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Weekly Run Down: My 200th Peloton run and getting ready for the end of the school year

Happy Sunday!  This week was another week where the weather was up and down.  Yesterday it was cloudy with some rain and I felt like something was off.  This week is supposed to warm up so that is exciting!  

On Monday morning I did my 200th run with Matty.  I signed up for this run the week before.  It was a good class but imagine my confusion when all of a sudden it was over.  I stopped and checked my watch thinking “no way is it already 30 minutes”.  Well, it turned out that the class was 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

I didn’t sleep well Monday night and woke up on Tuesday very tired.  My workout was run 5 miles, 4-45 second surges with 1 minute recovery, and ending at 6 miles with a cool down.  I did the workout on Wednesday since I felt much better.  It was sunny and no wind…just perfect.

The rest of the week went well too.  I ran 7 miles on Saturday.  I took it easy and walked when I wanted to.  I listened to music and thought about home life and school.  Excited because I am planning to take a few days off!

This week my students took their MAP tests.  I thought all school districts in IL were required to have students take the test.  One of my friends works in CPS and she said the students in her school were not required.  Ugh!  That is very annoying and frustrating.  Whomever is making these decisions doesn’t know what they’re doing.  Kids do not need more tests.  Anyway, my students took 2 tests in Reading and Math in both English and Spanish.  Let’s just say some were very tired and had no interest in taking another test.  Some students clicked on any possible answer in order to finish it.  Some were on the bed taking the test (I told them to get off the bed).  Some were laughing and talking and looking at something else but the screen (one student said she was talking to her brother).  One student logged off before finishing the test and never came back.  What an exciting week!  I am supposed to do makeups and heck no, I am not doing that.  😬 I already did 4 days of testing.  If the school wants these kids to make up a test then they will need to make the arrangements.Bitmoji Image

I spent a few days packing up my classroom too.  I know next year I will be a Dual Language teacher which means I would be using new Reading materials.  Our District will also be using a new Math curriculum.  Now I wait to find out what to do with said materials.  Here are some pictures from Tuesday.  More things have been packed up.  My goal is to be complete done packing this week. 

I also finished the Selena series.  I do not know how much of it is accurate but I thought it was a good story.  I enjoyed learning more about her.  I do wonder how her life would be like if she hadn’t died.

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Weekly Run Down: Happy Mother’s Day and Appreciation Week

Happy Sunday!  Happy Mother’s Day to you, your mom, aunt, grandma, sister, etc.  Honestly, I think Mother’s Day should be every single day.  Moms are truly amazing!

This week was very similar to last week.  I had some great runs which left me feeling more confident.  Today was when my body didn’t want to cooperate and I ran half of my 3 mile run.  It was windy and chilly.  I know it is my choice to run but I just didn’t want to deal with it today.  

On Tuesday I ran 4 miles and then 4-45 second surges.  The last time I did this workout was April 20th.  Some of the paces for the splits were faster this week but also slower than the previous run two weeks ago.  That is OK. 

On Thursday I did again 5-1/3 mile intervals with the same distance in recovery.  I remember waking up exhausted in the morning and didn’t get up till 6:30am.  I knew I wouldn’t have enough time for my run so I decided to run after work.  I don’t remember why I procrastinated so long but I ended up doing my run at almost 7pm.  Maybe that contributed to my “slower” pace than the last time I did this workout (April 22nd)?  

Saturday was 6 miles again with one 90 interval/90 recovery after each mile but stopping at 6 miles.  Some splits were faster and some were slower than the previous run two weeks ago.  I am still pleased with how I did.  I’ve mentioned that I like this workout and enjoy running 6-7 miles on Saturday.

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  I got some great gifts from our administrators.  Last year I received a front lawn sign and I still have it!  I received a message from 3 students and one of them gave me a balloon, candy, and a plant.  But can I tell you that I didn’t get one thank you note from any parent?  Nada, zilch, nothing.  It must be because they are all fed up with me from removing their child from class and/or letting them know their child hasn’t been turning in their assignments.  😉 😜  

The District also sent a tweet acknowledging every single teacher. 

The weather has been up and down.  Last weekend was warm and sunny.  The rest of the week was cold (for May) and cloudy.  Yesterday it did warm up a little but but then got cold again.  Not sure what happened last night but I saw this today while on my run.  The tree was in the middle of the street.

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Weekly Run Down: 96.10 miles and one year with my running coach

Happy Sunday!  Another great week with running along with a few classes on the bike.  The weather was up and down with very windy days, to chilly weather, and warmer weather.  I hope this month is more consistent.

I had some great workouts this month!  I am seeing faster splits which I am hoping will translate to a few PRs either this year or next year.  I finished April with 96.10 miles.  I was hoping for 100 but it is a big jump from last month (78.22 miles).

I didn’t run in the morning on Monday but instead did it after work.  It was nice and warm but WINDY.  Glad it was “just” one mile.

Tuesday was a speed day.  It was still windy but not as bad as the day before.  My workout was 4 miles with 4-45 second surges.  Splits were 8:10, 7:55, 7:45, and 7:25.  Definitely fast for me but still manageable.  I have no idea how other runners can run long miles in those paces.  I did this workout on March 9th but with 30 second intervals.  Those splits were 9:16, 8:15, 7:39, and 9:30.

These past couple of weeks I’ve done 1/3 and 1/4 mile intervals.  On Thursday I did 4-1/2 mile intervals.  I am not a big fan of long intervals.  I always start off too fast and then struggle with maintaining that pace the rest of the interval.  My splits were faster than what my coach asked me to do (10:44, 10:42, 10:28, and 10:18).  I was tired at the end.  In the last interval I stopped my watch for about 5 seconds for a quick break.  I don’t think I could have done another one.

Saturday was 7 miles with one 90 interval/90 recovery after each mile but stopping at 7 miles.  I like this run because it makes each mile a bit more interesting.  I did this run 2 weeks ago.  I compared the splits and while some were faster in yesterday’s run, some were also slower.  That is OK.  I am still pleased with how I did. 

I thought a Live DJ Run would be a fun class to take.  Wrong!  OMG, the constant talking between the instructor and the DJ was very annoying.  Never again will I take these classes.  The Calvin Harris Run was OK.  I like him but I recognized maybe 2-3 songs.

I also did 3 bike classes (2 with Denis).  He is a great instructor!  I am liking his classes and the music is great too.

It’s been a year since I started working with my coach.  I am very happy with him and have enjoyed my workouts.  I am excited for this upcoming week, month, and future months!!

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Weekly Run Down: Some new PRs and a few days off

Happy Sunday!  The week does go by fast when you work for 3 days.  This week I took 2 well deserved days off.  But before I tell you about it, let me tell you about my runs.

I am on cloud nine because I had an awesome week of running.  My workouts were similar to last week – 4 days of easy/recovery runs and 3 days of speed workouts.

On Tuesday I did 4 miles and then 4 intervals each lasting 45 seconds with a one minute recovery.  Then I ran till I hit 5 miles.  I told my coach that I didn’t want to do the workout because I didn’t want to run 5 miles before work, but overall it was a great run.  It was even more fun with a 30 minute BHM: Motown Run.  Great music!

The past couple of weeks I did 1/4 intervals and this week it was 1/3 intervals.  It was a little longer which made me nervous.  I did 5 of them with the same distance in recovery.  Then I ended it with a half mile cool down.  Not only were the the splits faster than what my coach asked me to do, but they were all negative splits (11:02, 10:35, 10:08, 10:01, and 9:30).  😊

Yesterday I did the same workout from 2 weeks ago (6 miles with one 90 interval/90 recovery after each mile but stopping at 6 miles).  Splits from last week were 9:52, 9:46, 9:04, 8:35, and 8:53 and yesterday they were 9:16, 9:34, 8:56, 8:49, and 8:30.  I am making improvements!

Bitmoji ImageI took 3 bike classes and managed to get a PR in each one.  Normally I don’t start off a class hoping for a PR, but as the class progresses I then gauge if I can do it or not.  Sometimes I am so close and miss it by a few points but that is alright with me.  Tuesday’s 30 minute class was on the same day I ran 5 miles.  I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to do that long of a class on that day.  I was tired and my legs were sore too but am happy with how I did.

I know a bike class needs fun music for it to be even more fun.  I have bookmarked all of the 70s, 80s, 90s pop music, Latin, and Live DJ rides ranging from 15-60 minutes.  Total is 555 classes.  Now I wished there were more running classes with that type of music.

As you know I’ve been so frustrated at work.  Everything has been bothering me and I was getting very annoyed with my students.  I have 28 students and only 4 girls do the work and participate.  The others are quiet or don’t do much in class.  A few goof off or log in whenever they want.  One student told me that she does not know how to find the weekly schedule and the assignments.  We’re almost in May!!!  Plus, I had to give two ACCESS Test (Writing and Speaking) to two of my students.  Oh, and then we had a bus evacuation drill which I honestly thought was a waste of time.  I had to wait longer than necessary and why are we doing this drill?  No one is going on a field trip.  The school/district is worried about cross contamination, but yet I was in a bus with 2 other teachers and 4 students that are not in my room (one is a sibling to one of my students).  All of this took time away from my other students since I had to give them asynchronous work while all of this was happening.

I was off Thursday and Friday.  It felt good to be off.  I caught up on reading blog posts and watched Grey’s Anatomy.  My coworkers kept me updated on what was happening at school.  On Friday one of them subbed for my class.  However, there was a room supervisor in my room because one of my students was there.  (You are probably wondering why that student was not in the other teacher’s classroom.  Students are “not allowed” to go to another teacher’s room.  Let me just say that everything about this is messed up).  I had told mom that I was not going to be in school hoping that she would keep him home.  She didn’t.  Apparently that student was eating in the classroom.  No!  We do not eat in the classroom, especially during class time.  I got really annoyed with his mom for sending him to school with food.  I won’t see him again till Wednesday and will ask him what happened.  Oh, and I decided to take off 2 more days the following week.  I joke with my coworkers that I have enough sick days to take the rest of the year off.  We have 30 more work days to go!

Matty asked this question in his class.  Which group do you vote for, The Temptations or The Four Tops?  My vote is for The Temptations.

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Weekly Run Down: Ask and it will be given to you and cat pictures

Hard to believe it is Sunday again!  This week definitely went by fast.  Work wise it was exhausting.  I come home and I am mentally exhausted.  I am trying very hard to be patient and stay positive.   I know everyone is struggling but it is just so hard right now.

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This was another another great week of running.  Let me tell you all about it.  I had 4 days of recovery/easy runs and 3 days of speed workouts.  I enjoyed them again!

This week’s workouts were the same as last week but my coach had me run an extra interval and mile.  On Tuesday I ran for 3 miles, then did 5 surges each lasting 30 seconds and recovering 1 minute after each surge, then running easy till I hit 4 miles.  I felt really good again.  I asked my coach if I was going to do 6 surges next week.  He told me no and that next week it will still be 4 surges and each will be for 45 seconds.  

Another fun workout I did on Thursday was run four 1/4 mile intervals at a target pace with 1/4 mile recovery.  My coach asked me to do them in in 11:15-11:30, 11:00-11:15, 10:45-11:00, and 10:30-10:45.  I was flying!  I ran them in 10:28, 9:58, 9:37 and 9:02.   

Saturday was 7 miles with six 90 second intervals with a 90 second recovery (one in each mile).  The interval and the recovery is about 1/4 mile so then I run easy for 3/4 mile before doing it again.  I also enjoyed this workout and would definitely do it again.  I have a feeling next week I will be doing 8 miles with 7 intervals.  

Another week and I am very happy with all of my runs.  I also did 4 bike classes with Cody, Jenn, and Robin.  The classes I enjoy the most are those with 80s music.  I wished there was a way to pick classes with that specific type of music.  

I didn’t take any pictures during my runs so I have nothing to post here.  But I did take some of my cats.  I know Jenn likes my cat pictures.  🙂

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