Summer Scenes from my Run

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I am currently training for my 8th marathon, the Chicago Marathon.  For this marathon training I decided to use the Hansons Marathon Training Method.  In a nutshell, this training is based on the concept of cumulative fatigue.  You train your body to run often so that you are frequently running on tired legs.  The idea is to run this way so that during the last miles of a race you are prepared to push through the final miles.  These plans are 18 weeks and have you running 6 days (easy, speed/strength, tempo, and long runs) a week with one rest day. 

What I’ve learned so far is that I am CONSTANTLY TIRED.  I mean, definitely more tired than usual.  I try to go to sleep no later than 10 and have been sleeping in till almost 8.  When I go back to work next month, I need to be up at 6; so it will be interesting to see how that goes.



I do my runs on the treadmill, by my house, and along the lakefront.  On Tuesday I have a speed workout and on Thursday a tempo run.  For those two I run them on the treadmill because they help me stay on pace.  I don’t mind it too much.  I do like running on the treadmill.  Most people call it dreadmill but I don’t.  🙂  Time goes faster for me when I listen to fun music and watch a show on my Ipad.



Sometime I like to match.  Why not?



Saturday and Sunday are for easy/long runs.  I pace the 11:00 group beginning at 6:30 and we get to run along the lakefront.  Gorgeous views and I love it!  Lately, it has been hot outside that I’ve run some of my easy/long runs on the treadmill.  Just this past Sunday I ran 14 miles on the treadmill.  I was definitely exhausted afterwards.



I live close to Midway Airport and I love to see the planes take off and land.  Sometimes I think about where the plane is going to and where I would go if I had the chance to go anywhere at the moment (Answer: Greece, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Alaska).




Loved my run on the trail.  Have not been back.  I was supposed to go this past Sunday but I overslept.

That time it was icy and slippery!

  I welcome this now but will be complaining when it is here.

I like a variety for my runs but I know I still need to explore a little bit more in this great city.

Music that moves me

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I rarely run with music.  I’ve done 20 mile runs and my last marathon without music and it was pretty amazing.  However, I will listen to music on the treadmill while also watching a show on my iPad and/or the TV.

I have a running playlist on Spotify that I love.  I have 0ver 100 songs in both English and Spanish. Depending on how I am feeling I will listen to the whole song or skip it to the next one.  I like music with a good beat that sometimes makes me feel like dancing (even though sometimes the lyrics don’t make any sense).


A few of my favorite running songs are:

How do I choose my races?

Linking up with MarciaPatti, and Erika for Tuesdays on the Run.


Last week I wrote about how often I race.  Today I will write about the thought process that goes into selecting my races.

Well, basically I go for timing, location, and price.  

Timing-I do not race as often as before but there are a few races that I will do because they fit into my training schedule.  Last year I ran the Chicago Half Marathon because I had to run the same number of miles for my Chicago Marathon training.  The Rock ‘n’ Roll also falls perfect into my training but that one I will NOT do because it is in July and for some strange reason it is always HOT on race day.  The last time I did this race was in 2013 and I was very thirsty throughout the race.  I always have a great time spectating.  One year I saw Shalane flying by and last year I missed Meb.

photo (1)

Location-I like all of my races to be in the Chicago area.  I like taking the train downtown and it is cool seeing other runners in the train car going to the same place.  I don’t mind driving either and the farthest I’ve driven is about an hour for the Fort2Base Race.  I might still do this race this year since it is 11 miles and I have to run 10 miles that day anyway.  

To meet my 50+1 goal, I also travel to other states.  To date I’ve run in 36 states with 15 to go (I am counting DC as a state).  I did most of them in 2013 thanks to my TourPass.  Plus, I live close to Midway Airport and that helped in picking races that I could fly out from Midway.

Price-This is a tricky one.  Why are races so darn expensive?  And it seems like the more I pay, the less swag I get.  Yes, RunDisney, I am talking about you.  I hate paying so much money for races.  Yes, I’ve paid $180 to run 26.2 miles but have also paid $45 for 31 miles.  Insane right?  It has to be a race with good reviews, easy to get to (if I am traveling out of state), and I must really want to do this race in order for me to fork up the money to pay for it.

I also pick races because they’re fun and/or tradition.  I love running the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k.  That race pretty much starts off the running season in Chicago.  You run through parts of the course of the Chicago Marathon.  There are many spectators and there is free beer at the end.  Many runners get a group of friends to run this and it is always a blast. I love running this every year.  My first one was in 2016 but I’ve missed it a few times for different reasons.

Another race I enjoy running is the Elmhurst 4 on the 4th Race.  It is always on July 4th and I love that it is 4 miles.  This is the only race I’ve run that it 4 miles.  I ran this yesterday (4th year) and it almost fit perfectly with my training schedule (6 miles).  After the race I ran an additional 2 miles. 

The races I definitely will not do are those that are not chip timed.  And those races are the “fun runs” (Color Run, Foam Runs, etc).  Yes, I like to have fun in my races but I also want a finish time to go with it.

So I look at timing, location, and price when selecting a race.  It can be only one of those factors or a combination.  It may not be ideal but that is how it works for me.